Thursday, March 2, 2017

RP: Joseph Faulk -- This Morning -- CONVINCED ME that the Time/Warner Truck that HIT ME on February 13, WAS ORDERED TO DO SO by Mayor Bill Saffo and the Saffo Christian Drug Mafia!!!

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Mexico Gives Conan O’Brien A Taste Of Donald Trump’s Medicine

“Clearly, they’re not sending us their best.”

To begin with, THREE TIMES in the last 12 hours, Facebook LOCKED ME OUT, claiming someone had each time HACKED my Facebook account (or had tried to from distant locations, only Virginia was named), and I had to set a new password -- and the third time, also set some higher security.

This morning, since the time I FIRST brought up my computer, Malwarebytes has thrown up well OVER 100 warnings -- ALL IDENTICAL to this one, which I screen captured:

When I tried going to that numbered address ("") -- both using Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, I got a screen that showed that Marlwarebytes PREVENTED me from going to a known malicious website.

WHY won't it stop TRYING to HACK ME -- I've run DEEP SCANS with no results!!!

Also, I have had to TWICE hold down the Power button to FORCE Windows 10 and my computer to SHUT DOWN (to reset against hackers), and BOTH TIMES, ALL LIGHTS and the HARD DRIVE NOISE immediately stopped the moment I touched the Power button (rather than having to hold it for five seconds).

I have been using Windows since 1995, and NEVER seen that take less than five seconds to occur, before.

So Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. -- and his cell phone number is (212) 866-XXXX, so anyone can call and ask HIS side of the story 
-- called me at 9:12 this morning, and the FIRST thing I said was that I HOPED he's been in touch with Haston Lavern Caulder II, and that he's OK.

Joseph REFUSED to confirm or deny any knowledge of Haston's situation or condition (or financial shape). He IMMEDIATELY changed the subject to ask me of my DOCTORS' REPORTS from my two visits yesterday -- once to my GP and then once for an MRI of my left calf. I told him that even though I had NOT noticed it, my left shin is VERY black and blue, but since the PAIN had come from the muscle on the other side of the bone (easy for me to see), I had not even noticed it.

My GP doctor ALSO didn't notice it, but had seen both my feet and ankles, the left nearly ready to BURST the strap of my sandal, felt my calf and lower thigh through my trousers and said the swelling was ALL below the knee. He was VERY ALARMED (since I've been on meds for a year that PREVENT blood clots, one of the most likely causes), but said there are TRAUMATIC causes to these things, and got me to an MRI the same day, after he told them to RUSH IT. 

The MRI guy pointed out all the discoloration, and while he can't diagnose, said it was quite possible that the impact had DAMAGED my valve or valves regulating blood flow. He said I should get the results as read by an expert by this morning -- but I have not yet received them.

AFTER I explained all that to Joseph Faulk, he said, "Well, there is NO WAY this could possibly have come from the accident, and it's SILLY if a doctor tells you so." 

I said, very calmly -- unlike Madea/Tyler Perry -- "Put the SHUT to the UP!!!", and HUNG UP!!!

And the FACT IS that in the earlier discussion, I'd floated the idea that Ms. Heather Blackstone (as seen in several very recent postings) is NOT A REAL PERSON -- partly because she claimed that she, Haston Caulder, and Mayor Bill Saffo were MEETING to discuss what to do about ME -- at a local seafood market.

First of all, it HAD seemed ludicrous that that truck could have been so perfectly positioned to try to hit me then -- although I HAD just given Mayor Saffo a HEADS UP that I would be walking to his office to CONFRONT HIM.

And WHY would Mr. Faulk try to DISSUADE me from proper medical attention if the accident was IN FACT an accident???

Well, my attorney just now called, and I think he is SALIVATING NOW over the SCOPE of the investigation since I just filled him in on NEW DEVELOPMENTS!!!

Please remember, that all I am trying to get from Mayor Saffo is the Police and/or Sheriff's Deputies' Reports of the death of my friend Evan Fish. And in this linked posting (a long one), Evan's friend Christopher Allmond goes on and ON about (he was still active duty US Army, then), about how the REAL US Army was preparing to TAKE OVER THE US GOVERNMENT -- and kill all the FAGGOTS (like me), and "pesky non-whites".

Christopher Allmond in 2012, partying in one of my FAVE 1980s Atlanta barsJohnny's Hideaway!!!

Chris Allmond "Butt-Rubbin'" with SUPER-HOT Red Head whilest STILL in the US Army2012.

(Available at Costco!!! And it is GREAT -- I use mine ALL THE TIME!!! ~ Scott)


When I was TWO-THIRDS the way through writing this posting, the Malwarebytes WARNINGS of hackers -- TOTALLY CEASED -- fancy THAT!!!

You just CAN'T BEAT/"BEAT" the "Six-Foot Kenan Cock"!!!

The Kenan Cock atop Kenan Steeple at First Presbyterian, Wilmington, North Carolina -- as seen from my apartment window.



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