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RP: Updates on Vance Williams and Sean Blackwell, and a Letter to Father Christopher Drennen (a childhood acquaintance), of Saints Philip & James, Exton, PA, to come after THAT!!!

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Sean Blackwell and his wife Ligia Splendora on the beach in Paraty, Brazil, spring (USA fall -- September) 2009

This was where I observed that Sean had NO bulge whatsoever in his bikini -- not even enough for labia or a "muff-puff" of hair!!!

didn't dare take a picture to show it -- Sean knew I'd seen it -- but still could not speak about it.

See, not even a labia bulge -- and I'm sure Br'er Obama is much bigger than THAT!!!

Sean Blackwell is a MESS!!! And his wife, Ligia Splendora, always referred to him as "my gay husband" while I spent a week with them in Sao Paolo and Paraty, Brazil, fall 2009. 

I even met Ligia's older brother, a Republican Corporate Raider working in New York, who has been their FINANCIAL support all these years. 

I took this photo of Ligia Splendora with her brother, the Republican Corporate Raider, at HIS beach home in a town about 60 KM south of Paraty, Brazil -- HA!!!

So really, Donald Trump is Sean Blackwell!!!
Here's a link to my interview that I did with Katie Mottram of the #emerging proud campaign. I can't believe we talked for an hour, and then another hour once the interview was over. I talk a lot about the retreat I do, as that seemed to be what Katie was most interested in. It was a nice change of pace for me, because, after 10 years, I'm pretty tired of my story of hospitalization. It happened 20 years ago! I think it's time to let it go!

Thanks again Katie, and I'm looking forward to our #emergingproud day here in Brazil. We're going to have the involvement of 4 university departments and a major psychiatric hospital, so it should be fun!

Sean Blackwell admits that he is no shrinking violet; having bravely and patiently spoken out about his own ‘psychotic’ experiences that were labelled ‘b-polar…
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Scott Kenan Here is my FAVE photo of Sean (the one at top of this posting), showing his INNATE HOTNESS, driven by "injected hormone therapy" -- because his Canadian Christian mother (whom I've had several phone conversations with), got mad that as an infant he kept playing with his pecker, and she CUT IT OFF -- poor baby!!! 

As a friend of mine suggested by phone this morning (Joseph Faulk of NYC), Sean should now write a BOOK about his Mom cutting off his DICKno???
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And BEFORE writing anything about Sean today, I googled his name, and there is a NEW Sean Blackwell who comes up FIRST (above this one I know), in results, so even though online only since mid-2013, he's FAR more popular than my "THERAPEUTIC" Sean Blackwell.

And if you follow the links, his page is FULL of "hot male anal actions" that I cannot show, but follow the links and get MORE HOT SEX (hairy guys, and muscular), than Joseph Faulk needs for a YEAR of "self-abuse" in his lofty apartment in Manhattan!!!:
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  2. I am available now for the next 1 Hour on

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Scott Kenan But Sandra Beckham -- shouldn't you REALLY say that "Muggles Suck"???

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Sandra Beckham Kinda Sorta Doll!
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Dorothy Goodwin Witches swallow!
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Scott Kenan Are you calling me a WITCH??? Here are FIVE Bishops of the Episcopal Church dressed in witch costumes -- including (former) PRELATE Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori on far left. 

BEST is on far right!!!:

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"Williams once thought he'd be a preacher and it's easy to imagine him in front of a congregation -- teaching, exhorting, inspiring, encouraging and admonishing the faithful."

And in FAIRNESS to Mr. Williams, I should fill in my experience in his neighborhood on Dock Street only a couple of blocks west of 16th. In 2011, I met a group of about six black guys mostly in their thirties, and we got to kidding around. When I told them I am large enough to accommodate black men at my back door and think they are BETTER at it than most whites and I even like that "black smell" (if not too "ripe"), they told me they get together for man-on-man action and why didn't I join them the next time. But I was so overwhelmed I nearly SWOONED, and never got back with them.

When I was thrown into New Hanover County Jail on false charges the FIRST time in 2011, I quickly learned that they must always have one or more NOT-black inmates in any cell group -- because if it is ONLY black guys, they IMMEDIATELY begin rear-ending each other -- LOL!!!

And EVERY black guy I have had sex with (easier to seduce than white guys!!!), back then and since my return in 2015, they ALL want digital stimulation of their prostates MOST of all -- HA!!!

And NOW the new communication from Vance Williams:

Vance Williams
Member of Wilmington, NC - Community Updates, Wilmington NC Resale and Wilmington Yard Sales
Former Soldier at Muhammad Mosque #1

Muhammad Mosque #1

Vance Williams
I don't know why you wrote that. I really don't care about your sexual preference. I thought you had a very perception that I never heard before. I have my own way of doing thing and decided to stay low and focus on the youth and my center. I have never disrespected you in any way. I don't understand your position on calling me a nigger. I wish you the light of understanding and peace.

You accepted Vance's request.
You told me you sent your children to a private Christian Academy, when the truth of Jesus (whose Teachings I love, but I learned to NEVER, EVER trust a "believing Christian" -- that is one who thinks Jesus is literally "son of god") -- IF the Bible can be believed -- is simple:

Vance Williams
You assumed without information or a proper reference. I have never been a Christian. I live my life by African principals. I give my children the best that the environment has to offer. It is ignorant to judge me by that. You didn't vett me properly. This is are last conversation. You disrespected me without merit.
Then WHY did you send your children to a Christian Academy rather than Public School???
Vance Williams
I have never believed in public schools. I don't think a child should be suspended or expelled. I don't like the environment or the racist school board. I send my children where I have influence. In the town my relative all go to one school and sit on the boards and I like it that way. That's my business I don't ask you about your relationships because I don't give a shit. I examine character and intelligence. It's bad people in ALL walks of life.
Vance Williams
You just did what a Christian would do. You condemn without research or facts and you believe your message is right.
You just did what Donald Trump and all his NAZI Christians do : REFUSED to answer my direct question and attacked me, instead -- CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOU are a Certified Christian Devil!!!

For the Record, Vance answered why he nixed Public Schools, but NOT why he chose Christian, a religion he claims never to have belonged to, and he was recently a "Muhammad-Mosque-#1-Soldier" -- and he ALSO claims to have "influence" at this Christian Academy (It's the BIGGEST one on the right side as you enter Wilmington from I-40: 

Perhaps some OTHER confused person can explain that to me . . . 


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