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RP: MORE Correspondence with Father Christopher Drennen, O.S.A., but Pastor Mike Dickey of Wilmington's "City Life Church" Has Been Too "UNDER THE WHETHER" (sic), to Respond -- LOL!!!

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Father Christopher Drennen, 2015

>>> JUST FOR THE RECORD: My "blog record" of dealing with the HOT (but possibly "pedophilic")Pastor Mike Dickey:

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From: Drennen, Chris 
To: Scott Kenan 
Sent: Mon, Mar 13, 2017 10:37 am
Subject: Re: Greetings Father Drennen (Sts. P&J please forward to him) -- from an OLD Friend of your Family!!!

Hi Scott!

What a nice surprise to get your letter. It was forwarded to me by SSPJ.  I am at Malvern Prep now and have been for 7 years. (I joke that I have not gone far in life).   

I remember your family well. We had some good times together.  

My Dad passed away in Aug 2015 at age 91 but mom is hanging in there at 97 (this Saturday). She left California after his death and lives with my sister Aileen in Houston Texas.  She is mentally alert but not too mobile as well. 

Tommy (now Tara) is doing well and is married to her wife, Robyn. They live in southern California. My brother Mike lives nearby as well. (My parents never paid for the sexual reassignment surgery, Tara's insurance covered it!)

I am well and enjoying life and very comfortable with my life choices.  God is good!

Here is my address: Malvern Prep, 418 S. Warren Ave., Malvern PA 19355.  cell is 323-252-XXXX.

I am off to Houston this weekend to celebrate Mom's birthday and will tell everyone that you were in touch.  My Mom would love to talk to your mom I am sure. There are so few contemporaries left!

Chris Drennen

Rev. Christopher J. Drennen, O.S.A.
Director of Augustinian Identity
Theology Department Leader



Hi Chris -- 

I was so thrilled to get your reply, and to hear your and your family's news (and some corrections to what I thought was the case). I'd told Mom that I'd written you, and just now told her I'm sending her phone number so our Moms can have a phone chat, which Mom is now excitedly looking forward to: (919) 231-XXXX. Mom can no longer deal with voicemail, so has none on her phone, a land line, but except for bridge club on Tuesdays, and Mass on Sundays, etc., Mom is nearly always home.

Funny that we both come from devout Catholic families, but unlike you, I did NOT pursue becoming a (Jesuit) priest as I wanted to in 8th grade, and eventually have seriously sought to live a spiritual life, unfettered by "Theology", although I've studied enough of that over many years and find it fascinating. My mother comes from a tradition that the Church and a Totalitarian Government must control all aspects of life so that evil-doers are controlled, hence the swastikas on our dinner plates and her intimacy with so many top Republicans, BUT we BOTH are for the same BOTTOM LINE goals of ALL having the opportunity to create a life worth living.

You see, I am the furthest in my family from my parents' "Conservatism", and yet I APPRECIATE my parents more than any other of my siblings. I have told Mom several times in recent years that it was her RESISTANCE to me that was the SPIRITUAL GYMNASIUM upon which I gained my STRENGTH, beginning with a botched attempt on my life in 1974, and the fact that I later was closest to the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics (it had a DUEL purpose of also taking out me), but my boyfriend and I moved a few minutes before it was detonated, which they had to do rather than possibly get caught retrieving it). In 2011, in Wilmington, I met the former head of the CIA in Atlanta (gone a little crazy from it all), who told me he WATCHED me from atop a nearby building, back then, and called the shots.

I've been poisoned by a top political operative of Walmart Corp (then poisoned several more times by Mafia in Mexico), been beaten up five times by Drug Mafia in Mexico, held hostage by them five times in 2010 in Mexico, and had the great help of Delta Airlines, who once got an Air Force officer to take over the co-pilot seat of a 757 I was to fly from Puerto Vallarta to Atlanta. They had claimed the plane overfull and denied me boarding, but he was trained to avoid surface-to-air missiles, and at that time, as my friend who was helping me, Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, KNEW, the CIA and Republican Party were so ANGRY with me for what I was blogging about my parents' crimes, they would have shot down the whole plane.

Right after that officer got on board, they found me a seat, and BOARDING, I discovered the plane was only 2/3 full. That Officer FOUND ME in Atlanta baggage claim to talk about it with me, and we carried on an email conversation for a while. Delta even ANSWERED my letter of thanks to them, claiming they were happy that they were able to "help me save my own life" -- LOL!!!

But my point is NOT that I've been "to hell and back" so many times, but that I always kept my Faith in God and my Sense of Humor (how he re-energizes us, no???). And I figured out what I was doing wrong. And although I've dealt with almost more than Old Testament JOB, I have prayed my prayers of GRATITUDE through it all. 

I was BUILT, with unusual physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual strengths to handle ALL of it, and as I figure out how best to write my story (and the amazing Kenan Family story -- more distant than immediate family), my point is that intelligence and love conquers ALL, and I hope to show people my errors that led to my suffering, so that others can learn from me -- rather than "hard knocks".

I have always honored good people of ALL religions (or none), but have nearly exclusively suffered from the prejudices of Christians of all stripes, but especially Evangelical. I had an understanding friend in Catholic Clergy, Sister Mary Isaac Koenig of St. Mary's Basilica Church that stands right around the corner from my apartment. 

She helped me while I was homeless here (she got a very special award from Pope Benedict for her charity work in Wilmington, but recently retired to upstate New York), and I tithed well over 10% of my Williams memoir to "Sister Isaac's" Tileson Charities (I got good enough at panhandling that I could spare it -- LOL!!!), even the WHOLE TIME I WAS HOMELESS, living under a viaduct with real armed and drunk/high criminals, or sleeping on a side porch hidden by dense huge shrubs at St. Mary's, or my favorite, sleeping in First Presbyterian's columbarium beneath my first Kenan cousin (by marriage), AF Col. Fred Smith, who had taught at THREE of the Military War Colleges that for 20 years I sold ad space in their yearbooks, while my boss and others at his company, Pentagon Publishing in Snellville, GA, distributed all the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB, from Maine to Florida, but especially here in Wilmington, just last week recognized as the TOP Heroin and Opiate Trafficking city in the USA.

To give Col. Smith his full due, a lusty hetero (always faithful to his wife), he made CLEAR to my parents in 1978, that there was NOTHING wrong with me for being gay. But of course Mom always felt she had the authority of the Catholic Church in her attempts to kill, jail, and nut-house commit me, and made up the "Bipolar" thing, because she KNEW that Lithium would keep me softly lobotomized about her and Dad's crimes, so I wouldn't CARE -- too bad I still REMEMBERED -- LOL!!!

I guess I'm very deeply impressed that your family went through Tommy's change -- and from what I can see, you continued to keep your family together. After nearly six years of my total estrangement -- they RIDICULING ME, REFUSED to help me (and still don't), claiming everything they did to me was MY fault, and they TESTIFYING LIES to judges, cops, etc. to incarcerate me one way or another, I have FORCED them to respect me and my "sovereignty" (in that I've ALWAYS paid my bills -- except through the homeless part -- ALWAYS had a perfect credit record and tons of credit, and NEVER harmed myself or others -- nor threatened it), even though they believed they had a DUTY to shut me up for GOD!!!

OK, some anger is still working out, but I am the one healing our family now, and I am the one who actually relates to Mom so that TODAY she ALWAYS sounds thrilled to hear from me (and knows she can't promote her fear and hate with me or I'll throw it right back in her face).

But she is ALWAYS certain to keep a "politically correct" image and air about her, and I doubt anyone would ever suspect she's been so active trying to NAZIFY the USA. She's failed and it's becoming more and more apparent. May she live the rest of her life in Peace.

I figure that since you are a Catholic priest hearing Confessions, that you "have heard it all" and are not shocked by honest discussion. Mom is EXACTLY like Kellyanne Conway, in that she never admits the truth, lies and changes subjects, and blissfully stays what she considers to be "proper Catholic". 

No need to mention any of this to her -- and I KNOW it will help her to hear from an old friend. In fact, I've recently gotten back in touch with Pennsylvania high school friends -- my old girlfriend and I are closer now than we ever were back then -- and others, including Linda LeBoutillier, whose family you might remember as the "DESIGNATED GENIUS IQ BRAINS" at Ss. Philip & James.

And I ALWAYS loved Mother Mary Austin -- surely you remember her -- I'll include a photo I found of her and used in my blog:

And now I'll go. I hope that when I fairly soon get up to visit my brother and younger sister Julie (Berwyn and Downingtown), and old high school friends, that you and I might meet for a coffee or beer. 

BEST PRESBYTERIAN OLD SAW I learned while a member there: "Whenever there are four Presbyterians gathered together, there is always a fifth!!!" 

Of course only old folks remember pre-metric alcohol measurements -- HA!!! And I'm not suggesting getting schnockered with you (since you are NOT Presbyterian).



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