Thursday, March 30, 2017

RP: Yesterday, Democrat Judge James H. Faisson III, Granted Haston Lavern Caulder II a CONTINUANCE so He Could Get BACK TO Narco-Trafficking, Prostitution, and COLD-COCKING Anyone Threatening the Mayor Saffo/D.A. Ben David/Police Chief Ralph Evangelous CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA -- LOL!!!

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Both Democrats, Judge Faisson swore in Benjamin R. David when he was FIRST elected D.A. in 2004.

More PREVIOUSLY, in 2015, Judge Faisson SCREWED ME IN COURT to protect one of Wilmington's TOP -- and Mo(r)mon -- Narco-Traffickers (whose BROTHER is a TOP Deputy on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force):

Jennifer McCracken has at LEAST four aliases as well, and she knew ALL ABOUT the Drug Mafia Murder of my friend and former STAR of BBC Radio and TV, Colin Stuart Hamilton in Puerto Vallarta, summer of 2015, but Judge Luther is Jenny's TOP ALLY (and object of her Lesbian Crush), is ACTUALLY Republican Judge Lindsey "The Vixen" (McKee) Luther:

And she's NEARLY "Breasts-Free" -- MERCY!!!

And of course Lindsey Luther is an ELDER -- as is Ben David -- at the Kenan Cathedral of White Supremacy and Narco-TraffickingFirst 
Presbyterian is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from me as I type this.

Those are MY fingers doing the "Devil Sign" over Stanley Winborne III, who sits next to the NOW-MURDERED Colin Hamilton, at a lunch of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, summer, 2014.

Stanley, a NATIVE of Wilmington, NC, is from the family that controlled the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad:

And Stanley's GRANDFATHER was the equivalent of Ambassador to China, and his SON was second in charge of the US State Department in Afghanistan, who a US Special OPS Officer flown in to DEBRIEF ME on July 4, 2015, who told me that meant that Young Winborne HAD TO BE who was in charge of shipping all the HEROIN back to the USA on Air Force planes: 

-- under the HILLARY CLINTON State Department!!!: 

And Patrick Stansbury/Mike Massicott/Lee Gosney DISTRIBUTE IT -- MAINE to FLORIDA, but ESPECIALLY to Christian Churches and Politicians in Wilmington, NC by the company I worked for 1990 - 2010, owned by Patrick StansburyPentagon Publishing of Snellville, GA:


I called Joseph Faulk in NYC early this afternoon (after I returned from being knocked out to re-position an implanted post in my lower jaw -- and GRANTED I am now OPIATED a bit), to discover that Joseph ended up getting OUT of Jury Duty QUITE EASILY when he showed up RATHER CONFUSED about what he was doing (and had reported to the WRONG PLACE, first, today).

Here in New Hanover County, North Carolina, the Courts Database had NOT yet been updated with yesterday's results, but I KNEW Haston was NOT back in jail. Joseph told me Haston got a TWO-MONTH Continuance, but he'd FORGOTTEN to tell Haston to CHANGE HIS GMAIL PASSWORD (which I remember and am TRYING not to go "a-SNOOPIN'"), which he promised -- AGAIN -- to do.

But PROGRESS has been made, because Joseph told me he is NOT COMMITTED to further financial support of Haston -- and as I REMINDED him (it can be found many places in this blog), that he would ONLY help Haston until the END of March 2017 -- which we are now UPON!!!

And I, nevertheless (knowing how Joseph's mind has become), offered that if Haston DOES soon land in jail, Joseph can send ME the money and I will put in on Haston's jail account -- because Mr. Faulk is TERRIFIED that if he uses his own plastic, his BANK will QUESTION HIM about that activity.

I would just do it as a FAVOR to Joseph who has so far supported me "religiously" since fall 2011 -- and post a simple disclaimer on this blog that it is for HUMANITARIAN REASONS, and NOT because of my own support of Haston.



When I stop to think about it, the level of corruption - of how very dirty these people are- is really staggering.

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Marina McCreery the USA is a democracy and thankfully a capitalist country. socialism is suited for small countries with fairly small populations. Anyone who doesn't like it can surely move elsewhere very happily!!
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Nicky Paraiso I agree. Unconscionable.
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Jimmy Camicia Of course, USA is a v corrupt country so I guess its relative.
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Scott Kenan Who the "F" do you think you ARE, Ms. Marina McCreery, to say anything about what this country IS, that your God-Hating Christian White People only got to RULE after in your TOTAL HATRED OF GOD, they murdered the majority of my people (Cherokee, partly, here). 

APOLOGIZE for your Christian people's MASS MURDERING US, first -- or GET OFF THE AMERICAN CONTINENT -- both North and South!!! -- White people in the USA are NOTHING but ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! 

I am 15/16 "Euro-Trash", and 1/16 Native American, and I was used for the basis of my former employer Tennessee Williams's BLACK character "Mac" in his last play, In Masks Outrageous and Austere, and when I first, in 2010, blogged that I am the son of Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (America's TOP NAZI) -- now 94 and living in Raleigh, NC -- who raised us with Swastikas on our dinner plates, and my parents strategizing in developing the Republican Party/CIA/Clinton Democrats major narco-trafficking to profit the Episcopal Church and others -- I was made an "Honorary Jew" by Jonathan Reiner, nephew of Carl, cousin to Rob (and who now has his OWN Emmys), and who LIKE ME is a trained Practitioner in Science of Mind.

Coach Lou Holtz, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Sean Hannity's best friends and similar Republicans -- all of whom I got to know well, like I ALSO (on my own), knew all JFK's sisters, their husbands (but better, Jackie Kennedy Onassis), Ronald and Nancy Reagan had me visit them in the White House, and today, I am working largely with General Colin L. Powell's people, Gen. Russel Honore' and directly or indirectly with former Mexican Presidents Vicente Fox (who worked for my Kenan Family as an exec of Coca-Cola, before elected to head Mexico, and President Salinas's best friend, who knows ALL ABOUT how BOTH Clintons and Barack Obama worked FOR the Cheney and Bush families, INCREASING narcotics flow to the USA. 

My point is this: that while I felt I HAD TO vote for Hillary Clinton, -- and would not NOW, or since then, CHANGE my vote -- and am a registered DemocratALL my REAL HELP has nearly all come from REAL Republicans -- LOL!!! 

Read not even a full WEEK of my blog postings to find out more and my sources -- and if you wish to criticize me, be sure to send me the contact info to YOUR primary sources, and I will be HAPPY to send you MINE, so you can call them on the phone to get reference on me. THANKS!!!

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