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RP: On Today (the Ides of March), Will MORE -- or Fewer -- Caesar Salads Be Sold??? / Now That My Evidence Is Getting ATTENTION, Life Is Getting BORING (but that's OK for now)!!!

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It FEELS as though we have ALL been through AT LEAST all of this, no???

This morning I awoke to feeling GREAT -- despite my "jaw-bone surgery" (putting in two anchors for posts to my lower denture), yesterday morning. My lower back has little pain left from my being knocked twelve feet from a crosswalk by a "sun-blinded", accelerating Cable TV truck a month ago, and the edema in my left calf that popped up then is FINALLY lessening -- at least through parts of the last couple of days.

I don't even need pain meds for my mouth, today, and I was a CLEANING DERVISH all morning, getting rid of the "residue" of Haston Caulder, my former roommate, who is fairly called a "criminal degenerate". His Pastor, Mike Dickey, STILL can't respond to me -- especially since the photo I got off his church's Facebook page looks "borderline pedophilic" -- showing even possible "man-tenting":

Pastor Mike Dickey of City Life Church, Wilmington, NC:

MOST interesting about this -- and previously, I believe I only discussed this with Joseph Faulk (who continues to send Haston money -- as far as I know), and "Miss Lucy", downstairs, but TWO of the homeless guys Haston had gotten me to give shelter to for a few weeks -- until they were arrested for Criminal Activities, and CONVICTED -- claimed that Haston ALWAYS stares underage girls down SEXUALLY -- embarrassing them, CRIMINALS -- but not THAT kind -- to be with Haston.

But Mr. Faulk's continuing financial and "moral" support of Haston and his crimes will be FUN for Joseph to explain to Law Enforcement -- when we get to that stage. MEANWHILE in Wilmington, this is the LATEST NEWS of our Narco-Trafficking Mayor Bill Saffo, Police Chief Evangelous, and District Attorney Benjamin R. David:

SHOCKING!!! This is REALLY about the problems of "Drug Trash" renting downtown, and committing crimes -- or being "a general nuisance" -- in previously safe neighborhoods.

Of City Government ONLY Kevin O'Grady showed up, and it often broke down into CHAOS!!! 

If City, County, State, and the US Government got OUT of Wilmington's Christian Drug Mafia(founded by my parents in the 1980s and 90s, with their friend John Ehrlichman who had been Nixon's Top Aide, and whom I knew well), these problems would practically SOLVE THEMSELVES!!!

More than 200 people gathered Tuesday for the city of Wilmington's public input meeting on possible regulations to short-term rentals.


BUT, in December 2015, in Costco, Kevin O'Grady DELIBERATELY snubbed me -- and previously City Council Member Charley Rivenbark HUNG UP on me, when I called him from Puerto Vallarta to ask him about some activities of his. 

First Kevin:

Now, Charley -- BOTH of them DEMOCRATS!!! -- and BOTH God-Hating CHRISTIANS:

Yes, Charley -- like Mayor Saffo of the Saffo Mafia of NYC -- is a Real Estate Agent (the BIGGEST legal way to LAUNDER DRUG MONEY -- perhaps Real Estate professionals should be BARRED from running for Political Officeno???), Charley Rivenbark called me "CRAZY", before hanging up on me.

An agreement to sell a stake in a New York skyscraper would be extremely lucrative for the family of Jared Kushner, and could protect the Chinese buyers from scrutiny.

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This, MY CRAZINESS, the STANDARD claim of these Narco-Traffickers in Political Office:

Disgraced former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby -- now employed by my Kenan relatives on the Board of the UNC System, who was MOST RESPONSIBLE for the Kenans putting Margaret Spellings into their TOP POST to further DISMANTLE the UNC System.

Margaret Spellings with George W. Bush (whose cousin I had an all-night date with last October -- and we LAUGHED all night over our families' crimes TOGETHER -- HA!!!), and Bill Clinton (who actually Narco-Traffics with my Kenan relatives -- and the Bush and Cheney Families as well -- like Hillary does too):

And of course there is New Hanover County Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris -- whom I actually have the PROOF of his spreading lies about me being "off my psych meds" all over Wilmington -- INCLUDING on Facebook, which I saved in case I change my mind and PROSECUTE HIM:

Ryan Burris with his "Cape Fear Equality Board"

In 2011 and 2012, Ryan's "Gay House" (on Fifth not far from the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge), was host to MANY parties of narco-traffickers of BOTH Parties -- then Sen. Thom Goolsby being one of his more FREQUENT GUESTS -- if Ryan's then roommate, John Mann can be believed. Mr. Mann SHOWED me how he -- major stock trader previously, until he LOST HIS LICENCE -- used his computer to traffic drugs on a LARGE SCALE WAY, but also delivered Adderall (pharmaceutical-grade Methamphetamine) all over Wilmington -- including to my friend Danny Sinatra, NOW in California Prison on Meth-related charges.

And John Mann PERJURED himself in Judge Chad Hogston's Court in 2011 -- when I was falsely CONVICTED of "CYBER-STALKING", a charge that had NOTHING TO DO WITH what was claimed I had done -- LOL!!!

And it took REPUBLICAN Public Defender Jennifer Harjo to even NOTICE THAT -- my FIRST Defender, Emily Zvejniecks, had not even NOTICED THAT!!! !!! !!!

Jennifer Harjo in Court

And I STILL have THIS to straighten out:

David Nash

Well, now that I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER, it's TIME TO GET TO THE PRACTICAL WORK of Law Suits -- I'm afraid the less fashionable "Lawsuits" is actually called for -- and I can report that the Lawsuit over my being hit by that Time-Warner-cum-Spectrum-Cable-TV Truck is coming along NICELY!!!

But BETTER THAN THAT is that my recent getting in touch with Rev. Christopher Drennen -- someone whose very different, Catholic, and more Traditional Path in Life, seems entirely based in the SAME SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES as has mine been, so it's NOT UNLIKE when Birnam Wood Comes to Dunsinane, no???

"Macbeth shall never vanquished be, until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill Shall come against him." It has the remains of two early forts. This is believed to be the site of a battle where Malcolm Canmore defeated Macbeth in 1054.

Dunsinane Hill - Wikipedia

Our house at 1431 Dunsinane Drive (which IS on top of a hill), West Chester, PA -- 1963 - 1968, when I was in junior and most of senior high -- and knew the Drennens!!!

The development behind us was "Birnam Wood" (we were "Birnam Place"), separated from us back then by the then still-running (5 mph MAX -- due to track conditions), "West Chester - Paoli Local" (I think -- or similar), train than ran through a deep, man-cut GULCH -- at the end of our land.

But not TOO many years ago, that train pulled out entirely -- tracks and all -- the Ship Road bridge, just a lot to the left as pictured above, was REMOVED and the land leveled out.

THUS, Mr. Shakespeare's PREDICTION of Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane came TRUE -- right where the last assistant to Tennessee Williams had to deal with PUBERTY and SIMILAR HORRORS -- LOL!!!

* * *

My conversations with Father Drennen are ALSO giving my mother great hope of GENERAL RECONCILIATION of the OPPOSITES -- a symptom of the END of the AGE OF KENAN (Greed and Unbridled Acquisitiveness), and the beginning of the Age of Mahalalel (the Prince of Peace).

Kenan is 4th in line from Adam to Noah in Chronicles I -- those OVERLY-old gents actually represent AGES, this new one, I call "THE AGE OF THE ARTIST".

Are YOU with us -- YET???

Mahalalel, the Prince of Peace



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