Sunday, March 12, 2017

RP: Odds and Ends -- Some Things That Were Forgotten:

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Remember my reporting THIS -- as it happened??? Well, less than a day ago, it was the number FOUR story on Huffington Post!!!:
This Wilmington, NC story was ALL OVER my blog, www.theweathercontinues.blogspot.comAS IT HAPPENED -- and NOW, it's near the TOP of the stories on The Huffington Post!!!

Should officers be expected to compromise some privacy for more transparency?
Now smart was this??? In New York City, no less -- LOL!!!

"His pants appeared to be rather snug," officials said.


ONLY a photo ID is required -- NO WONDER I have THREE top Security people at Mar-a-Lago on the email list that gets EVERY EMAIL of every blog posting I write, and I got PROOF OF DELIVERY of my one snail-mailed letter to TrumpTHERE!!!

The president’s semi-public Florida retreat doesn’t follow the same strict background-check protocol as the White House, creating an espionage risk.
Scott Kenan I sent this first to Trump Tower where it was NOT delivered (nor was it returned to me), then sent the REVISED/UPDATED letter to three Security top people at Mar-a-Lago and got PROOF OF DELIVERY of it:

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OK, so Aileen (Drennen) Reilly looks like she's playing Debbie Reynolds circa 1964. So what??? I can't remember seeing a married couple pose like this since at least 1980, but if THAT is their style -- and it makes them happy -- bully for THEM!!! 

NO, of course I am NOT actually "working with the Kenan Institute for Ethics" -- but I've got GREAT connections there, and they are fascinated with what I know (which they know little about -- much of it, anyway). 

And they DID cash my donation check, so that is SOME "working with".

Also, all that HOT TYPE in my last posting:, was only that -- a LITERARY EVENT. I did NOT "relieve myself of semilla", as my Mex-Friends might say.

God's "Semilla" that began the City of Colima, Colima, Mexico

View from my front window while I lived in Colima, Mexico, 2010


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