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RP: Something of a "Morning After" Posting:

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I called Joseph Faulk in NYC this morning, and he has NOT heard from Haston Caulder since immediately after he left my apartment with the Police Escort, yesterday. "Old Testo" tried calling or texting him last night and this morning, and has gotten NO RESPONSE.

I've checked and he's NOT in jail, this morning.

That is surprising to us BOTH, but Haston had access to about $800.00 that Joseph had given him, so he could EASILY stay in a low (or HIGH) priced hotel -- and hired a cab to take him there with the three bags he carried out.

Also, emails reveal that Joseph DID give him the new TV, so he can get that later, if he wants to. He would have BUSTED IT, he was so burdened with other things too, then, and it's best he can get it later when NOT so seemingly high, and ANGRY AS A WET HEN!!!

Joseph cracked me up this morning when he said he figured Haston went to CHURCH this morning. Haston has skipped church nearly every Sunday the last month and apparently neither Haston nor I had thought to let him know that he LEFT "The Anchor Church", which he attended all the REST of the many months he lived in my apartment (separated by the month he was in jail), and joined a NEW CHURCH whose name he has never been able to remember (like the lawyer he claims to have paid $450.00 to date and had THREE meetings with) -- LOL!!!

So I sent this response to Joseph's finding and forwarding the email where he DID give Haston ownership of the new TV, which I will of course honor:

THANKS for saving me the trouble of finding it. I checked and he's NOT in jail. 

Did I forget to tell you -- the new church he now says he belongs to HAS no church meetings of church, but they just get together to "do God's work". His minister stopped by here allegedly to give Haston some cigarettes and a Bible (which he already had two of), and while Haston spoke to him in his MERCEDES SEDAN in the street, he had NOTHING given to him that did not fit in his pockets.

My best guess is that it is just Drug Mafia.


And remember TOO, that it was Dustin Goldsmith, who had lived with a older black guy in a wheelchair for a long time -- in exchange for that guy having sexual free reign with Dustin, whose Christian Church was HELPING him fence all the stolen goods (MANY taken by cops from the side of my house), that he was later CONVICTED of burglaries:

Dustin Goldsmith was a DEDICATED CHRISTIAN, and here is his Pastor and Church:

Pastor John JB Butler, Jr. with his wife, Sherry Lynn Butler sporting that CLASSIC White Trailer-Trash look.

Pastor Butler actually WROTE ME last October, claiming the following -- which is followed by my response:

John JB Butler Jr. Then why so much hate for His church and His people?
LikeReply7 hrs

Scott Kenan Hi John JB Butler Jr.!!! 

And thank you for FINALLY writing!!! 

Since I sent my reporting on your Christwalk Church here in Wilmington, NC -- to you both via Facebook message (and that I got FB confirmation from you that you read it), as well as by email, I'm surprised you did not respond before. 

So what took you so LONG??? 

And given that you respond to my writing "GOD ALWAYS WINS", I completely FAIL to see your problem with that -- HELLO!?!?!

First of all, WHAT makes you so certain God has a penis??? If "He" does, WHOM is he having sex with??? But I get it, we DO tend to refer to God as being masculine -- so WHERE does that leave all the wonderful (and not) human females??? 

God has not posted some kind of ROSTER (unless as a fantasy in your HEAD!!!) listing "His people", and I don't have to tell you about YOUR church's many CRIMES in Wilmington. Perhaps you should google "Scott Kenan" followed by "Christwalk" to find what all I reported and emailed to over 170 contacts -- mostly in the Press. 

As the Criminal Christian Element (NOT all Christians are criminals -- but in Wilmington they mostly are -- my own MOTHER set the Christian Drug Mafia up in the 80s and 90s, with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman -- whom I got to know pretty well in his Atlanta apartment in the early 1990s!!!), get more and more desperate, they send the most idiotic representatives to "make a case" for the "Christian Truth": "Jesus died for your sins -- so if you aren't SINNING, Jesus killed himself for NOTHING!!!" 

Granted, Jesus made a Political error in Roman Court, and was killed by the Romans (not the Jews), but Christian Theology, claiming that Jesus is one of three aspects of God, DID have to set himself up so that he was by Jesus's INTENTION killed by the Civil Authorities. 

As "God", Jesus had FULL CONTROL OF EVERYTHING -- unless you don't think God is that powerful. 

While I'm at it, what do you think of my Kenan Family not only controlling Exxon-Mobil, Bank of AmericaCoca-Cola, as well as most of the Republican Party as well as the Ku Klux Klan??? 

I'd say that YOUR little "church" couldn't corrupt much of ANYTHING compared to the power and wealth of my Kenan Family-- the most EVIL family in HISTORY!!!

I hereby award Pastor Butler my "Dick Handler Quartet" Award -- please notice that the YOUNGER Mr. Handler is WALL-EYED, and there are only THREE in their quartet (Christians: a quartet has FOUR members)!!!

When I was growing up, Christians claimed that masturbation would turn you CROSS-EYED -- I guess it DOESN'T, except for THIS poor guy:


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