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RP: GOOD NEWS for Haston Lavern Caulder II / Joseph Crawford Faulk Jr. ("Testosteroni") Possibly, Now, in "Psychological Meltdown":

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Judge James H. Faisson III (on right), swears District Attorney Benjamin R. David in for the FIRST TIME, November 2004.

First of all, Wilmington, NC Courts (actually New Hanover and Pender County Courts), are TOTALLY INCESTUOUS -- so much so, that my second cousin, Robert C. Kenan, Jr., a real estate attorney in Burgaw, NC (about 25 miles away), warned me that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to find an attorney this side of Charlotte -- and maybe Asheville -- to take ANY ACTION against Ben David or lawyer David Nash (Ben's buddy from First Presbyterian church across the street from my apartment) -- and as my Readers know, the TWO OF THEM held me in jail for two months (causing me to go homeless when I was released), in 2011, when David Nash got Ben David (via assistant Lindsey Roberson), to prosecute me for "Cyber-Stalking" -- because I had blogged about the pot-smoking (big deal), and minor and major drug deals I had EYE WITNESSED in David Nash's Costello's (gay) Piano Bar on Princess Street (still there)!!!

Unfortunately, since that was a FACT, Ben David, Judge Chad Hogston, Lindsey Roberson, and possibly my Defender, Emily Zvejnieks, COLLUDED in the conviction, since as soon as Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo took over for my appeal, she showed me that what was claimed in the Complaint -- as well as the evidence in Court that I was convicted on -- had NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT CHARGE!!!

And Judge Hogston even stated in Court (so on the record, somewhere), that he was IGNORING my Freedom of Speech and my Press Rights -- a blog legally being Press.

Devout, Bible-Defending Judges like Hogston like to show they can get compliant women PREGNANT!!! Not bad for having such a small nose (and hands), no???

Complain to Marco Rubio -- a CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN -- if you don't like my language -- LOL!!!

And Judge Hogston ACTUALLY got HIS ORDERS from my parents -- William Scott and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- FIRST confirmed to me to be AMERICA'S TOP NAZIS in 1990, by top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta. Mom got me ILLEGALLY committed to a mental hospital in New Jersey in 1978, falsely diagnosed "Bipolar", and put on Lithium Carbonate (for soft lobotomy), for THIRTY-ONE YEARS, until my psychiatrist of eight years said she NEVER had seen a single sign of Bipolar Illness in all those years and took me off.

You see, my parents LIED that I was TOTALLY BIPOLAR (supported by my siblings, Jane, Mike, and Julie) -- knowing FULL WELL that by THAT time, I had gotten the SAME OPINION from another psychiatrist as well as a psychologist -- but told Hogston to IGNORE my Constitutional Rights, and then I would be FORCED TO LOBOTOMY ON LITHIUM, before I realized what they did to me, and the Lithium would keep me STUPID and NOT CARING.

Thus, the Methodology of Christians and Their Narco-Traffickers -- who are USUALLY White Supremacists, as well.

And of course Ben David was then STILL hiding his homosexual affairs and the fact he is ACTUALLY A REPUBLICAN BIG-WIG -- like his wife, Stephanie.

This, because I'd been talking about the Swastikas on our dinner plates -- especially when Mom worked with Coach Lou Holtz who lived across the street from us 1968 - 70 in Columbus, OH, then GOT HIM his first Dream Job at Notre Dame, and LATER I caught Mom on secured comm with Holtz and John Boehner three years ago -- giving Pope Francis's APPROVAL to let Obama re-open government.

This was BEFORE my parents lived in Wilmington 1980 - 1999, and SET UP the Christian Drug Mafia here with help of Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), and ALSO helped set it up in Atlanta/Stone Mountain (something that General Russel Honore' knew all about when I met with him twice in New Orleans two years ago). 

My parents ALSO ran a smuggling ring to get the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa because the Pope decided that was SO UNFAIR to WHITE PEOPLE, that Apartheid had fallen. This with Father Robert Kus, now of St. Mary's on the OTHER Side of my current apartment.

Father Bob Kus

But getting back to HOW all this affects Haston Caulder, I FIRST MET Judge Faisson and also Mayor Bill Saffo, at an event in 2011 HONORING Rev. Shiver of Bethesda Christian Life Church on 4th Street, that then owned and RAN Mercy House Homeless Shelter (where I stayed for a while in 2011), and everyone KNEW it was a DRUG DISTRIBUTION RING -- with Rev. Shiver making TONS OF MONEY selling all the donations for homeless he got (and NEVER gave to anyone in his Shelter), elsewhere.

Judge Faisson was the ONLY JUDGE THERE, and also there were Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, and others from Wilmington Government.

Jennifer McCracken, a Lesbian and Mormon, told me she got all her orders from the Mormon Church via her mother -- and her BROTHER is top CIA Narco-Trafficking Sheriff's Deputy on Ed McMahon's force.

Faisson -- in 2015 -- REFUSED to grant me "ex parte" for a Restraining Order against Jennifer McCracken, who I'd simply ALLOWED to get one against me, ASSUMING IT WAS TWO-WAY like in nearly EVERY OTHER STATE. 

It's not.

After I STOPPED buying marijuana from Jennifer -- she offering every other prescription and illegal drug to me as well -- she harassed me in the hallways of Carolina Apartments, SLASHED MY TIRES, and after she got the ONE WAY R.O., she began BANGING ON THE WALLS OF MY APARTMENT and harassing me -- at ALL hours of Day and Night -- knowing I COULD NOT LEGALLY REPLY!!!

I was LOSING SLEEP -- because she often did it in the middle of the night.

Judge Faisson thought this was FUNNY, denied the "ex parte", and when I got to COURT, Judge Lindsey Luther DENIED making the R.O. TWO WAYS -- despite my overwhelming evidence of being harassed!!!

Judge Lindsey Luther (an ELDER at the Kenan Cathedral of Narco-Trafficking and White Supremacy: First Presbyterian -- JUST LIKE D.A. BEN DAVID!!!)

1. Faisson PROTECTS Christian Narco-Traffickers -- PERIOD. He, Haston's JUDGE.

2. The prosecutor is Alexandria Palombo, a CONFIRMED "Romantic Bitch", very GREEN as an attorney, and married just a few months ago to Michael Palombo, a lawyer in the office of Joseph E. Betts:

Michael and Alexandria

Joseph E. Betts, former attorney for the City of Wilmington, in 2015, was so SCARED OF ME, he almost RAN when I visited his office on advice of Democratic Politician Julia Boseman, who thought it all FUNNY -- Julia's GAY DEMOCRAT FRIENDS all being big in Narco-Trafficking in Wilmington.

I supported her in last fall's election -- but THANK GOD THAT BITCH LOST!!!

Julia Boseman on right with her now legal spouse and her son

3. Haston AGAIN has lawyer John D. Randazzo, a RETIRED lawyer who picks up OVERFLOW Public Defender work, when they are overwhelmed. He repped Haston when I prosecuted Haston for Communicating Threats last fall -- until I took Ben David's suggestion we go to Arbitration. LATER, I got to speak with lawyer Randazzo, and when I asked him what he thought of Haston, he said, "POOR, Haston -- POOR, Poor Haston -- a victim of EVERYONE," so he has a sympathetic attorney . . . 

 . . . but this ALSO PROVES that Haston spent the $450.00 from Joseph Faulk that he claimed was on a NEW, DIFFERENT PRIVATE ATTORNEY -- on drugs and whores -- which Joseph Faulk STILL refuses to believe -- LOL!!!

I'm SURE it will be an EASY DISMISSAL of ALL CHARGES next Wednesday in Court:




DISTRICT COURT CALENDAR PAGE: 4 COURT DATE: 03/29/17 TIME: 09:00 AM COURTROOM NUMBER: 0317 NO. FILE NUMBER DEFENDANT NAME COMPLAINANT ATTORNEY CONT************************************************************************************* 




I do NOT want to get into too much detail, but Joseph has gotten DEPRESSED and TAKEN TO HIS BED, and even REFUSED MY CALL this afternoon. He lost his wallet by leaving it at H&R Block nearly a week ago, and it disappearing with his credit and debit cards, ID, Social Security card, Medicare Benefits card, etc.

He ALSO learned that day that due to sending me and ADDING HASTON, much clothing, furniture, etc. for Haston, that he owed a HUGE TAX BILL because his funds are taxed when he takes the money OUT as income, and he took so much OUT for Haston (particularly), it threw him into a HIGHER TAX BRACKET -- and he has to get another EARLY DISBURSEMENT to pay his tax bill!!!

>>> ADDED: IN FAIRNESS, Joseph will -- in 2017 tax year -- have to pay tax on all the several thousand dollars EXTRA he sent me for all my DENTAL WORK, still in process -- that plus ALL he's sent Haston: over $4,000.00 for February (plus a couple of K in ordered and shipped to Haston, less to me: furniture, food peculiarities & legitimate treats, etc.  -- ONLY because I REFUSED to pass on his $1,200.00 check.

And he's sent REDUNDANT things, sometimes costing several hundred dollars per item -- and just WASTING MONEY -- when we BOTH had other real needs. It was CLEAR to me, today, he REALLY had had NO IDEA how carried away spending money he has been.

He is in a REAL STATE OF SHOCK -- but only because he earned it, and he'll be FINE AND FEISTY, soon enough, I assure you.

Am I not "Scott-the-Writer"???

* * *

This from 2016 -- and he gave Haston FAR MORE MONEY in 2017, so far -- LORDY!!!

WORSE, is that his old Vista computer is about to break its hinges after all these years, so he cannot MOVE IT AT ALL, his apartment is too DISGUSTING to call in a computer doctor for a HOUSE CALL, and he's AFRAID to set up his Windows 10 computer (that he has owned for more than a year).

BUT, he is MOSTLY afraid of getting his IDs replaced because he HATES talking to people who might ask him QUESTIONS ABOUT ANYTHING, so he CANNOT SLEEP DECENTLY since losing the wallet (he has the docs to prove his identity, so it's just a matter of going around to replace them -- NO hard work, otherwise).

Anyway, he's ALSO not sending Haston ENOUGH MONEY, since Haston has been panhandling again the last two days (that we have witnesses of it).

Perhaps after ANOTHER night's sleep, Joseph will COME TO HIS SENSES, no???



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