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RP: Will Donald Trump -- or Joseph Faulk -- be COMMITTED for Observation, FIRST??? (They are BOTH telling everyone LIES, and REFUSE to FESS UP!!!)

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Clay Aiken expressed WELL the problems that REMAIN, and I HOPE companies and "basketball authorities" examine this CLOSELY before changing their new policies!!! It IS a step in the right direction, but there is NO LOGICAL reason to keep the other parts that are NOT repealed in place!!! 

And WHO guessed that Caitlyn Jenner would speak out so quickly and FORCEFULLY??? Not me -- but THANKS!!!

It's a backroom deal, she said.

So, at THIS point, I don't feel a need to keep getting out what I know about National Politics with a lot of URGENCY -- because the Media and MANY Politicians are, now, acting RATIONALLY and carefully about all of that. 

Likewise, I feel OK about what is developing in Wilmington, North Carolina, since it is TAGGED now, as having the LARGEST Heroin and Opioid Trafficking problem of ANY city in the USA -- so authorities are watching and looking more closely, and the CRIMINALS -- both on the street and in Political and Church Positions of Narco-Trafficking, Whoring, and general Lawless Activities are getting closer to being EXPOSED through regular Law Enforcement -- although the Wilmington PRESS, still supports the CRIMINALS!!! 

And things have turned SO BAD with Joseph Faulk and his LIFE, that I have decided to mostly LEAVE HIM ALONE and some unfortunate thing will soon happen to him, and Law Enforcement, Mental Health Services, or similar, will just have to step into a CRISIS and do things according to the instructions he's given one of his physicians, his "Living Will", etc.

This morning, I reminded him that I SINCERELY would be happy if he moves somewhere near here that is "partially assisted living", where I can visit him, and look out after him. He REMAINS uninterested in that, and after talking to my MOTHER -- who was the greatest force behind MOST of my false, involuntary commitments to Mental Hospitals and many jailings on FALSE CHARGES -- years 1978, 1990, 2011, and 2012 -- and even though that was UNFAIR and VIOLATED MY RIGHTS, I survived it, and she isn't trying it now -- nor does she think I need any of that.

Mom agrees with me that since I'm NOT there, it is really not possible to understand well enough to "take charge", and it is BEST to let it just play out, and SUE Joseph -- if I have to -- for Palimony (which MULTIPLE lawyers have said would be EASY for me to win), but I will NOT sue him for "Psychological Damages and Harassment", because he is INCAPABLE of thinking LOGICALLY and based on FACTS.

And he's been consistent -- if very difficult when I needed "ease" the most, but I HANDLED all of that -- in his support for 5.5 years, now, often sending or spending WASTEFULLY on me, not even CARING when Mexican Customs DESTROYED a kit for a WOODEN end table that with shipping cost Joseph OVER $600.00, and Joseph HAD the list of forbidden items, including that.

Do you realize what a GREAT table I could have bought in Mexico if he'd just sent me the MONEY, instead???

And REMEMBER, THIS (as a "medical device"), was RETURNED by Mex Customs -- and Joseph had sent it for me to PULL ON MY TESTICLES with left hand whilest stroking with my right -- something I have NEVER tried (Joseph mailed it AGAIN to me once I returned to the States -- he was so certain I would benefit).

A week ago, I learned that Joseph found a lot of old "vacuum devices" he used to use for "penis-enlarging exercises", years ago, and was EAGER to get them thrown out before anyone ever entered his apartment and saw them. WHO KNOWS what OTHER electrical and other "aids and devices" Joseph ALSO is so fond of??? 

Today, I also learned that Joseph's LOST WALLET, was found soon after he cancelled his plastic, and BEFORE he began trying to replace the rest -- he even having TAKEN TO HIS BED, DEPRESSED, thinking about that challenge (very easy to do because he possesses the docs he needs to replace them). It must have fallen out of his pocket in his "Bag-Lady" apartment, and it took a day or so to find it -- BUT he never told me he'd found it, which I discovered when asking how replacing his ID, Social Security, and similar cards was coming along.

And even though Haston Caulder told him he could NOT get his computer from a roommate (who must have tossed him out), and he called the POLICE, and they told him it was a Civil matter, and he'd have to sue to get it), Joseph thinks it is in safe-keeping. AND MORE of his valued items have been LOST TO HASTON at ANOTHER "roommate's house"!!!

Readers will recall that Haston lost his TOOLS that Joseph bought, and CLAIMED his employer essentially stole them. He NEVER got them back!!! 

Although Joseph DID remember to yesterday tell Haston Caulder to CHANGE his GMAIL password (since I remember it), he LATER called him to tell him NOT TO DO IT, because while in this "difficult patch in his life", he will probably SCREW THAT UP -- and lose his account FOREVER!!!

Do ANY of my Readers know of ANYTHING easier -- and fairly fool-proof -- than changing an email PASSWORD???

I will just not give in to temptation to break into Haston's email.

And perhaps topping even THAT, when I told Joseph that after the oral surgery, yesterday, to move a socket for a post (to eventually snap my lower denture to), that I DID put the lower denture in place last night, ATE three soft cookies with it, then left it in overnight and still have it in -- comfortably -- he said he'd done a lot of RESEARCH on it, and I'm doing the WRONG THING and to take it right out (despite my telling him that my surgeon's office, when checking on me yesterday late afternoon, ENCOURAGED  me to get it in and wear it)!!!

Today, I'm NOT taking the Hydrocodone -- just ONE Advil -- and am fine. BUT I now know the WORST pain hits on the third day -- tomorrow -- but NOW I know how to manage that, too, without difficulty -- and since it is PRESUMABLY off that nerve now, it should NOT be too bad.

So, I plan NOT to be blogging about "Joseph's antics" in the future (unless Joseph gets more AGGRESSIVE about his nonsense). I think this is DEFINITELY senility or mental illness, and need not be further aired in public.

APOLOGIZE to Joseph for not realizing this SOONER, but he's been so PERSISTENT and INSISTENT, I mistook that for "rational attempt"

IN FACT Joseph's opinions are as GOOD as Donald Trump's TWEETS!!!

But I ALSO hope others dealing with IRRATIONAL PEOPLE can learn from MY experience.

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Survey participants didn’t know that operatives hired to influence U.S. voters were…
Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), who introduced the legislation in the House, has received $693,000 from the internet and telecom industry over the course of her 14-year political career, including $77,000 from Comcast, $98,600 from Verizon, and $104,000 from AT&T. 

While we’re on the subject, here’s a complete list of every politician who voted for Tuesday’s bill, and how much the telecom industry gave them in their most recent election cycle. Yeah.

"If I don’t like the practices of Google, I can go to Bing... But if I don’t like the practice of my network provider, I’m out of luck."

Scott Pruitt's own agency scientists found the chemical can cause irreversible harm.
Rex Tillerson is/was the TOP Kenan Family exec (we control Exxon-Mobil), and is tasked with letting the Kenan Family profit from developing Russia's oil

A report in the Washington Post about Rex Tillerson caused a flurry of speculation on Twitter that the secretary of state may be a vampire, a basilisk or perhaps even Medusa.

"Working theory: Rex Tillerson is a Medusa."
TONIGHT, at 7:00 PM, EST -- EDT!!!

Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Michael Moore, Mahershala Ali -- it's a supergroup.

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