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RP: ALL Politics Being Local, This Morning, We Visit Wilmington, North Carolina (NO LONGER "Hollywood East" -- Thanks to the REPUBLICAN PARTY)!!!

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The Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 was PLANNED and LED, mostly, by William R. Kenan, Sr., and First Presbyterian Church (heavily endowed by my distant Kenan relatives)!!!

When originally founded in 1986PPD was owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, & Saudi Royal Families -- a LONG Political and Business Alliance, even then. 

Then, after 9/11/2001the Bin Ladens and Saudi Royals quietly sold outNOT wanting to make obvious WHO actually had PLANNED 9/11

In 2010, Imran Anwar, who had FOUNDED the Internet in his native Pakistan and still gets a tiny revenue from all traffic through that country, and at that time had been a correspondent on both CNN and Fox News for TEN YEARS, told me how "everyone" at both those networks KNEW AT THAT TIME that the Bushes and Cheney with Rumsfeld, etc. had PLANNED 9/11, and the reason Bush kept reading "My Pet Goat" to the kids for NINE MINUTES before doing a THING (thinking his top Aides who also knew the plan, were playing a "Practical Joke" on him), was that it was planned for the NEXT DAY, and because the Bush Family MURDERED Osama's older brother years before, and that was how Osama PUNKED Bush

Just ask Cynthia McKinney, my Georgia Congresswoman (and personal friend), who was DRUMMED OUT OF CONGRESS by the narco-trafficking CLINTON DEMOCRATS, after filing Articles of Impeachment against GW Bush, Dick Cheney, and Condoleezza Rice!!!

Later, Barack Obama ordered Bin Laden ASSASSINATED when it was NOT NECESSARY, so that he could NOT testify in Court that he planned it with Bush and Cheney

Your Government at WORK!!! 

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PPD has two new foreign investors leading locals to wonder about the company's future.

Scott Kenan

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“This guy, he’s worked his tail off."

From: Hayden OneilThat hair do was done in Atlanta Ga!

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Sandra Beckham
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Art actually happens somewhere in the space between clarity and ambiguity, concept and intuition, thought and feeling.
Bert Dodson


Thank GOD it's FRIDA!!!


"Miz Pugh", of the "Moon-Flower House" at Dock and 4th Streets, this past Saturday after trying to again sell me her house and its PERFECT dug out and concrete-lined former coal cellar that would make a PERFECT Roman Baths -- and she being about 85 years old -- suggested I needed to get out and get LAID with some fella -- LOL!!! 

And while not feeling the need, two days ago, I met an eager young guy (25 and white), at my local Exxon convenience store, who had picked up all the trash on their property, and was hanging around trying to be USEFUL, in hope of getting a job.

His one shoe's sole was loose to the base of the heel, flapping as he walked, and dangerous (but he did NOT trip).

I began teasing him about his hot little self, and he soon said he likes what I have to offer, and that $10.00 would be enough for "HOURS of fun"!!!

I felt I should not turn down such a GOOD VALUE, but he ONLY would get active whilest smoking CRACK, and that kept him from getting TRULY HARD (or from finishing -- despite 45 MINUTES of uninterrupted work on my part -- me on hands and knees and OLD)!!!

But everything was VERY friendly, he saying he'd LOVE to enter by my back door (which he kept offering many times), but he was not hard enough, and I said he'd need to NOT do anything like Crack -- and that I would NOT allow him to bring hard drugs into my house again.

When he left, he offered to come back last night and NOT want money, just a GOOD, RELAXED, NAKED TIME.

And after he left, I decided I could NOT get in any real way involved, but at least I could buy him a decent pair of SHOES!!! But he hasn't shown.

Joseph Faulk in NYC got a BIG KICK out of all of this, of course, and this morning when I called him to say that Mike was a "NO SHOW", I also learned that he just discovered that Verizon is charging him for TWO cell phone accounts -- EACH between $80.00 and $100.00/month -- just for unlimited calls and texts to the USA -- and this has gone on SEVERAL MONTHS.

Joseph spent his working life as an ACCOUNTANT, so this is EXTRA MYSTIFYING that he did NOT notice this on an EARLIER credit card bill.

BOTH Verizon and AT&T (and others), have flip phones like Joseph's and mine with this coverage: $30.00/month or $25.00 if auto-pay is used!!!

AND, he has stayed with Verizon, they KNEW he LOST the other phone and were to cancel it -- and he KEPT HIS OLD NUMBER -- so WHY didn't Verizon's PROGRAMMING catch the double-billing if only ONE number was involved???

Additionally, Joseph ALWAYS added all services recommended by Time/Warner (now Spectrum) Cable -- DESPITE, until the last year, almost NEVER watching TV, and then mostly a few basic cable stations. So he now pays about $200.00/month, unnecessarily, because as he's told me about this and several other similar things: "I don't want to be questioned by the company."

So I told him I am NOT trying to get more money out of him than he's currently still committed to, and I WON'T try to get him run out of his apartment that has been "UNFIT TO RENT" according to NYC Inspectors, since about 2013. Not only that, but he's CRAZY, but not "Legally Insane", so I won't try to commit him, but he NEEDS A FULL PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION!!!

Just ask Nurse Rached!!!

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This refers to 1 year before 2011 (2010 -- but actually very early 2011, due to a "rounding error"), and is ORIGINALLY seen here:

I wish I wrote this,dammit! 
Who had the better first 100 daysWilliam Henry Harrison, who died, or Trump

Let’s compare disastrous terms.



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