Friday, March 31, 2017

RP: Before It's Saturday -- Some Things to Be THANKFUL for:

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Thank God it's Frida!

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MOSTLY, after I wrote about my discussion with Mom this morning (, I realized that without thinking about it or trying, I had demonstrated to at least myself, that I really HAVE forgiven my mother her errors of the past -- and that she has learned from it as well.

Without Joseph Faulk having driven me to that discussion with Mom (an "expert of sorts"), I would not have reached this point -- or known I had done so. So, I MUST thank Joseph for THAT -- as well as all his loyal (if contentious), support.

And just minutes ago, I got this lab report on my lungs (remember, I was in hospital for three days in Puerto Vallarta in 2014 -- or 2013 -- Joseph Faulk remembers this one FOR SURE!!!), with Water on the Lungs, Congestive Heart Failure, and Arrhythmia):


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The lungs are clear. The vascular pattern is normal. The cardiac
silhouette is normal. Impression normal chest.

Edited by: Mary Keith Date: 3/20/2017 2:25 PM

Dictated By: J. Richard Corbett MD 3/20/2017 9:24 AM
Electronically Signed by: J. Richard Corbett MD 3/21/2017 6:34 AM

Component Results

There is no component information for this result.

General Information

03/21/2017 6:34 AM
Ordered By:
Dewey H. Bridger, MD
Result Status:
Final result

This test result has been released by an automatic process.

Chuck Todd and his "goy" wife (I just now learned ALL of this), are raising their children Jewish -- and I am only an "HONORARY Landsman"!!!

Chuck Todd (a man with a spouse I envy -- it's not that I have a crush on him, but that he seems to embody so much I admire), on MSNBC said a number of great things on his show tonight, and it was GREAT to see his guests -- normally adversaries -- being so collegial, everyone having been "driven together" in their basic desires -- if differing ideas of how to get there, assaying the current situation with the Trump Administration.

And he ended with the COOLEST salute to April Fools Pranks, that hopefully you can get a video of, but even though the internet and all its nonsense has RUINED that old tradition, I want everyone to know that late yesterday afternoon, a SHORT woman (white-voiced), totally GOT MY GOAT, and since I actually AM now a bit opiated, I'm too lazy to re-enact it via writing all of that, but she, calling from some "surgical associates", which will do ultra-sounds on my legs looking for blockages, in setting up the appointment, had to get all my info including insurance, etc., and then hearing I had NO Medicare Ad-Ons, became most apprehensive-sounding as she said she would try to do her best -- for price I'd have to pay at the door.

Finally, she came back and said, "That will come to eighty-one oh nine in dollars", and I replied, "Well, I don't and won't have $8,109.00 to pay ANYONE, so I guess we'd better forget about that test!!!"

And she said that they actually really liked me, and to give her a moment to see what else she might be able to do. When she came back -- pretty quickly -- she said, "Well, with the 'self-insurance' option, why don't we just move that decimal two places to the left, and make it $81.09."

Of course she hadn't gotten all of that out before I realized she had GOTTEN ME better than ANYONE ELSE in at least thirty years -- REALLY!!!

It's just that Old Farts DO suffer from "Price Shock" -- no matter how well we understand economics and all the rest -- and I've been homeless and lived well -- and even luxuriously for a time -- and been living back and forth between Mexico and the USA in recent years, and NO PRICE seems too outrageous to me in the USA!!!

And after that, we had such a rollicking good time, that she kept losing her place in what she had to get through with me -- and I'm SURE I blew her "efficiency rating".



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