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RP: My Cousins, Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan, to Hold a CHRISTIAN RALLY!!! / Kenan Family Top Exec, Rex Tillerson, Is DEMOTED to "Trump's Pussy-Boy", as World Leaders Now Consider Jerad Kushner the ACTUAL Secretary of State!!!

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>>> ADDED @ 8:58 PM, (tail end of EST for now):

I just noticed that the Klan meeting is listed starting at "1:00 pm Est" -- and it's in May.

Is Daylight Savings Time anti-CHRISTIAN???

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That's right, folks, as EVERYONE in North Carolina knows, the Kenan Family of Durham/Chapel Hill are the TOP RACISTS/WHITE SUPREMACISTS in the USA!!! THEY insisted that "Silent Sam" (a statue of RESISTANCE to post-Civil-War American Government), REMAIN on the UNC Chapel Hill campus:

And HERE'S a KICKJohn Goodman FINALLY got his "STAR" in Hollywood:

And of course John Goodman did a GREAT JOB of playing the TOP Kenan Family ExecutiveRex Tillerson of Exxon-Mobil, on SNL!!!

"Good afternoon, my sweet prince."

Left to right: Episcopalian sycophant, Betty (Price) Kenan, and Thomas S. Kenan III

In a RELATED MATTER, I just discovered that my emails to Huffington Post exposing my family and the Christian Drug Mafia here in Wilmington, North Carolina (the BIGGEST Heroin/Opioid-Trafficking town in the USA!!!), have been going to the WRONG ADDRESS.

I'll be CORRECTING THAT -- especially since I must consider that Jimmy Soni, who made HuffPost what it is today, sits on the BOARD of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke -- which I am now working with -- HA!!!

HERE, put THIS "FLY" in yer "OINTMENT"!!!:
Hamdan conceded it would be impossible for Mexico to recover the lost territory should the legal claim be upheld, but suggested instead the U.S. should pay compensation for the use of the land over the last 168 years.

A legal challenge over an 1848 treaty between Mexico and the US puts into question the ownership of five U.S. states and parts of four others.
Even back in the late 1950s my GRADE SCHOOL CATHOLIC NUNS taught us that the US had STOLEN the western third of our Nation from Mexico -- !!!

"It was NOT a Proud Moment for our Democracy, children."

My FB readership is almost certainly more sophisticated than I, and will find this posting redundant.

Now, even Amazon's own employees are protesting. If we join them, we can make sure Breitbart loses the money it needs to promote its hateful agenda.

And as the US GOVERNMENT continues to cut my internet connection as I blog this -- the NORMAL course of my connection, but ONLY while I'm blogging does it EVER go out:


1. I learned today that Rev. Christopher Drennen's mother, Pat Drennen, is still actually alive, and living near her daughter, Aileen, married with family -- and a nurse in Houston!!!:

Aileen with her husband, Mr. Reilly, not specifically named on her Facebook Page. You can TELL how gorgeous her mother was, too, when I knew her.

Can YOU say, "Debbie REYNOLDS"???

Facebook says Berger’s use of the tool violates its policies.

The person managing Phil Berger’s page used a little-known Facebook tool to change the headline on the article being shared, making it appear that the headline was written by…

3. My old high school girlfriend "Dr. Christine Busch", former Pennsylvania Prosecutor, who keeps up her lawyer and physician licences, but today is the TOP consultant in the USA on Privacy of Medical Records, as well as sitting on TWO TOP MEDICAL BOARDS, told me yesterday, that Joseph Faulk ("Testosteroni"), could EASILY be sued by me for PAIN & SUFFERING because of his YEARS LONG advising me to let people who he KNEW were trying to KILL ME into my house, primarily in Mexico, but ALSO all his CRAP supporting the criminal Haston Lavern Caulder II.

She said it will be EASY to subpoena Joseph's bank's records to show the money flow -- not just to ME, but to support CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR OF CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA in Wilmington, NC!!!

TOLD you so!!!

4. My sister Jane, today, told me she thinks my brother Mike can't STAND to talk to our mother anymore because he's SO UPSET WITH TRUMP. That's FINE, but Mom is upset with Trump as well, and LIVES to put the Catholic Pope's TOP NAZI, Mike Pence, into office (which should happen soon).

I can't reach Mike today.

5. And talking to MOM today -- and I TOLD her I've sent a letter to Rev. Chris Drennen and copied Aileen as well, and that Tom Drennen Sr. died fairly recently, but Pat is still alive -- and Mom is SHOCKED that I have switched Athletic Support from UNC Chapel Hill to DUKE, that rivalry causing near RIOTS in Raleigh, but not so much here in Wilmington.

6. After searching Chris, Aileen, and Pat Drennen's Facebook pages, I find NO MENTION of Tom Drennen, Jr. (who had the sex-change operation), I assume he died or cut ties TOTALLY with his family -- OR his WOMAN-NAME is one I don't recognize.

John and Linda Eastman, back when I knew JohnTennessee Williams's last attorneywell!!!


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