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RP: Joseph Faulk Called This Morning -- Trying to Get Me to CHANGE My Blog Reporting on the Truck Hitting Me in a Crosswalk -- so I Get CAUGHT Covering Up the TRUTH, like a COMMON CHRISTIAN/REPUBLICAN (Trump, Flynn, Sessions, etc.) -- LOL!!!

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I don't want to BELABOR this too much, but Joseph thinks my literary blog stating a not-achieved, but expected, EVENTUAL recovery will RUIN my chances at getting anything. I have ALWAYS posted to the right side that HUMOR is my blog's top goal, and so if you WANT strict "Court Quality Testimony" (like "under oath"), just ASK ME and I'll happily give it!!!

An example of my "leveraging the truth" is that the Kenans inherited Frank Hawkins's estate (like they earlier inherited Henry Flagler's estate) -- Frank credited as "Putting the Phoenix into Atlanta" after the Civil War, and besides being the TOP Cotton Oil merchant in the world, owned Atlantic Steel (redeveloped as Atlantic Station), many railroads and banks -- and one of the largest blocks of Coca-Cola stock. The Kenans GREW that, as well as retained control of local bottlers in at least Atlanta, Charlotte, and Durham. 

I ignored the advice -- like I did the MANY times Joseph Faulk DEMANDED I allow into my house top DRUG MAFIA in Mexico -- when he KNEW they were trying to kill me, but Joseph made the SAME EXCUSES for them that he is NOW making for Haston Lavern Caulder II.

Joseph DEMANDED I allow both these guys in. Martin Jacobo on left frequently carried drugs across the border at Laredo, Texas, where his Mafia family owned the property all around the US Border Check Station about 20 miles north of the border -- and they carried the drugs around it in backpacks.

He was WELL ENDOWED and a lot of fun in the sack -- before he was told he had to kill me.

"Sonny", on right, (Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto), was a Colombian living illegally in Mexico, and had been an original FOUNDER of the Sun Kings Drug Mafia of Brooklyn, which took over the NYC Police Department, and eventually spread all the way down to Florida. Today, they are just called "The Kings".

In fact, Sonny, had been sentenced to 25 years in Maximum Security US Federal Prisons, but after 11 years was released by the CIA to kill to protect CIA/US State Department Narco-Trafficking -- primarily in Puerto Vallarta. Sonny is MORTALLY afraid of deportation to the USA, where his fingerprints (US Justice had BELIEVED the fake name he gave them), are linked to MANY violent crimes with no "Statute of Limitations":

And there was the case of "Toro", who in 2010 had held me HOSTAGE in his house for five weeks, actually by TWO sons of El Chapo Guzman, and during that time I had a LOT of secret sex with the HOT Toro, and was made to sexually service all the local CRACK dealers (almost everyone except El Chapo's sons), his house then being a CRACK house, later a METH house when I went back in 2012 (about HALF as expensive to get high).

Martin Guzman remains at large although his half-brother, Alberto, is in Mexican Federal Prison for a GRIZZLY murder in Puerto Vallarta in 2011.

Then, in 2014 (I think), Toro stopped by MY rented house for a lot of glorious sex -- and I got him to clean my bathroom NEKKIDLY, and he even GAVE PERMISSION to me to post photos on this blog -- LOL!!! But, in early 2015, Toro, too, had gotten instructions to KILL ME:

In fairness, Toro was "QUITE the 'grower'"!!!

Anyway, I've left all that sort of sex behind me -- and fortunately picked up no STDs from it. But at the TIME I was in mortal danger -- FROM THEM -- Joseph Faulk kept BEGGING ME to allow these characters into my house -- and then in 2015, after Martin Jacobo tried to murder me TWICE IN ONE WEEK by order of Arturo Pedilla (who actually told me two months before that he had to KILL ME, Arturo narco-trafficking in the BIGGEST ring in Nayarit State run by the Governor who had a house there):

Arturo Pedilla with his English, breasts-free wife Emily, and a cook at his

And ALL the American Narco-Traffickers I met in Chacala. Nayarit while I lived there BRAGGED of working for the CIA and Episcopal Church, USA -- and MOST were from Oregon.

So my car was broken into and a FAKE BOMB placed in it a week after Martin Jacobo's attempts to kill me -- and Joseph Faulk did EVERYTHING HE COULD to keep me from returning to the USA -- as is WELL DOCUMENTED in this blog!!! 


Halfway through the 2016 Primary Season

1. While Richard Nixon, both George HW Bush and George W Bush -- and Barack Obama -- ALL had homosexual lovers while in office and married to their wives, GW Bush was the MOST DISCRETE of them (and Laura was a LIBRARIAN, so I GOTTA love her).

2. YESTERDAY, GW Bush was ALL OVER the talk shows -- notably Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel, showing off his GREAT sense of humor about the past. And in ONE of these, they got him GOOD on his butchering of the English language, but no mention was made of his using the PLURAL, "Internets", often while in office.

When I reflected on that a few years ago, I KNEW he was giving away CIA secrets via HUMOR that no one could criticize him for -- except as a "grammar gaffe" -- but I had been VICTIM of the "Two Internets" when Alyson Books -- contracted to publish my memoir hardcover in spring 2010, as their FEATURED release of that spring (of 30 releases), after they CANCELLED publication, returned my rights, etc., a lawyer from their parent HERE Media called me and PROMISED that they would see my book -- or ANYTHING ELSE I WROTE -- would NEVER be published, EVER!!!

They KEPT my book's promo page as well as a listing UP AND ALIVE on Alyson's website until May -- although they CANCELLED my book's publication in early January. But the KICKER was that it APPEARED when searched from my and my close friends' computers to have DISAPPEARED -- when I went to a Library to search it from a NOT-BLOCKED computer, it was ALWAYS THERE and they were even taking PRE-SALES -- LOL!!!

And then later, Jamie Lee Sutherland with Dahlia Saper (also a Fox News, Chicago Talking Head), and Wilmington District Attorney Benjamin R. David and his Legal Intern Jeffrey Duncan -- who got his first job at Saper Law (then five person, now three person law firm), STOLE ALL MY COPYRIGHTS, by suing me falsely for LIBEL (regarding my posting about Jamie's telling me how he'd seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel many times in his private Man's Country Gay Baths), NEVER legally serving me, then trying me in Cook County Courts IN ABSENTIA.

Jamie Sutherland

Financial Advisor

Managing Director

Jamie asked for $50,000.00, ONLY, but I was convicted without allowed defense, and Jamie awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, as well as copyright to my Williams memoir, EVERY BLOG POST, EMAIL, and LETTER I write until I DIE (which they really thought would happen LONG before now).


Bill Toups, eighth cousin, precisely, of George HW Bush, my LAST DATE (October 2016), and he SOUGHT ME OUT and traveled to Wilmington to spend a "loving night" with me!!!

Bill is ALSO descended from the brother of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and Gen. Toups who defended Wilmington when the Yankees made their final attack here and at Fort Fisher.

Bill had ALSO (and about at the the same time, 2010), been FORCED into homelessness by the Bush Family -- because HE wouldn't shut up about his family's crimes either -- but he's doing fine (like I now am, too), now.

And we stayed up ALL NIGHT (almost), LAUGHING about the intertwined CRIMES OF THE KENAN AND BUSH FAMILIES -- LOL!!!


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