Saturday, March 25, 2017

RP: What "God Hath Wrought", TODAY!!!

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"Republicans are keeping their promise," the ads said.

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A spontaneous moment that became the meme heard 'round the world.

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Sandra Beckham
9 hrs
“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” 

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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WILMINGTON — While pre-festival activity has swirled for months, the 70th North Carolina Azalea Festival officially kicked off Thursday with Governor

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Yes, the AZALEA BELLES to exhibit the BEST in Wilmington ANTE-BELLUMGOD-HATING ATTITUDES . . .

* * *

Lavon Lacey -- a TRUE WOOF-CASE -- of a man!!!

7 hrsDecatur, GA

I finally found the answer. After all these years. 
How to make the church ladies leave your house without even talking to them. 

So sometimes, like todayI clean house naked. My robe gets hot so I shed it. So the door to my side carport is open, it has a glass door, I'm sweeping the floor, naked

I hear a knock, I look up, and there is an elderly black lady looking in my door. I ran to get my robe and come back. She and her friend are moving very fast down my driveway. 

I have a feeling that I will be on the permanent prayer list at the Maranatha Love of Jesus Congregational Church of the Cross On The Hill tomorrow.

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Randy Stokes That would scare me too!!!
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Scott Kenan Lavon Lacey: Post a photo of ya NEKKID, and we can ALL decide if we would RUN (or more likely in MY case), grab forward to show ya a GOOD TIME!!! 

Nothin' like some MAN JUICE to improve the DAY!!!:
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Laddie Jensen Dwyer Your home to work any way you choose!
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Nola Jackson Gentry Whoa... that church name is a mouthful
My friend squirts them with the water hose😂😅😓
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MaShon Fine You may have just stopped them from going to anybody's house ever again! LMAO!!!! 😂😂😂😂
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Jim Speiser HalleLOOOOya! (Blue is the "Jewish color".)
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Karla Pate Hodge I just stick my head out the door and tell them I'm sorry but I'm right in the middle of my goat sacrifice to the Fire Gods. And they never come back😉
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Jim Speiser My father, a non-practicing Jew, kept his yarmulke, his talis, and his prayer book near the door for just such occasions. He'd have my mother (a shiksa) open the door a crack and ask what they wanted, while he would stand in the background davvening like a rabbi at the wall.
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Scott Kenan Mr. Jim Speiser: My Kenan Family that put Trump into power has ALWAYS worshiped the Catholic SwastikaI can prove it in Court, and so it is time for Landsmen to relax -- just a little. 

It was Gregg Loomis (cousin of a cousin), who told me in 1990 that the wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill/Durham hate only JEWS -- more than they hate "Niggers", which I assure you is a LOT!!! !!! !!! 

My latest blog posting (now gone "viral")
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Jim Speiser Ok, wellthen, thank you for that comforting trope.
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Scott Kenan never felt I could tell Jews I intended to get their/"God's" revenge -- until AFTER I was CERTAIN I had gotten it -- which I now am

I don't know you from Adam, but my surname, 4th in line from Adam to Noah in "1st Chronicles" ("Cainan" in some translations), means "The Sadness" or "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness" in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary -- and those 900+ year old "MEN" refer to AGES, my mission on this Earth is to usher OUT the Age of Kenan, and IN the Age of Mahalalel, the Prince of Peace (whom Christians will likely misinterpret as an image of their EUROPEAN Jesus -- LOL)!!!

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Scott Kenan WHOOPS!!!

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Scott Kenan LORDY!!! And here is the image I FIRST meant to post -- the one Christians LOVE because he's EUROPEAN (not "Jewish-looking" at all)!!!

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Scott Kenan And of course there is this photograph taken about the same time:

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Jim Speiser Those are a riotThanks!
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Scott Kenan If the New Testament made ANY SENSE AT ALL there would be only ONE Christian religion

EUROPEAN WARS have been fought over variants of Christianity -- and Catholics, Anglican/Episcopalians, and Orthodox of all stripes believe in Transubstantiation (CANNIBAL COMMUNION), while most others believe in a nice symbolic commemoration of the Jewish Feast of the Passover

-- I can TOTALLY DIG the latter -- without accepting Jesus as the literal "Son of God" -- LUCKY ME!!! 

I can take Communion with "Symbolic-Communion Christians"!!!

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