Friday, February 3, 2017

RP: SPEECHLESS -- but Laughing Out My Butt -- I Observe Beelzebub, as He Reveals Himself to Be CHRISTIAN!!!

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No reason to separate Church and State -- churches are just BUSINESSES. We should tax them like all other businesses.

President Trump said he planned to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits churches from engaging in political activity at the risk of losing their tax-exempt status.

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And now Donald Trump is moving ahead to END "Dodd-Frank"

Scott Kenan shared a link.

The expanded background check was a response to the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

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Joe and Rose Kennedy -- the TOP NAZI-CATHOLICS until JFK's generation FLIPPED -- which was when my mother took over:

Me with Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, in her home on Castle Pines Drive in Raleigh, Memorial Day 2016. My mother is the biggest most hateful Catholic-NAZI BITCH in History -- and deserves to have all her skin peeled off with a vegetable peeler before being thrown into a pot of boiling oil!!!

As my Readers know, both Mom's brothers, Marcellus Bernard Meyer (an attorney who first worked for the FBI), and Robert J. Meyer, DDS, were BLACKBALLED from serving in Europe during WWII by FDR -- because of the family's KNOWN NAZI SYMPATHIES!!!

This photo of my mother was made about 1942, when Mom was a senior at Brookville, Indiana High School. At THAT early age, she got an AWARD from Henry Ford (the OTHER biggest Wealth-Bot in America -- besides Joe and Rose Kennedy -- Pushing FDR to side with Adolf Hitler), as "The Best Driver in Indiana".

In recent years, I found this familiar old photo from our family's photo albums on the internet -- as a call to get back to CHIVALRY (a charade I've ALWAYS enjoyed!!!)

Notice how Mom SLOUCHED to hide her already nearly six-foot height!!!

Of course we don't DO those kinds of things, today -- Catholicism has been SUBDUED of what they do to JEWS, HOMOS, and ill people not quickly healed by praying.

Funny, this morning, was when I called my mother to bring her up-to-date on my mouth's healing, my recent squabbles with "Testosteroni", the BIG INCREASE in blog hits -- especially to my posting of meeting with Dawn Grants in Mayor Saffo's office:, as well as my leaving a message for the pathetic David Nash (in 2011 when I reported on the narco-trafficking in Costello's (gay) Piano Bar, then-owner David Nash was dating a "retarded" 50-year-old black guy from Oak Island who ALSO took a shine to me and took me home twice for sex, admitting that Mr. Nash liked it -- other than sucking on it -- up his "tighty-whitey" back door)

Mom told me she wants to watch the Super Bowl, "but not that middle stuff".

Mom is a HUGE sports-on-TV fan and knows it's called a Halftime Show -- and just about a year and a half ago, Mom stayed up very late to watch Lady Gaga, whom she then declared she liked and respected a LOT. So after I asked what has changed, Mom said she didn't REMEMBER ever watching or wanting to watch Lady Gaga -- which I found hysterical because we had discussed it so long -- and I blogged about that back then.

I told her that she's become "just like those people having their hearings in the Senate", and in MY BOOK all the Christians hate God more than any other group -- even if SOME Christians follow Jesus's Teachings, and that I'd better get off the phone before I begin cussing her out again, and I hung up.

"Testosteroni" has decided I should throw out the 1.5 year old queen bed in Roomie's room -- to make space -- and replace it with a twin. He's ordered a new Smart-TV that is only four inches bigger than the 19" in Roomie's room (one I bought about ten or so years ago for a monitor for an old box computer), and I can use it again as a SECOND monitor for the NEW COMPUTER Testo has promised me for following through with this plan.

I can't BEAT that rate of pay!!!

A few months ago, Lady Gaga's designer PUNKED Michelle-the-Beard Obama, dressing her in a Classic American Toilet-Bowl Dress, for what was billed as her LAST major State Department Dinner

So the Halftime show should be a SUPER-HOOT, no???

And I was also out and getting some gasoline at an Exxon near me, as a Kenan Advantage Group truck was refilling their storage tanks -- the FIRST time I've ever seen a Kenan Truck refilling a Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil outlet -- BUT no American service stations are owned by the Oil Companies any more, so the STORE was not Kenan-controlled.

So, after I completed my purchase, I went and spoke to the rather "strappin'" tall white guy, about my 65 years of age. HE, TOO, knew that Rex Tillerson had SCREWED the Exxon-Mobil-controlling Kenans who are TOTAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS and had with First Presbyterian caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, when Tillerson emphasized the IMPORTANCE of President Obama's SANCTIONS against Russia/Vladimir Putin.

He ALSO knew of many of the OTHER Kenan crimes and that they do it all for Jesus (What Christians call "money") -- including their Environmental Crimes on the Lower Cape Fear of dumping "truck-bottom PETROLEUM wastes" into tidal waters and other wetlands.

North Carolina Monument MOST CLOSELY ASSOCIATED with my Kenan Family is "SILENT SAM" on the UNC Chapel Hill campus:

The biggest SYMBOL of my Kenan Family (whom I've documented giving Sewanee/University of the South/Episcopal Church USA about $90 MILLION over the last 100 years -- and it is the Episcopal Church who murdered Tennessee Williams with the Republican Party, CIA, etc. -- like Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned Tennessee and me on January 11, 1982), is the EPISCOPAL MACE, only retired by the Episcopal Church in 2005 -- and ONLY due to "Political Correctness" (which Trump is abolishing).

As has been reported by the PRESS many times, the mother Anglican Church in England voted about 18 months ago to CUT OFF the Episcopal Church, USA from VOTING with the Anglican Communion for three years.

I bet if you ask an Episcopalian colleague of yours, he or she will NOT EVEN KNOW THIS (or will lie about it through their "Christian Kellyanne Conway TEETH")!!!


From my Durham, NC resident friend Laura Argiri

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