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RP: On International Women's Day -- in the CHRISTIAN U.S. of A.!!!

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Yes, even here in Li'l Ol' Wilmington, North Carolina, County Commission Head Republican Beth Dawson -- who was an ELDER at the Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking, First Presbyterian -- had to go to South Carolina to bail her husband out of the Pokey, because he was Soliciting Prostitutes.

Of course if I were straight and married to Beth, I might seek someone more attractive, too, but Daniel Dawson isn't anyone I'd expect women (or men, for that matter), to throw themselves on.

Then Beth Dawson SOON lost in her primary fight -- NOT because her marriage is a CHRISTIAN DISASTER, which is NORMAL in Wilmington (just ask Mayor Bill Saffo or DISGRACED former NC State Senator Thom Goolsby) -- but because she voted with the Democrats more than the Republicans -- LOL!!!

Two OTHER Elders at First Presbyterian:

The ONLY SOLUTION in Wilmington is for the God-Loving and U.S. Constitution-Loving Citizens to RISE UP and REJECT Wilmington's Christian Churches!!! 

NoI don't support violence or literal burning, but the Christian Hate-Mongers must be CONFRONTED with their hatred of God at EVERY OPPORTUNITY!!!

We MUST MAKE IT CLEAR to the Narco-TraffickingWhite Supremacist Wilmington Christians:

My Republican Congressman at least FACED THE CROWD -- LOL!!!

More than 1,000 people attended the event that featured questions about health care, environment and immigration

Scott Kenan
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This has been true for about a DECADE, and was reported frequently in the Press back then. 

If YOU are surprised by this, you should LOSE YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE for pure STUPIDITY!!!

Now getting back to the "Hotsy-Totsy Salesman", for a moment:

He told me that Tony Kirkegaard, owner of the property he has been working on, the Miles-Costin House at Fifth and Orange Streets:, has been telling him MANY stories of the Old Social Order in Wilmington. I only last night realized that Tony Britt-Kirkegaard is one of the FIRST Wilmingtonians I met when I returned to Wilmington in June 2015.

He is married to Gary Kirkegaard, and has treated me with MIXED EMOTIONS, and I feel the SAME -- because the two of them make me VOMIT every Christmas Season when they put animated, Carols-singing puppets on their side porch -- EARLY, no less!!!

And I generally LOVE most things about the Christmas Season -- including many Carols!!!

But HERE is the MYSTERY: My landlady, who had spoken at some length with H.T. Salesman this past Sunday, so KNEW where he is currently working, told me the OWNER never PAID a top Wilmington Restoration Contractor, so she HOPES the poor guy gets PAID!!!

And here is the caveat (concerning my landlady): She voted for Donald Trump because she thinks Barack Obama is who RAISED HER PROPERTY TAXES, and as of yesterday, still thinks Obama ordered wiretaps on Mr. Trump in Trump Tower.

For YEARS she had made a lot of money, leasing her house out, which has been used in filming eight movies and two TV series (an opportunity that the Republican Party took away -- chasing the Film Industry to Georgia -- mostly). And THAT allowed her to be very LOOSE in her choosing tenants, and the last half year, she's been FORCED to evict some of the WORST of her deadbeats.

Yesterday, she in a PANIC asked me HOW the City of Wilmington can FORCE HER OUT OF HER HOME that she bought about 30 years ago. Well, she bought it for $20,000.00 and her latest tax evaluation is for half a million. This is how "Gentrification" works -- first caring people buy houses and renovate them, values rise TREMENDOUSLY, and those without the higher income to afford the taxes, continuing maintenance, etc., end up having to sell.

And beyond all of that, she DOES have lines of credit available to her (although NO ONE wants to borrow money to pay taxes), and as I TOLD HER, first be GRATEFUL that you bought a property that over 30 years rose in value ENORMOUSLY!!!

She'll get it together, but between you, me -- and the DOOR MOUSE -- she's so into oregano, she can't think straight. My doctors and even dentists recommend the herb for me to relax, and I doubt I EVER smoked 1/3 what she does on a daily basis. 


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