Saturday, April 8, 2017

RP: As If I Were Windows 10, I Could NOT STOP Up-Dating My LAST Posting -- But Now I Have FORCED Myself to Begin THIS One!!!

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“Art exists because reality is neither real nor significant.”

― J.G. Ballard

I am TOTALLY SERIOUS that I have spent this ENTIRE DAY writing, editing, contemplating, and laughing -- throughout. And I got only ONE phone call -- from Gold Walker, my landlady:

"That guy in New York (Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr.), doesn't believe Haston Caulder is panhandling with a sign EVERY DAY???", and without pausing, "I just saw him at Oleander and 17th -- where I see him ALL THE TIMEGrab your camera, take a photo and send it to -- what's-his-name!!!"

But I told her with all the Azalea Festival traffic and parking -- and he has to move place to place often -- to avoid arrest -- I'd never catch him today.

And she said, "OK, next time I'm there and SEE HIM, I'll call you IMMEDIATELY!!!" 

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Scott Kenan
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Well ain't THIS SOMETHIN'?!?!?

President Trump's grandchildren performed a Chinese folksong for President Xi Jinping during his visit to Mar-a-Lago, a sign Time Magazine contributor Jay Newton-Small…

Scott Kenan shared Pastor Salvatore Sapienza's photo.
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