Saturday, February 25, 2017

RP: You Can Say THAT, Again: Haston Caulder Just SELF-EVICTED with Help of Three STELLAR Wilmington Police Officers!!!

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Well, I have to say that all the Officers were great, and while one of them did a "one-on-one" -- sort of "full-court press" staying right on top of Haston as he packed up, the other two sort of psychologically BUFFERED Haston from me. I told them I could no longer get upset about any of it, and am inclined to just LAUGH at anything he says.

Of course I quickly GOT IT from the ginger-haired, youngish fella, who seemed to have ADVANCED TRAINING in all these things, and even corrected something I said to the Policefully Correct (jargon-wise), "Psychological Warfare" (Haston's TOP strategy).

And while Haston packed for ten or fifteen minutes, I conversed with the other two, the young Asian-looking guy (the shortest), was particularly interested in my HEIGHT, and if I'd played basketball -- and I NEVER had MORE FUN answering that question than I did today!!!

So I got into the 1967 edition of the book The Kenan Family, and the "promise" of a basketball scholarship to DUKE -- and then ALL my other politics, connections (especially to Presidents of the USA and Mexico, and Generals of both countries as well), and while I mentioned nothing SPECIFIC against Chief Evangelous, their boss, I ALWAYS put in a GOOD WORD for Sheriff Ed McMahon!!!

Now, that GINGER Officer was as understanding with me as my FAVE Sheriff's Deputy (whom I actually think is a Corporal), whom I will name now to likely embarrass him: Duffy Baker. I'm sorry, I didn't get the Officer's name, today -- actually, none of them. 

The whole time (off and on), Haston kept telling me/them that Joseph Faulk was gonna TAKE CARE OF ME -- AND MAKE ME PAY!!!

And he claims ownership of things that Joseph bought for my ownership, but for him to use -- like the brand new TV. They told him to PROVE IT, and they would FORCE ME to give it to him. I'm afraid I have Joseph's email making that CLEAR, and since it was a GIFT to me, Joseph can not now legally get me to give it to him, but he CAN ask me to!!!

Haston will come back later -- again with Police -- to collect anything he was unable to get today.

He hung out bitching to my neighbors, Steven and Patty, for about five minutes, then headed across the street and then turned toward Third Street, so he would go right past Kenan Chapel and Kenan Steeple of First Presbyterian -- and then I saw that a cop car was following him a bit behind to be certain that he left the neighborhood.

I thanked all three Officers, as like a Congo Line, we descended the stairs, for a TRULY Professional Job of it all -- and I'm SURE feeling BETTER about WILMINGTON'S COPS!!!

The "Six-Foot Kenan Cock", as First Prez congregants like to call it, atop Kenan Steeple, is a WAKE-UP CALL Rooster, symbol of the Protestant Reformation.

THAT dwarfs even FRANK SINATRA!!!

Biographer: Frank Sinatra Wasn't Proud of His Big Penis

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