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RP: NOT Shakespearean, but from Sir Walter Scott -- Claimed by the WEALTHY KENANS to be Their RELATIVE, but Proven NOT to be -- LOL!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Without getting into all the details, the original 1967 edition of the book The Kenan Family claimed the "Royal Blood Line" of the Kenans via Elizabeth Johnston, the daughter of the Colonial Governor of North Carolina, Gabriel Johnston(e), BUT when Marie D. DeLamar updated the book for the 1999 Mercer University Press edition, she PROVED this was not true -- HA!!!

And when the 1967 edition was released, it came with a copy of the Coat of Arms, which was MADE UP for marketing the family as SPECIAL and ROYAL, and in FACT it did not EXIST until the Kenans commissioned it, then, and it was I who first published it on the internet, about 2008.

FALSE (fake news, as they say today)!!!

And here is the ACTUAL Kenan Coat of Arms:

But ALL the Kenan Charitable Trusts and even the Kenan Institute for ETHICS, have this FALSE Kenan emblem all OVER them -- HA!!! And I love the symbolism so do NOT protest the FALSE one being used!!! 

In the excitement of being back in touch with Mitch Douglas, Tennessee Williams's literary agent while I worked for Tom, I had a lot MORE I wanted to post, and will post some of that now. See:

First, the business of the troubles of the Grenfell Bank (now part of Deutsche Bank), once controlled by Tennessee's friend Maria St. Just (nee Britneva -- a Russian refugee of the Bolshevik Revolution who married REALLY WELL), has been embroiled in many money laundering operations -- but it is PRIMARILY being investigated by European Bank Regulators (so is barely mentioned in the US Press), and not the SAME as all the Paul Manafort/Cypress Banking Scandal -- although it might come out that they are CONNECTED. 

And I would LOVE to find out what Mitch Douglas knows about "Texas Kate" (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer, later McNamara. 

Texas Kate flanked by Tennessee Williams and his sister, Rose, probably from about 1980.

This is the ONLY other photo I have of Kate -- and I took off my TV displaying a DVD of a special about Tennessee Williams -- this (I believe), was of Texas Kate accompanying Tom to the 1979 Kennedy Center Honors, where he got HIS Award, and it was BEFORE the Honorees sat in the back balcony, like when Tennessee and I attended as Guests of Honor (free), in 1981.

That is Rose, then Edwina WHOOPS!!! Reverse-Order that!!! (Tom's mother who died at age 99, a year before I met him), and Tom's cousin, Jim Williams, whom I knew fairly well, back then, behind them.

At this time, Dudley III was in college, so Tenn knew Kate well enough to be godfather to her first-born son, about twenty years before that -- and NONE of the Williams Scholars I ever MET gave a "rat's ass" about her influence!!!


John Lahr's book has only ONE reference to Kate, p. 580 (info Lahr likely got from John Uecker, who eventually -- most likely -- ended Tennessee's life by smothering him with a pillow, arguably, and an argument I would ACCEPT on grounds of Ethics/Morals, an "Act of Mercy" at that point), where after Kate got this line in correspondence from Williams, "Death seems more comprehensible to me", they went to his house which he had been locked in for three days, broke the door down, found him comatose, and rushed him to hospital for recovery under a false name. 

My name appears NOWHERE in Lahr's book because he was not ALLOWED to publish it by the Episcopal Church/Sewanee/Thomas Elliot Keith. It was John Uecker, in 2009, who TOLD ME how Thomas Keith told him they would BLACKMAIL Mr. Lahr into not publishing the WHOLE TRUTH -- but what Lahr PUBLISHED, even if omitting much he knew, was all TRUE (best I can tell) -- HA!!!

And most CLEVERLY written!!!

And the personal info Lahr didn't want out is simply that -- and I won't repeat it here.

Additionally, Texas Kate's first husband, Dudley Sharp II was the son of the original Dudley, a grad of the US Naval Academy, who served as Dwight Eisenhower's Secretary of the AIR FORCE, and wrote all the FIRST Laws for the USA governing Nuclear Warfare in Outer Space -- and also was Ike's TOP ALLY when Ike fought and warned against the OUT OF CONTROL "Military-Industrial Complex", and how it would lead to TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.

Dudley Sharp I

When Ike left office, Dudley's family was threatened, and he was FORCED TO PUBLICLY RECANT.

And of course in her youth in Atlanta, Kate Schweppe was BEST FRIENDS of the families of both Frank Hawkins Kenan and James Graham Kenan -- which is where she learned to act like "the richest woman on earth" -- and so therefore was -- and Tennessee told both Kate and me this (if he also teased her with denials), that the role "Babe" in In Masks Outrageous and Austere was based on her -- and her character's tall, gay, observing, silent, black husband, "Mac", was based on me.

The OFFICIAL POSITION of the Episcopal Church/Sewanee/Thomas Elliot Keith is that the character Babe was based on Maria St. Just -- and while Maria PROBABLY WAS married to a homosexual (or so Tennessee Williams told me), the SECOND AND LAST "Lord St. Just, Peter Grenfell", Kate NEVER married a homosexual that I know of, although Michael Moye (a homo) TRIED -- back while I knew them in 1982!!!

Michael is currently living on his WITS more than money, with other American and European Ex-Pats in East Central Africa, today -- BUT he did get me a TOTAL ENDORSEMENT of Walking on Glass from Mr. Key WestDavid Wolkowsky -- possibly my FAVORITE endorsement!!!

From David Wolkowsky of Key West -- Once SALUTED in a James Bond Film: "He captured all of it, the whole shooting match, Scott nailed it."

As can be seen here beginning 1/3 the way down

And ALSO quite funny -- WEB-WEAVING-WISE -- is that Mitch Douglas SHARES birthday with Frank Sinatra's FIRST wife (who bore and raised all his children), born Nanicia Barbato, but known as Nancy Sinatra, Sr., and only a few days ago I discovered that she is STILL ALIVE and turned 100 in the past week, one third the way down in this posting:

And John Lahr has long been fascinated by Mr. Sinatra, even publishing a book on him:

And to go on just a little further, Sinatra's FIRST marriage ended at about the time I was BORN in 1951 -- due to NORTH CAROLINA ACTRESS and HELL-CAT:

Ava Gardner on Mismaloya Beach for the filming of The Night of the Iguana.

The hotel built for that filming as it remains today, and MY account of my tour of the grounds by director John Huston's old aide:

Haston Lavern Caulder II

And getting back to the Wilmington, North Carolina part of this "tangled web", I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. this morning, to have him ask Haston Lavern Caulder II (my former roommate, who is in Court this morning on about five charges, with no result yet), to CHANGE THE PASSWORD to his Gmail, which he had had me set up, and just last night I realized I REMEMBER his password, and do NOT want to be "sorely tempted" into getting and reading all his emails -- ESPECIALLY the ones with Joseph in which they discuss ME.

Haston is HOPING to get a Continuance, and be back out for now, but he MIGHT end up convicted or forgiven.

THAT depressed Joseph who said he'd said some rather nasty things about me, but I don't care about that -- I say nasty things (and good things), about Joseph ALL THE TIME -- but ALWAYS let him KNOW THAT.

Of course I would see any emails he has about Narco-Trafficking, Christian Whoring, etc. -- and I bet LAW ENFORCEMENT would love to see THEM, no???

I ALSO found PLENTY of illegal drugs in Haston's room when I cleaned it -- but since Wilmington Police were NOT interested in my 2015 roommate Philip Rosario's crack pipes and other evidence of his narco-trafficking, I flushed it all down the toilet.

Philip Rosario

And Joseph has gradually been becoming AWARE of foolish errors he has lately been making in practical matters like his being called to jury duty, belief he had to buy an EXPENSIVE digital-to-analog converter to connect headphones to a modern television, and even today, Joseph told me that Haston's roommate (wherever), STOLE Haston's new laptop computer, and Joseph shrugged that off as unavoidable.

Joseph and Haston are TRUE CHRISTIAN WARRIORSno???

Pope Pius XII

The Kennedy Family at the Vatican -- back when Old Joe and Rose were STILL the TOP CATHOLIC NAZIS in the USA -- before that was HANDED OVER to my mother when the Kennedy children FLIPPED to promote Liberty and Justice for ALL.

And ONE son is MISSING here -- either Joe, Jr. or JFK -- who, perhapstook the photo.

Mom, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, at the PEAK of her Power, in 2009

But AGAIN, this morning, Mom and I had a GREAT discussion -- because she has GIVEN UP THAT ROLE COMPLETELY, now, although Mom remains devout Catholic and Republican!!!


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