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RP: THIS Now Being "After That" -- My Promised Letter to Father Christopher Drennen:

RE-PRINTED from here

Rev. Christopher Drennen, O.S.J.

O.S.J. = Oblates of St. Joseph

Rev. Christopher Drennen, O.S.J
Saints Philip & James Parish
107 North Ship Road
Exton, PA 19341

March 9, 2017

Dear Father Drennen,

I hope you will find this to be a pleasant surprise, but I chanced upon you online today, and thought it would be fun to drop a note to someone I went to Ss. Philip & James with – you in 3rd and 4th grades, while I was in 7th & 8th – our parents VERY tight friends, and your sister Aileen best friend to my sister Jane.

I remember your Dad as a GREAT and jovial salesman – and provider – your Mom as gorgeous, vivacious, and a great hostess. I remember YOU, as impressively “book-worm-ish”, and more serious than most -- and there were whispers that you were “homo” (which the dumbbells all accused smart people of being – and to my knowledge, only I turned out to be gay – Out since 1969). YOUR sexual orientation makes no difference at ALL, since you took a Vow of Chastity.

Did you know that when my family went to the 1960 World’s Fair, that we stayed in the house owned by your mother’s mother in Queens or Brooklyn, while she was in Pennsylvania visiting your family? That was where I got to see myself on COLOR TV at the RCA Pavilion, my passion – color and light -- since beginning grade school, and while I DID get my BFA in Art from Denison University, later, after working as the last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams, I eventually became a writer, producing this book now available for free online as a blog:

And I also remember your brother Tommy – or Tom, Jr. – and how after your parents retired to what they expected to be a comfortable life, Tommy “guilted” them into paying for the VERY expensive process way back then of changing sex – the hormones, surgeries, and psychological treatments – and your Dad had to go back to work, I think.

I hope Tommy – and ALL your family (although I assume your parents have passed by now), are doing well. My father died early Easter Sunday, 2014, three days before his 96th birthday, and Mom is doing mentally very well (if “mobility failing”), in Raleigh, with my sister Jane there, looking after her. I haven’t thought to show Jane appreciation for that, lately.

I won’t belabor the ordeal I have been dealing with in opposition to my mother, who had blackmailed Dad into marriage after having his male lover shot in the head -- and she got the Coroner’s Report in Cincinnati to show “Russian Roulette Suicide” – so she could hide her Swastikas behind the ironic (ha-ha -- also true: means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness" in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)"iconic" Kenan Name.

My distant Kenan relatives founded UNC Chapel Hill, and later inherited Henry Flagler’s entire fortune in 1913, controlling Standard Oil (now Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson), since then, and also now control Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and many other international companies, but also the Ku Klux Klan, most Republicans, the Clinton Democrats (narco-trafficking with all of them, but ESPECIALY the Episcopal Church, which I have documented my rich Kenan relatives gave upward of $90 Million over the lasts 100 years).

I got to know all of JFK’s sisters and their husbands – but Jackie Kennedy Onassis, better -- Ronald and Nancy Reagan had me to their White House, and I met Frank Sinatra’s heirs here in Wilmington, North Carolina on the banks of the Cape Fear River, and they told me how they sold the Kenans control of their Bank of America as well as how Old Joe Kennedy got them to pressure the Gambinos in Chicago to stuff ballot boxes and STOLE the election from Nixon – LOL!!!

NOTHING like “Catholic Mafia Hijinks”, no? Well, George W. Bush stole it later, so Karma is SERVED!

Anyway, from exploring your history and seeing the quite open and loving (fraternally), look on your face in the photo that I found, I just thought I would SALUTE YOU, because I “intuit” that you, like I, worship the One True God, that self-existent SEAT of all Intelligence, Reason, and Fact that is FUELED by Infinite Love. You may give more “authority” to the man called Jesus, while I see him more on par with the “prophets”, like the Buddha, Bahaullah – maybe even “Friar Tuck”!

I studied Metaphysics very deeply (most of its top people coming from Roman Catholic traditions), under the President of Science of Mind (Religious Science), a good friend of Mother Teresa, and I also studied under Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. I mean only to show that I took it all very seriously, not to concern myself with any philosophic differences you and I might have.

And that because I suspect we both have found our mission and our calling, and can there be ANY better Blessing in this Life?

So, I hope you will give my best regards to all your family, and Saints Philip & James as well. I spent an hour or so looking over the parish website, today, learning much about its history, seeing there is again a Father Dieckhaus – I presume a new one, since this one wasn’t even ordained until my family had moved on. But I remember how we schoolboys used to snigger behind his back because everyone pronounced it “Father Dickhouse”, when the GERMAN pronunciation would be more appropriate around a Catholic Church – LOL!

I will mail you a hard copy of this to Sts. P&J (of course we called THAT “Saints Peanut Butter and Jelly” – not a PRECISE thing), since I don’t see your mailing address at Malvern Prep. I’ll also email copy it to Exton to be certain you get it – I’ve had a lot of interference with my phone and email communications due to my Politics, which you can read about in my blog, should you care to.

NOW, I just found Aileen’s Facebook page from yours, so I’ll message this to her to say “HI!!!” to her as well. It will be posted on my blog here:, and I just got off the phone with my brother Mike, in Berwyn, PA, who asked me to send his Greetings to your family as well!

May the Peace of the Christ remain always in your heart, and emanate toward all others.

Scott David Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX

Me with Mom -- Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- Memorial Day 2016.


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