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RP: As "Azalea Belles" Filter Through My Neighborhood -- to PLAYFULLY Re-Enact Christian Wilmington's CELEBRATION of White Supremacy of the PRESENT and Past!!!

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This morning it is 47 degrees out and while the girls' LEGS should be warm enough, their BOUNCY BOSOMS are sportin' HARD NIPPLES!!!


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Sandra Beckham
15 hrs
“What a thing of fantasy a woman may become after dusk.” 

― Honoré de Balzac, Ferragus, chef des Dévorants

>>> ADDED @ 1:46 PM, EDT: I just emailed copy of all the NEW material I added to this posting AFTER first emailing it to my now 200 "Political Contacts" -- to ALL of them, and MY copy came into AOL Mail with DOUBLES of nearly ALL the images!!!

Maybe I should have PAIDno???

But after THAT, I learned that GMAIL blocked it to ALL gmail addresses (which GMAIL hasn't done for OVER a year), and MY copy on Go-Daddy/Microsoft Outlook email came in with NO images showing AT ALL -- LOL!!!

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FIRST OFF, let me say that the Azalea Festival can be appreciated JUST FOR FUN!!! And I say that DESPITE being told by MANY of Wilmington's BLACK RESIDENTS that only "Uncle Toms" (google it, dummy), show up from THEIR community -- including Judge Faisson and Earl Sheridan (from City Council), etc. -- BOTH are DEMOCRATS!!!

Anyway, at 7:30 I needed to drive to the store to get milk for my coffee, and had to go through or by several roadblocks, and TALKING to a couple of Police Officers and other volunteers, I explained to ALL of them (including several "Azalea Belles" I passed), that I am working to IMPRISON Mayor Saffo, Police Chief Evangelous, and District Attorneys Ben and Jon David for WHITE SUPREMACY and NARCO-TRAFFICKING, specifically with some TOP LEADERS of Wilmington's PRIME CHURCHES, including Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic, EVERYONE at First Presbyterian (endowed by my Kenan Family), and First Baptist on Kenan Plaza.

I FORGOT to mention St. James Episcopal, and it was Christopher Wright Rogers who told me in 2011, that his fave priest there was IN CHARGE of the congregation's Narco-Trafficking, but was being TRANSFERRED OUT, and Chris was AFRAID it would hurt the local Narco-Trafficking!!!

Christopher Wright Rogers, whose Sneeden Family had originally owned THREE barrier islands that included Figure Eight Island, Shell Island, and Wrightsville Beach, and they sold them for CHEAP before realizing their potential -- HA!!!

None of us KENANS (both the minority GOOD, and the nearly all-but-me EVIL), have been accused of NOT recognizing a GOOD VALUE!!!

My POINT being that even the WHITE cops gave me "fist bumps" -- in fact ALL the males I spoke with did. Women were either giving me knowing smiles, or looks of CONFUSION (women being FAR GREATER supporters of hateful Christianity then are men). 


1. I have heard nothing more from Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC. I think I will try to CALL him again on Tuesday, as Monday is the FIRST day authorities are likely to give him his FIRST Psychological Interview -- and EXAMINE the legality of his living in his apartment at 14 W. 75th Street, New York City, that was last signed off in an ANNUAL Inspection as OK FOR OCCUPATION in about 2013.

There is no SUPER HURRY, so I have no idea WHEN they will approach Joseph -- or HOW.

2. I have heard nothing more from Ace McDaniels (, but Ace has been HIDING from scrutiny on the internet since BEFORE I met him. 

He is ALSO to whom I gave the Carolina Panthers poncho that I bought in La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Mexico, at the weekly Street Fair -- and it was the EPISCOPAL CHURCH DRUG MAFIOSA from Oregon -- who later BEAT ME HARD for blogging this licence plate of his co-narco-traffickers Dave Wilson and wife: 

And for GOOD MEASURE, this is Jim Wilson, who -- in 2010 -- with his perfect (due to implants Jim BRAGGED ABOUT), BOOB-JIGGLY WIFE not only PUT ME UP in their Conchas Chinas luxury condo for a night while I was homeless, he LATER FORCED me to sell my FULL Spanish Learning software -- ROSETTA STONE (that I had NOT yet used, so could transfer the licence -- and it cost me $500.00 USD on SALE), to him for $50.00 also USD.

Jim Wilson posted this of himself on his Facebook Page in 2010, but he BLOCKED ME, so I can't find his page, now.

Jim had BRAGGED back then that he was the BIGGEST IMPORTER of bales of marijuana to Oregon -- but Oregan has recently LEGALIZED POT, so I GUESS he's just trafficking HARD DRUGS, now, and for the RECORD, Jim NEVER mentioned being involved with ANY church -- Christian or not. 

And my ORIGINAL POINT had been to let my Readers know -- if they FORGET, since I haven't blogged about it in a WHILE -- it was the guy who BEAT ME in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico -- after he GAVE ME a KILO of Marijuana to SHUT UP (but I did NOT shut up -- or understand that), who took me to La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Mexico, and in SHOWING ME how to negotiate with Mexican craftspeople, bargained it down to the equivalent of EIGHT US Dollars, which EMBARRASSED ME, it being TOO LOW, and less than half the marked price, so I REFUSED to pay, he BOUGHT IT, and then GAVE IT to me -- one similar to this:

I wanted it because my first cousins once removed, Wendy (Whitney) Herker of Rocky Point, NC (15 miles north of Wilmington) -- who reverted to her maiden Whitney when she divorced Herker -- and Lena (Ludwig) Lapper were to come VISIT ME in Mexico -- and Wendy is such a HUGE Panther's Fan, to give it to her.

But I FELL OUT with both of them -- because Lena married a YOUNGER homosexual surfer and graphics artist in ENGLAND (where she still lives), and Wendy Whitney's mother, my cousin Judith (Russ) Whitney was NARCO-TRAFFICKING with her FAVE Politician, DISGRACED Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby -- and ALL her white-assed sisters LOVED GOOLSBY TOO  -- and INSISTED Barack Obama is a MUSLIM -- LOL!!!

>>> OR, it might be attributed to Judy actually being BIPOLAR, like her daughter Wendy was diagnosed to be -- decades ago. And Wendy has been on Disability for that for many years now.

Kevin K. Lapper (now called "Kay") with Lena (Ludwig) Lapper

Wendy from her Facebook page (where I am now blocked) -- HA!!!


The Village People (whom I met in 1981 in Key West), seen here at Mar-a-Lago ALSO played at Kenan-owned The Breakers Hotel -- ALSO at Palm Beach -- HA!!!

The four daughters of my Aunt Laura "Doris" (Kenan) Russ: Gail Johnston, Janice Ludwig, Judith "Judy" Whitney, and Cherrie Pridgeon (who retired from running JC Pennys HAIR HOUSE in the big mall in Wilmington, in 2011). Photo from about 2014.

Laura "Doris" (Kenan) Russ (now deceased), was the younger sister of my father, William Scott Kenan, and BOTH were "raised" by "Old Black Women Sharecroppers" who took pity on them, my grandmother died when Dad was six -- even before the Great DEPRESSION -- because Dad's father had so TAKEN TO DRINK.

I believe Doris was three years younger than Bill.

They were HOMELESS (almost -- moving 12 times in 11 years, after evictions), and half the time SHOE-LESS, and "EVERYBODY" in town made FUN  of them for being Kenans -- when the WEALTHIEST Kenans had just inherited Henry Flagler's fortune, and with it, control of Standard OilMUCH of Florida, and 40% of US Railroads (not just Flagler's Florida East Coast railroad).

The Kenans (the parents and two sisters of Mary Lily -- plus their uncle or cousin, Owen Hill Kenan, MD, a lifelong bachelor of AMAZING handsomeness, who had survived the Sinking of the Lusitania, then been Flagler's live-in physician at Whitehall), all rode around town in chauffeured limousines, and took to many affectations of their day, such as lorgnettescigarette holders, and solid-gold-headed lion's head canes (with gun, hidden inside), like Dr. Owen Hill Kenan.

And ACTUALLY, I'm only CERTAIN it was Frank Hawkins Kenan, a HYPER CHRISTIAN/REPUBLICAN/KLAN-SUPPORTER (died 1996), who had a gun in his cane -- it was that solid-gold LION'S HEAD that had the town a-TALKIN' about Doc Owen.

The Kenan sisters seen center and right: Jessie Kenan Wise and Sarah (Kenan) Kenan (who had married her first Kenan cousin -- saving on stationary re-printing -- and MY Kenan grandparents were FIRST COUSINS, TOO!!!) were wealthy BEFORE being given HUGE gifts of Standard Oil stock by Henry Flagler:

But look at Jesse (Kenan) Wise after living with all that money -- and before both sisters DIED, and EVENTUALLY the Kenan Family GAVE their now-adjacent homes just northwest of 17th and Market to UNC Wilmington

Jesse, late in life

This had been Jesse (Kenan) Wise's house -- and the following had belonged to Sarah (Kenan) Kenan:

And a SAD RESULT is that one night a year or so ago, Wendy Whitney's ONLY CHILD, Joseph Herker, DIED IN HIS SLEEP of either a BAD DRUG or overdose -- and NONE of these IGNORANT CHRISTIANS GAVE A SHIT -- more fair to say they didn't feel they bore ANY RESPONSIBILITY!!!

OF COURSE they have missed Joseph (and I had met him in 2011 on campus of Cape Fear Community College and thought he was THEN bright and promising), but at least Judy began SELLING ILLEGAL DRUGS during the "GREAT REPUBLICAN RECESSION", but I SUPPOSE that she could be REAL Bipolar -- like Wendy was diagnosed DECADES AGO, and because of it, she gets Disability today.

SADLY, Jesus did NOT get what they deserved -- THEY DID!!!

Joseph Herker was on FELONY PROBATION when this happened.

And they ALL HATE ME, now, for FORCING THEM to face their GOD-HATING Republican Christianity!!!

One of MANY old postings about parts of this

But GUESS WHAT!!! I just found an OLD POSTING that shows how PROPHETIC Averyl "Ace" McDaniels is -- or at least WAS:

Ace posted this on Facebook in 2016!!!

And completely FORGETTING ABOUT IT, I wrote about HOW I met Ace just YESTERDAY (

If you READ my old postings (before this week), you'll see I did NOT actually trust Ace McDaniels back in Mexico -- LOL!!!


And for the RECORD, I gave that Carolina Panthers poncho to Ace, who gave it to his NIECE in north Georgia!!!

MORE -- at the beginning, paragraphs will sound REDUNDANT -- if you've read this blog lately

Jesus NEVER SAID a man could not MARRY a woman and RAISE A FAMILY -- but if he DOES, he needs to remain SEXUALLY and EMOTIONALLY and FINANCIALLY TRUE to her  -- AND THEM (most of that) -- DAMMIT!!!

Sandra Beckham
1 hr
“Misfortune is a stepping stone for genius, the baptismal font of Christians, treasure for the skillful man, an abyss for the feeble.”

― Honoré de Balzac Sho Nuff nuff Said!
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