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RP: Today, I Noticed I'd Gotten a Few BLOG COMMENTS -- so far This Year -- So I Posted Them (in place), Responded, and NOW, Bring THEM to the PRESENT!!!

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Betty (Price) Kenan with Frank Hawkins Kenan

Betty (Price) Kenan, today, flanked by an unidentified Episcopalian sycophant, and her stepson Thomas S. Kenan III.

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SarrahTheReign said...
You wont approve it most likely, because truth hurts, but I am speaking out for all of us kids of single moms and fathers with their families who screamed for rights. Children have rights too. 

If you are a great father and have been equally involved in child's life, you shouldn't lose your case. I highly doubt a male judge will just give a child to a mother when the father is equally involved and loving.

Chances are, most of these fathers are the ones who broke up the family. There is also a chance they were abusive. If you can't decide on 50/50 at the mediation, you can't have 50/50. You CAN'T work together for whatever reason so think of your children first. No woman should also be subjected to deal with an abuser because they have a child together. It will only make it hard on the children because they sense it at an early age and can see it at an older age. If you believe that the mother or a father is bad and falsely won the case, chances are, that child will learn it sooner or later and chose a side. Just do your part by supporting them, and if you are fighting to avoid paying child support, then you are one of those who will only hurt that child in a long run financially, emotionally, and in some cases even physically.

It is in child's best interest to have access to both parents, but it is not in their best interest to be forced into a relationship with someone just because they are a father or mother. It will only harm them, and many people won't even see it until it's too late. Also, this is how some kids got killed because mother had no proof and a father had rights. In the end, a father killed his son. Her son had no voice and fathers right's prevented his mother from giving him one. I wish I was raised with and by a good father but I thank my mother for being a strong woman and I will unfortunately forever remember my fathers family's fake smiles and lies. I will forever remember the day my bio grandfather's family told me horrible things about my grandmother, when she fought for her life after my bio grandfather almost killed her twice. 

This is why I do not love them or consider my family. 

I am forever thankful to my mom's step daddy, the best granddaddy and a man I have known (RIP) for showing me what a loving father and family is about. My step grandfathers family is the only "paternal" family I ever loved and cared about because they were not fake. My mother never told me about anything, I learned it on my own, and I chose my own sides even though my mother isn't perfect. Some of you fathers, screaming for rights, you and your families make our lives full of confusion and fake love, yes, we can sense fake love but we don't understand it. If you can't pay child support, asked for mothers to let you go, chances are, if you abused them, they will gladly let you go. 

JUST SIGN THE DAMN PAPERS and when your kids call you in the future do not try to brainwash them with fake excuses and lies. They will learn the truth and might cut you out of their life. Sometimes being remorseful is the only way to gain that trust back. Being a good person is the only way to keep a family together. No judge can prevent good people from being a family, they just have to chose a side if you are not a full family. 

Thus 50/50 is only possible if you and your ex are friends! Kind of like me and my ex's, If I had any kids with them it would work because I still am friends with all of them.

Scott Kenan said...
Well, Li'l Miss "Sarah TheReign" (Queenie): Consider yer comment PUBLISHED!!! Next time, please be COURAGEOUS and let us know your provable identity -- THANKS!!!

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Mike said...
This is the worst written article that I have ever read. Frank would turn over in his grave if he read this article. I knew his sons by his first wife. One daughter by his second wife.

Scott Kenan said...

Well, "Mike", I STILL know Thomas S. Kenan III -- by correspondence, no longer by voice -- have spoken with his step-mother, Betty, knew his Uncle Jimmy (James Graham Kenan), as well as Jimmy's nephew, Gregg Loomis (who told me in 1990 that Frank Hawkins Kenan -- and his closest family -- hated only JEWS more than they hate "Niggers"). And I also knew Gregg's son Kenan Loomis, also an attorney -- among other things.

Gregg Loomis is still very much ALIVE (I even met with him TWICE at Writers Club meetings in Atlanta in the mid-oughts):

Call him to check my VERACITY, sillies!!!

I'm sorry if you don't know any of them anymore, but you are CERTAINLY entitled to an OPINION that differs with the FACTS. I suspect that you are a 

That is how your GODAdolf Hitler came to power, but Trump is on the steep-pitched WANE, now -- pity.

And NEXT time, please provide a SEARCHABLE identity -- that way folks won't think you are "LYIN' from a HIDIN' place", as they say . . .


Veng Vengence said...
people actually donate to read this dribble? what has the world come to...get lives folks!

Scott Kenan said...
Well, Veng Vengence -- a CIA Internet HATE-BOT

They RARELY donate -- although I got quite a FEW donations 2011 - 2012 (mostly from Mexicans and Americans), that button remains on my original blog (on the right, I believe have now confirmed)

They certainly may DO SOshould they care to, though . . .

Exxon-Mobil's Rex Tillerson -- like Donald Trump, was put in place by my Kenan Family of Chapel Hill/Durham!!!

Tillerson, now secretary of state, used the email pseudonym Wayne Tracker to communicate with Exxon Mobil board members.

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