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RP: The Hunky Young Salesman Called at My Door -- Right After Haston Lavern Caulder II (3/4 as high as a kite), Cleared Out His Goods (badly):

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BIG DEAL!!! easily found Karen Pence's email address and she was on my list of 190 Political Contacts I email every blog posting to -- from September 2016 up to the inauguration in late January, when I purged a bunch of addresses.

03/04/2017 10:28 pm ET | Updated 21 hours ago

Mike Pence Rips AP For Publishing His Wife’s Email Address

Revelation “violated her privacy and our security,” tweets vice president.

Scott Kenan

Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!

I could barely BELIEVE this showed up at my door -- trying to sell me his "Old House Rehabilitation Services": 

I won't name names, and today he wore more (this is from his Facebook page). And today, he has no face hair, so looks very different.

I could almost SMELL his pheromones (even with his sleeves pits-a-coverin').

And when I gave him back his card, saying that I'm a renter, but my landlady lives across the street, he said, "Well, you never know when you -- or a friend of yours -- might need my services . . . " And I replied that he had better watch out -- I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for handsome, hot men -- such as himself.

As he turned, trailing a smile, he wiggled his tight little butt -- almost in my FACE!!! 

So (after a discussion about this with "Miss Lucy" downstairs), I called him on his cell, explained that I was the TALLEST person he talked to today -- by FAR -- and just wanted to know if he was up for some fun, or just kiddin' around. 

There were people talking in the background, and he said, "Uh . . . kidding around." "Too bad," said I, "But OK -- Bye!" 

And then I sent this private message to him by Facebook Messenger, anyway:

"OK, you like to kid around and I always aim to please. I'm not gonna harass you or similar, but since Wilmington is such a CHRISTIAN town, I thought you might get a kick out of what Jesus had to say about such things -- this painting I used to own is by a famous Atlanta painter:


No response, yet.

And then I googled him, finding among several Mug Shots in the last few years, this one:

He was arrested for "Domestic Assault", and while that is a KILLER for ME, he DOES look more like a VICTIM, no???

ONLY in North Carolina -- and I know NOTHING about the circumstances with this hotster, here -- are MEN typically charged with the CRIME when the occasional females beat the CRAP out of them. I saw Judge Lindsey Luther SEVERELY PUNISH a man whose wife had not only hurt him physically, but she even ADMITTED to all the evidence of her psychological warfare against her husband (who had moved OUT to escape her).

More on the VIXEN Judge Luther, here:


It took several minutes downstairs for Haston to stop saying he was just here for a heavy jacket and would pick up more things whenever he wanted them. The one cop who remained to supervise us, was the one who'd been out twice before, teasing Haston about "dating Testosteroni" (Joseph Faulk's name in the great bulk of this blog), and he is an AVID reader of it. Today he said I'd lately been WRITING UP A STORM, and he barely finds time to read it all -- LOL!!!

So before climbing the stairs, the Officer got Haston to admit twice in a row that this is the ONLY time he gets to come here to pick things up -- and that he gave up "residency/tenancy" some time ago, and the cops are well aware of that.

It was clear that Haston was pretty high (but not of alcohol), and he was clumsy packing and I had to remind him to get some things I knew he wanted. The officer and I discussed the IMPROVEMENTS in the Police Force due to a lot of additional training in recent months, and I told Haston that "Miss Lucy" downstairs said she was going to put a sign on her door that if he SHOWS UP AGAIN (especially after midnight when all her lights are out and she's asleep), and wakes her again to BLESS HER with his "POUNDING" -- which he insists on calling it, that she will SHOOT FIRST, and ask later.

I explained to the Officer that HASTON had not only come back late at night and tried to "pound" Lucy the night after he first moved out -- and she had spurned him SERIOUSLY -- but had come back three nights ago -- and DONE IT AGAIN!!!

The Officer made clear to Haston he is NEVER to come back to this property and bother EITHER ONE of us, but it was funny that when I told Miss Lucy about it, she said that Haston didn't want to really do her -- he wanted the STORY of his coming back to get to ME, part of his PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE --- and that makes sense, since Haston is KNOWN to be shacking up with a whore who said she keeps him high and gives him every imaginable sexual favor -- Haston paying her with Joseph Faulk's BIG BUCKS -- Heather Blackstone:

It took a while for Haston to finish and leave -- then I heard from my landlady and a neighbor RELIEVED to see him leaving with Police -- and then Hotsy-Totsy Salesman showed at my door.

But LATER, I noticed that Haston left the notice of his meeting tomorrow morning with "Drug Court" for his FIRST evaluation by them in his having to go to their classes three days per week for three hours per day -- for three months. THIS is what Probation Officer Billinger (and a few others), have all said Haston stands nearly NO CHANCE of beginning without his Probation being IMMEDIATELY REVOKED, as they are totally strict about their drug testing at every class.

Tomorrow, he is completing his time getting as much sex and drugs as possible before going to jail, which is what he spent ALL of Joseph's money on -- and told me that. But Joseph Faulk NEVER believed it.

BUT, Haston is clearly protected by D.A. Ben David and other narco-traffickers -- because he's such a USEFUL master of Psychological Warfare -- and cold-cocks street trash that give Christian Narco-Traffickers problems.

>>> FINALLY, let me just say that I am THRILLED by the HUGE AUDIENCE my most recent posting has gotten.



LATER Frank Booth

Well, yes, I could go for THAT!!!


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