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RP: And Now, a Few Words from the GHOST of Jacqueline (Bouvier) Kennedy, then Onassis:

RE-PRINTED from herehttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/04/and-now-few-words-from-ghost-of.html

WHOOPS!!! That's Mark Beard's rendering of Tennessee's Ghost leaving the Hotel Elysee -- as John Uecker (who shared the suite with Tennessee Williams the night he died), told me he SAW, and Uecker added that he was CERTAIN Tennessee's Ghost then went to ATLANTA to visit ME!!!

And his Ghost DID come visit me -- BEFORE I knew he was DEAD!!!

At the time I wrote my memoir, I was afraid to write it as I had experienced it -- that Tom was suddenly in my room gazing down on me in my bed, he in an "Ethereal Body", sort of like a hologram gone LARGELY physical. We had a RECONCILIATION and then WENT ON FROM THERE:

And I am only making up Jackie's communication here, today -- a LITERARY CONSTRUCT -- but as all my Readers know and I have often blogged (infrequently, the last three years), I had a whole SERIES of "Visions" in my Stone Mountain, Georgia living room, in late 2009, of Jackie Onassis, with guest appearances by JFK, JFK, Jr. (once as "John-John", once as a man), and EVERY dead US President -- ending in George Washington, who was clothed in a ROMAN TOGA, and he clacked his wooden teeth MOST VIGOROUSLY, as he laughed like a HYENA -- HA!!!

>>> BREAKING!!!: The ONLY addresses of my 200 Political Contacts to BLOCK the emailing of this posting were TWO of my THREE contacts HIGH in Mar-a-Lago Security -- LOL!!!

Here is who blocks me the MOST OFTEN (but not this time):

Father Jon "Bedroom Eyes" Emanuelson ("Son of the Christ" in English), the "'Ussy-Pay' Unching-May" Pastor and RAKE of Mayor Bill Saffo's http://www.stnicholaswilmington.org/ 

Renee Saffo (the Mayor's Ex), is ready for SANTA (she ALSO Greek Orthodox).

“It comes so soon, the moment when there is nothing left to wait for.”

― Marcel Proust

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Scott Kenan shared a memory.

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As you see, SEVEN YEARS AGOHollis Gillespie taught in Grant Henry's ("Sister Louisa's"), "Church" -- BEFORE he opened his gallery as a bar in Atlanta, and then another in Athens, GA -- this was actually a BLOGGING CLASS (which I also took, but not this one), by Republican Party Strategist and Atlanta Blogger Hollis Gillespie, who SOON helped those trying to illegally commit me to a mental hospital -- LOL!!! 

It didn't work.

Christal Presley, who is the best friend of Fox News commentator Sean Hannity (and my MOTHER and sister Jane), sits on far right. Christal was in charge of keeping me in place while the Republicans moved in to commit and then kill me. It didn't work out like she had hoped.

SO SORRY: This describes the THIRD image DOWN V V V

In fact, it was Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer Dottie Newman, who got me OUT of the Atlanta/Stone Mountain Clinton/Obama/Bush/Cheney/Kenan TRAP!!!

Dottie, also a DOCENT at the High Museum of Art, always wore her HAIR HIGH!!!

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Scott Kenan This photo of the class meeting shows Hollis Gillespie -- on a VERY bad day -- (Hollis's mother had designed nuclear weapons for the USA -- but in FRANCE), at the CENTER of the "Tea Party Republicans" at WSB in Atlanta, their CENTER OF POWER in the S.E. Region. 

As everyone knows, James Carville is an actual CLINTON/BUSH Republican Narco-Trafficker!!! 

Everyone is named in this photo in this posting: 

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Scott Kenan https://www.sisterlouisaschurch.com/church/

was a nun in a convent near Baron Rouge, Louisiana. She left in disgrace; having fallen in love with “luscious” Lamar…
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See how Elton John LOST all his GAY CRED doing Drug-Rush Limbaugh's FOURTH SERIAL WEDDING at Kenan-Family-owned The Breakers Palm Beach -- in comments, below:

The Rocket Man is in need of some rest.
Dan KEENAN Savage is my very distant Irish-Catholic cousin

My "one E" spelling is Scot -- and Presbyterian (although I was raised Roman Catholic).

And he isn't planning to stop there.

With Bob Jones.
Scott Kenan WONDERED what Bob Jones looked like in his MIDDLE years -- HA!!!
Bob Jones These were my good years
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Scott Kenan GREAT!!! So NOW you should go for your BETTER YEARS -- HA!!!
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Scott Kenan And frankly, in 11th grade I never guessed you would turn out rather HANDSOME (or have any MEAT on your bones) -- HA!!! 

You might check my blog to see that I SUCCEEDED in influencing Trump to KILL the Kenan/Exxon/Tillerson deal for the Kenans to profit by developing Russia's Oil

I've had a couple of top Security people at Mar-a-Lago on my email list since October, and they RARELY block me

Also, my material is being published on the page of the new Chairman of the North Carolina Democrats -- so I MIGHT hit mainstream news before TOO much longer. 

Also, I'm afraid that Linda LeBoutillier is more content to enjoy her family's accumulated wealthtoday, than to fulfill her intellectual promise. I've tried holding her to what I was CERTAIN she would become, but that's not her thing.
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And LOOK how "gay" Bob Jones and his wife became LATER!!!

And I can VOUCH that Bob is TOTALLY straight -- LOL!!!


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