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RP: MORE "International Women's Day" Shenanigans -- of VARIOUS Types!!!

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I actually wanted to make this next item the TOP and ONLY thing in this posting, but the RECENT IMPROVEMENTS in at least SOME Wilmington Police Officers causes me to DILUTE the drama of it a little, as I DO BELIEVE the force is in fact improving -- or at least improving on WHICH OFFICERS they send around ME -- LOL!!!

Some FACTS to KEEP IN MIND as you experience this:

1. This was published on the internet by WECT TV-6 Wilmington, NC today -- the day it is claimed to have happened -- BRAVO!!!

2. It was a TOP TV-6 producer I met on Front Street across from the bigger Port City Java, summer 2015, who clearly TOLD ME that the Wilmington Press had come to a decision about ME -- Scott David Kenan -- and it was that NONE OF THEM would publishing ANYTHING about me or any of my Political Claims -- until someone ELSE in Wilmington did, FIRST.

But they ALL AGREED to this (they being Christians or married to Christian Bitches), so it CAN'T HAPPEN.

And they REFUSE TO REMEMBER that between TV-6 and TV-3 -- in 2011, I was at the CENTER of their TV coverage on the corner of City Hall's lawn (and marching on Front Street), in "OCCUPY" protests. My cousins in Rocky Point said they saw me on the local news EVERY NIGHT FOR A WEEK!!!

And there is the time that one of the two of those stations filmed a nearly minute long statement from me in front of the Visitors' Booth at the foot of Market Street at the Cape Fear River.

>>> AND CIA AGENT KEVIN MAURER, then Head of City Desk at the Wilmington Star News, interviewed me in Puerto Vallarta by phone, summer of 2012 -- until Kevin's book was announced to the press:

EARLIER, about September 3, 2011, the Star News had COOPERATED with the Wilmington Police Officers who MURDERED my friend, roommate, and business partner, Evan Fish, and kept LYING that it was a "suicide", and ERASING comments that identified Evan by name for MONTHS!!! 

Evan HATED Christianity -- especially his Evangelical Church back in Ohio -- but look what they did to him after being COMPLICIT IN EVAN'S MURDER.

They made him into a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, Praise JESUS!!!


Scott Kenan shared WECT News's post.
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FORTUNATELY, I did NOT recognize any of these Wilmington Officers (I watched all nine minutes, getting "lusty" for the lawyer/driver, and KNOW Courtroom 317 where he often works, WELL)

 . . . but Police Chief Ralph Evangelous smoked CRACK daily in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 and 12!!!
An officer threatened to take an Uber driver to jail for recording a traffic stop on video.
Fun factIt's not against the law - it's your legal right to do so.
Watch the video for yourself to see what happened >>

A Wilmington Police Officer is shown on video instructing a citizen who was pulled over for a traffic stop that he is not allowed to record the interaction due to a new…
Should Senators Tillis and Burr hold public town hall meetings? 

Vote in our online poll now --->

Every day constituents of Senators Burr and Tillis contact their offices to ask for a…



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Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous said his department has launched an internal investigation into the matter and the conduct of the police sergeant
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Frankly, BOTH are looking HOT TO ME (added @ 8:07 PM, EST)!!!

Vance Williams wanted to work with me on VIOLENCE REDUCTION and UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE RACES a few months ago -- until he found out I am a FUCKING FAGGOT and since Jesus hates meso does this NIGGER -- and I mean that word at its STRONGEST!!!

REMEMBER: Just as the correct term for a male homosexual with no self-respect/love is "FAGGOT", the correct term for a black person who is CHRISTIAN -- the religion whose scriptures were used to JUSTIFY SLAVERY OF AFRICANS -- and others with no self-respect/love is "NIGGER".

His past does not define the future for founder of Advance Youth Outreach.
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