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RP: SOMEONE(S) Are Paying Attention to This Blog -- and NOT Just the CRIMINALS!!!

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1. To begin with, this morning's EARLIER posting got TONS of hits -- even before I'd completed it and emailed it to my list of 190+ Political Contacts!!!

2. Joseph Faulk called from New York to say that he had sent by Western Union direct transfer from his Chase Bank to Haston's CressCom Bank here in Wilmington, a SMALLER "test amount" of money -- not the full $1,200.00 like the check he sent Haston via me, and I VOIDED it.

He said he'd texted Haston that I voided that check so that Haston's claimed lover-for-pay who keeps him high and sexually satisfied, Heather Blackstone, would STOP trying to get it from me -- LOL!!!

When Joseph Faulk heard that my doctor was mystified by both the "ear gurglings" and extreme edema in my left calf on down -- and ordered more tests due to the latter, Joseph said that since I had water on my lungs in 2013 in Puerto Vallarta, that I "just accumulate water", and that is all there is to it.

I literally SCREAMED AT HIM what I have told him for years now, if YOU are not learned -- and in things like Medicine, LICENCED to diagnose:

And I told him that his BULL SH*T TODAY, is MORE PROOF that he -- and Haston Caulder, and whomever they are both connected to, are DELIBERATELY CONTINUING to wage what the Wilmington Police identified as CLASSIC "Psychological Warfare/Terrorism", and in this case, it is by CHRISTIANS. 

3. I may NOT be able to go to the Film screening at the Kenan Institute for Ethics (at Duke University): they have invited me to, because I now have THREE appointments with doctors, dentists, and lawyers in the next few days and I might not be able to get out of Wilmington early enough to make it. We'll see.

4. BUT, I got a request to connect on Linked-In from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Professor Richard Cante, which I accepted. Here is his thing:

Richard C. Cante

Associate Professor
Media and Cultural Studies
201A Bingham Hall
Curriculum Vitae
BA, Northwestern University; MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; PhD, University of Southern California. Media and Cultural Studies. Dr. Richard Cante is Associate Professor of Media and Technology Studies in The Department of Communication at UNC-CH. Cante’s research focuses largely on relations between sexuality and the media in the United States since the late 1960s, as well as questions about how to make sense of these connections. 

His current work investigates the status of media objects – from film to the Internet and social media – as historical documents of otherwise obscure aspects of gay male HIV and AIDS, and of a cluster of dilemmas involving gay men’s health more generally. 

A graduate of Northwestern (BS), UNC-Chapel Hill (MA), and The School of Cinematic Arts at The University of Southern California (PhD), Cante’s Sexuality Studies courses include “Freud,” “Pornography and Culture,” and “Sexuality and Visual Culture.”

By my FAVE Teacher of Metaphysics, Kennedy Shultz!!!

Current Research: Looks at the cultural re-mapping of relations between ethics, aesthetics and politics since the mid-1990s, with particular attention to the complicated involvement of the media.

5. And I was SURPRISED to see how many have recently checked my OWN Linked-In profile -- ALL of them in "Stealth Mode", so I can't see who they are -- BUT it let me know that ONE of them is a Member of "National Foreign Trade Council":

The National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) is the premier business organization advocating a rules-based world economy. Founded in 1914 by a group of American companies that supported an open world trading system, the NFTC and its affiliates now serve more than 300 member companies through offices in Washington and New York.

Advancing Global Commerce

The role of America in the world economy and the impact of international trade on the United States have never been more important. Leveraging its broad membership, expertise and influence, the NFTC is the only national business organization that exclusively advocates the international and public policy priorities of its members. From international trade, investment, tax, and export finance to human resource management, the NFTC's services and advocacy are a critical link for U.S. companies.


And THAT is ALL for NOW (I HOPE) -- LOL!!!


Better than Herr Donald Trump -- SIEG HEIL!!!

The King of Saudi Arabia certainly knows how to travel in style.

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Scott Kenan How a ten-year CNN and Fox News contributor, Imran Anwar, the FATHER of the Internet in his native Pakistan (and he gets a tiny royalty still from all internet traffic through that country)TOLD ME that EVERYONE, then (9/11/01), at BOTH Fox News and CNN KNEW that Bush and Cheney planned 9/11 with their long-time business partners, the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families -- but the IDIOT CHRISTIANS in the USA don't CARE about that -- LOL!!! 

He was CORRECT -- we elected Donald Trump and Mike Pence!!!

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“There is something powerful in the whispering of obscenities, about those in power. There's something delightful about it, something naughty, secretive, forbidden, thrilling. It's like a spell, of sorts. It deflates them, reduces them to the common denominator where they can be dealt with.”

― Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale

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