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RP: FOUND: Aziz and Vahdat Ahmadieh, Who Spoke with Me the MOST at the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke!!! / The "Hotsy-Totsy Salesman" LOVED What I Blogged about Him -- LOL!!!

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Aziz and Vahdat Ahmadieh with their portrait "in yesteryear".

West Duke 101 renamed in honor of Ahmadieh family

In a ceremony on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, West Duke Building 101 was officially renamed the Ahmadieh Family Conference Room, thanks to the generous support of Aziz A. and Vahdat Ahmadieh. The Ahmadieh family have been attending events at the Kenan Institute for Ethics and around Duke for almost 20 years, and have chosen to support several areas around campus as a gesture of their strong relationship with Duke University.
A portrait of the couple is now on permanent display in the room, and the Institute would like to express its gratitude for the Ahmadieh family’s support and enthusiasm for our work.
It was really funny, because after Jamie Kalven gave his lecture (http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/02/holy-moly-scott-kenan-transformed-by.html) -- and I DID speak with him long enough for him to tell me I just need to file a Freedom of Information Act inquiry with Wilmington, NC Mayor Bill Saffo, to get released the FULL Police or Sheriff's Deputies' Report on the death of my friend Evan Fish, from jumping seven stories when Wilmington Police released Evan's HATED old girlfriend, she whispered something in his ear, and Evan, shouting, "There's NO WAY OUT!!!", jumped to his death. 

Evan knew ALL ABOUT my old employer of twenty years, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, Georgia, supplying Politicians and Christian Churches in Wilmington with hard drugs, via my old co-worker, Lee Gosney.

Evan Fish

BECAUSE Mayor Saffo not only REFUSES to do so voluntarily -- and REFUSES to even discuss it or give me a reason he will NOT do it voluntarily, he ADDS TO THE EVIDENCE of his OWN culpability!!!

But getting back to the Ahmadiehs, while I waited around hoping to talk to a couple of others who were MOBBED with people trying to talk to them, I noticed this short little ancient couple (whom I thought must be Native American), also hanging around the periphery, with another, younger guy, whom I think was Bashar Alobaidi, from the Ethics Institute.

Anyway, we began talking and they loved talking about anything and everything related to the evening's events -- but especially my Kenan Family (distant and near), whom they said they knew little about. They ENCOURAGED me to get involved with the Institute, and it is primarily their welcoming openness that made me decide I HAD to donate some money, regardless how small, and I did that and got a receipt from Duke University in the mail, saying my contribution went fully to the Kenan Institute for Ethics, yesterday!!! 

Lately (or at any other time -- I tried getting Denison Alum Department interested in various parts of my story -- only to be SPURNED), Denison University has had NO INTEREST AT ALL in my story of having been Tennessee Williams's last assistant -- or any of my Politics -- so HERE is WHY I think I will give all my University Giving to DUKE, going forward:

While this 1967 edition index had my middle name as "Daniel", it is corrected to "David", here -- and you see the suggestion of a BASKETBALL SCHOLARSHIP TO DUKE -- HA!!!

The other person I spoke with at length, was the reporter/photographer, Brian Roth:

TODAY, I am for the first time planning to go all day without Advil for the pain of being hit by the Time/Warner Cable truck on February 13, and while I'm still in some back pain, it is not intolerable, and I think I can NOW drive as far as Duke University without trouble.

BUT, late last week I got a new lining to my new lower denture, and the next day I discovered it is TOO THICK in one place and impossible to wear for long. Unfortunately, my dentist took his whole family to Germany for ten days -- RIGHT THEN -- so I am going without bottom teeth and am not talking well enough to go to any
"chatty meetings of the MINDS", until he's back and corrects it. 

* * *

The Hotsy-Totsy Salesman's self portrait is NOT too revealing of his appearance today.

Now, before the "Hotsy-Totsy" News, I should inform you that Haston Lavern Caulder II was NOT arrested yesterday, and I have no idea what has happened -- nor do I care. My Readers know the caliber of people I am now associating with, and these Wilmington Drug Trash -- like Haston, Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, former State Senator Thom Goolsby, etc. -- can PLEASE stop trying to distract me from EXPOSING THEIR MAJOR CRIMES. 


Joshua Wamsley
You speak I listen all that shit is cool, and verified. I'm just a harmless good ol trouble maker from O-HI-O. Been staying out of trouble here, trying to be a productive member of society, blah blah blah. History is very interesting, and has that whole killed the cat vibe. Lol
1. I was born in Cincinnati (my degree in Art is from Denison University east of Columbus, and often bill myself as "Cincinnatus Retorno", "Retorno" being what is printed on Mexican U-Turn signs. General Cincinnatus TWICE saved the Roman Republic, and rather than becoming Emperor, he turned power over to the Senate. 2. I googled you and saw you had a colorful past -- many of my friends do, and I have plenty of Mug Shots out there myself. 3. I didn't want to tell you until I completed it, but in my two blog postings of today, you -- ANONYMOUSLY -- are featured in my blog. Please read BOTH before considering a reaction -- I take most people on a roller-coaster.

If you have a problem with my using OLD photos of you that don't look like you at all, today, I will be happy to remove them and replace them with Bonobos. I have both male and female -- LOL!!! But please think about it for an hour before asking that if it is your wish. I think you will get a BIG KICK out of it. Both postings have been emailed to my 190+ Political contacts, including at Mar-a-Lago, etc. Here is the most recent and it links to the one before it. Carry on!!! Scott http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/03/nature-doesnt-care-about-myyour-silly.html
Joshua Wamsley
Seen by Joshua Wamsley at Monday 10:47pm

This is a female Bonobo -- in full estrus (fancy THAT guys and gals!!!) -- and the photo above was two MALE Bonobos in typical "stimulation play".


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