Tuesday, March 28, 2017

RP: EXCUSE ME: Mitch Douglas Deserves MORE CREDIT THAN ME (of those still alive), for TAKING CARE of Tennessee Williams under the MOST DIFFICULT of Conditions!!!

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Thomas Elliot Keith with Mitch Douglas, 2012

Y'all can read BODY LANGUAGEno???

It is too late at night to get into details supporting all of this, but I just had to declare the TRUTH as I now see it -- THAT's all.

My dentist decided that I must have my one implant MOVED, so I will have that done later this week, and landlady Gold Walker has, again, kindly consented to drive me -- since I'll be knocked out for it.

I ran into lawyer Alex Nicely on the street, and he's even HOTTER today (in his new haircut that I claimed made him look like a Martian), than he was back in 2011 - 12, when ALL the Street People (such as myself), thought he was the HOTTEST MAN IN WILMINGTON!!!

Alex Nicely in 2012 -- SO MUCH HOTTER than Alpha Mortgage's "Senor Michael Lopez" who sponsored (in his Christian Narco-Trafficking), the winner of Mr. Wilmington -- the same YEAR!!!:

OH, and I told Alex Nicely how all us street people had a thing for him back then, and he LOVED IT, and very graciously accepted the honest compliment -- and NO, that does NOT make him GAYsillies!!!

>>> MAXINE WATERS IS NOW MY TOP HERO -- Since I saw her on the MSNBC -TV show, this evening -- GO BABY!!!
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“I didn’t hear a word she said. I was looking at the James Brown wig.”

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