Friday, March 3, 2017

RP: My First-Friday-of-Lent Roman Catholic Confession!!!

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First Lady Suggests People Losing Healthcare Should Rely on Nature for Cures

First of all, I just got back from meeting with my attorney about the Time/Warner Cable truck hitting me in the crosswalk in front of the Court House on February 13 -- and AS EXPECTED, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of New York City gave me SUPER-RIDICULOUS ADVICE about it -- LOL!!!

HOW will Joseph EVER explain his words and actions when he and I go to Court (as it now appears is likely)???

Basically, NOTHING is done about contacting the driver's insurance company -- UNTIL I am "medically best-healed", or in my likely case, back to feeling normal (probably another couple of weeks), which makes the things Joseph said I HAVE TO DORIDICULOUS!!!

Awards are based loosely on the actual cost (not out-of-pocket), of the medical procedures and treatments multiplied by a "standard" factor, but also influenced by things like my height and age (which add to the pain), and other health conditions.

The whole thing should be complete -- if no further complications -- about June 1. 


BECAUSE I know from experience that Christian Clergy NEVER respond when you confront them with their TRAITOROUS words and actions, I never bothered printing and mailing my letters to Mom's Pastor, Phil Hurley S.J., or Bishop Michael Burbidge (in Virginia, but over the Raleigh Diocese as well):

The "rakish" Father Phil Hurley

The Bishop, Michael Burbidge

I have continued emailing all my blog posts to Father Hurley and several others in St. Raphael the Archangel congregation in Raleigh, and although the Bishop BLOCKED every email, I DID send this letter by HIS secured server, and got a "received receipt", so he GOT IT!!! 

Mom at her BEST at the following gathering in Indiana in 2009:

Father Hurley and Bishop Burbidge received their letter EIGHT DAYS AGO, but my mother has NOT gotten wind of it -- and even though my brother Michael William Kenan and sisters Jane Ann Kenan and Julia Ruth (Meyer) Kenan (Kenan) Duffy have ALSO received it eight days ago and said NOTHING about it to Mom, I am WONDERING if I should tell Mom about it now -- or simply mail her a HARD COPY of that letter.

As I've mentioned before, I now know that MY compensation from my family will be to watch EVERYTHING my mother planned with the Catholic Popes and Republican Party (Clinton/Obama Democrats, too)CRUMBLE before Mom's eyes, and before she dies or loses her quite clear mind, still, at 94.


I saw Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments on the street today. She is looking MORE HUMAN than the last two times I'd seen her (then she looked over-medicated on psych meds for her Bipolar Illness that she told me she was diagnosed with MANY years ago).

Of particular note, is that for the FIRST TIME EVER, she has spent some money on a new, DECENT-LOOKING salt-n-pepper HAIR-DO (similar to the above -- but longer), so she must be TAPPING that several million dollars she told me she'd squirreled away in Florida from all her NARCO-TRAFFICKING with the Mormon Church, Mayor Saffo, District Attorney Ben David, DISGRACED former NC Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby, Third Vice Chair of the County Democrats Ryan Lee Burris, etc.

ONLY Jennifer McCracken KNEW all the details of the CIA Drug Mafia 2015 MURDER of retired BBC Star and Head, then, of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- including WHERE the murderer led them to find the buried body (five hours away), and WHY they then immediately released the murderer back to the CIA to continue HIS jobs.

Puerto Vallarta Press all had a BLACK OUT of news about it to NOT scare Tourists, and the English language papers LIFTED THEIR COVERAGE directly from THIS BLOG'S REPORTING (which was fine with me)!!!

Colin Stuart Hamilton (ginger hair), with Stanley Winborne, a native of Wilmington, North Carolina, whose SON was second in charge of the Hillary Clinton State Department in Afghanistan, and in charge of shipping all the heroin back to the USA via the US Air Force.


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