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RP: Yesterday, Village People Cowboy (and native of the Lower Cape Fear), Randy Jones Came ROARIN' BACK TO LIFE (not that he was dead -- or even dying)!!!

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In the wake of Donald Trump's Budget CUTTING Meals on Wheels, Randy and Co. QUICKLY announced the date of his 2017 Fundraiser for them on Carolina Beach!!!
Meals on Wheels is a valid part of our common social support system. Many people depend upon its services for their daily sustenance. Please join us if you can June 16, 2017 for our Annual Meals on Wheels Council, Inc/VOCAL Benefit cruise "A Night on the Water"

Or contribute in any way you can with your time, etc. Please use the links and phone numbers in the poster below to make a difference in someone's life.
Diane Berry-Klutz,

Scott Kenan Oh COOL -- on my 66th birthday this year!!! (Also on the 2nd anniversary of Donald Trump's announcement of his Presidential Candidacy) -- I'll have to make it, for SURE!!!
Randy Jones bears WITNESS to the "Pleasures of Mar-a-Lago" (NOT the pleasures of Trump)

I wonder if he ever stayed at the Kenan-Owned The Breakers, Palm Beach -- just a short hike down the beach . . . .

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Doing what I do at Mar-a-Lago. Must've been some note! Lol. 
It truly is a beautiful place, built originally as a private home. This photo is from a performance in the ballroom at the Cowboy Ball a benefit for the ARC of Palm Beach County. The accommodations were in the Tower Suite, which is the highest point on the property with the most spectacular 360 views of the ocean and the lake. The same Suite as it happens to be where Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie spent their honeymoon. Talk about degrees of separation. 
The Mar-a-Lago staff is impeccable and my stay was nearly perfect. Except for one thing. Be aware there are no elevators, so it's definitely a hike up to bed every night, but with several rooms and a private outdoor 360 observation pagoda, staying in the Tower Suite is all worth it. And the butler room service is incomparable. What a life! 
Thank you Max TucciNiki Tucci-Delmonico and Mama Gina, I wanna another turn on the dance floor. 😎

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Tony Rivenbark It's so nice that ordinary people have such a rich display of privilege to cheer them on in their struggles with everyday life.
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Randy Jones Tonyyou know we always find the path to fun! Hope you're enjoying nyc! Can't wait to see you in "Camelot" this Summer!😎
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Scott Kenan Hi Tony Rivenbark: Are you related to the Rivenbark on City Council or head of Thalian Hall Theater here in Wilmington, NC??? (Or humor writer, Celia Rivenbark) 

The City Councilman APPEARS to be caught up in the City-Sponsored Christian Drug Mafia that my parents set up with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), back in the 1980s and 90s!!! 

I work with General Colin L. Powell's people and Gen. Russel Honore', etc., to BUST THEM ALL for Narco-Trafficking -- and most also for White Supremacy (and they are LED by my wealthy Kenan relatives in Chapel Hill/Durham) -- LOL!!!
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Randy Jones
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"The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth."

-Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel laureate (14 Mar 1879-1955)

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1. This morning I ran into my landlady, Gold Walker, who reports that she has SIGNED THE LEASE (and received all funds now due), from a NEW TENANT for her building next door to Farmin' on Front: a SOUL-FOOD RESTAURANT!!!

I'll leave the rest for their ANNOUNCEMENT, but it's about TIME we had a restaurant like this downtown!!!

2. UNFORTUNATELY, Gold told me how the Wilmington Police contacted her to say that although they KNOW prostitution and drug sales have been going on in one of her apartments on Spofford Circle (the one she has been working several weeks to EVICT the tenants), and they FOUND a 17 (19?) year old girl there listed on the MISSING PERSONS MASTER LIST.

The Police reported to Gold that they ALSO FOUND HEROIN in the apartment -- but arrested NO ONE -- but DID retrieve the "Missing Girl".

As Gold said to me, "If they came and smelled POT SMOKE when I answered the door, they would have ARRESTED ME!!!"

I pointed out that they -- Wilmington Police -- have ALREADY come to Gold's door while she was smoking pot and did NOT arrest her, but I think that NOT arresting when HEROIN -- the SCOURGE of the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington -- PROSTITUTION and MISSING PERSON IS RETRIEVED -- is ALL THERE, is an ABOMINATION!!!:

Chief Ralph Evangelous is the BIGGEST CHRISTIAN TURD in Wilmington -- he smoking CRACK, daily (in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine), when I was here in 2011 and 12.

The REST of the Police Force has shown AT LEAST MINIMAL IMPROVEMENTS!!!

And I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in New York City to tell him that his SUPPORT of Haston Lavern Calder II as a NARCO-TRAFFICKING THIEF, "ENFORCER" for the Christian Mafia (run by Mayor Saffo and District Attorney Ben David), and REPORTED PEDOPHILE should be REWARDED by Haston having ALL CHARGES DROPPED and he should GET A BIG AWARD from Mayor Saffo -- PAID FOR by the Christian Churches!!!

Haston Laverne Caulder in ONE of his MANY 2016 Mug Shots.


Haston on my back porch, fall 2016.


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