Thursday, March 2, 2017

HP: In Lieu of Attending the FILM at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, Tonight -- Given My Back and Calf Pains -- I Opted to GUSH Over "Psychologist Ben's" Equally (if differently) HOT Half-BROTHER!!!

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WOOF!!!  You ain't a-KIDDIN'!!!

Caused by my Kenan Family -- and First Presbyterian Church (home of the Recently-Honored "Six-Foot Kenan Cock").

Well, I can't disclose what I said to the kin of a licenced Psychologist -- I might/could get LOCKED AWAY.

Only KIDDING -- Ben doesn't belong to that system.

But what I CAN disclose, is that I got a call from my doctor's office -- right after 5:00 PM -- to say that my circulation system in my left leg was DISTURBED by something (about 2/13/2017), and is OUT OF WHACK ("whackless" -- as the medical people state it), but the basic components of my circulatory system in my left calf are in GOOD SHAPE and my injuries should heal up "lickety split" -- as has always been the case with "my constitution".

How's the US CONSTITUTION doing -- nowadaze???


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