Wednesday, April 5, 2017

RP: As We Come to an INEVITABLE HEAD as the Greedy, Narco-Trafficking Christian Republican/Democrats INSIST on Going CHRISTIAN-NAZI (against the wish of ACTUAL Christians)!!!

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On the NATIONAL SCENE the problem is primarily REPUBLICANS, but while former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby may be the BIGGEST criminal in town -- Mayor Bill Saffo, District Attorney Benjamin R. David, and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous are all DEMOCRATS, and the WORSTimaginable!!!

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Lucky us!!! It's bad enough around here with Eric Trump and his wife having a house here already!!!

The top adviser to President Trump will be the keynote speaker for the NC GOP's June convention in the Port City
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When President Donald Trump handed over the reins of his real estate empire to his sons Eric and Donald Jr., critics charged that the decision was based on nepotism rather than merit

So it may come as a surprise when Eric Trump agreed with those critics. “Nepotism is kind of a factor of life,” the president’s second oldest son told Forbes Tuesday.


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Republicans thought nothing could be worse for them than a third Democratic term.…

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The president said the Fox News host "shouldn't have settled" in lawsuits accusing…

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>>> OF COURSE THE BIGGEST THING ON MY MIND THE LAST SEVERAL DAYS has been the Mental and Physical Health of Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., who has -- as I guessed to him this afternoon, and he indicated I'm in the right "ball park" -- given me about $65,000.00 over the last 5.5 yearsMOSTLY as a monthly stipend to augment my (now), Social Security Max Payments.

I have had conversations with several lawyers and psychologists -- and "Miss Lucy", downstairs, who four days ago had to commit her adult daughter to a Mental Hospital, and the update on THAT is that the daughter WAS able to get out after a couple of days -- but was IMMEDIATELY arrested on several FELONY CHARGES, which Lucy felt morally obliged to give the Law supporting evidence of -- crimes she CANNOT get out of and for which she will likely spend 10 - 20 years in PRISON.

ALL of these people (except the daughter, who wasn't asked), think that Joseph Faulk should be in PRISON for financially sending Narco-Trafficking Christian Haston Caulder the HUGE BUCKS (over $5,000.00 + about $2,000.00 in gifts of clothing, furniture, electronics, etc.), and it WOULD have been a total of $8,200.00, if I had passed the $1,200.00 check to Haston that Joseph mailed him in a letter to ME!!!

I voided it, and still possess it for Court evidence. And THAT was just for the month of March, 2017!!! The FACT REMAINS -- and the evidence of this is ALL THROUGH THIS BLOG in my pasted in correspondence with Mr. Faulk, that I have been WARNING Joseph that Haston is an ACTIVE CRIMINAL, and was "pulling the wool over our eyes", all this time. And ALL my neighbors are now THRILLED that the CRIMINAL is gone from the neighborhood -- but are ANGRY that he is allowed to CONTINUE his Narco-Trafficking and Prostitution Rings -- with The Anchor Church as a partner in BOTH (but NOW, another church).

Anyway, Joseph has INSISTED that the two days in a row that my landlady saw Haston panhandling with a sign, he was ACTUALLY working several odd jobs around town -- and Joseph sending him MORE money because he doesn't make enough.

Joseph has INSISTED my landlady is a LIAR (a lie is something I have never caught her in)!!!

But it gets WORSE!!!:

Researching today, I find that Joseph's landlord, Bruce A. Kapner, actually owns it under this corporation: "14 WEST 75 ST CORP", and his Rental Agent, -- which HAD active listings there several years ago when I LAST researched it, NO LONGER has listings there -- nor does any other rental agent (although you have to CLICK on teaser links to learn they DON'T rep it anymore).

When I was there early last year, I noticed that not only was it VACANT -- except for Mr. Kapner and Mr. Faulk, but the Certificate of Occupancy -- or similar annual required inspection to be allowed to rent -- had NOT been signed off on since 2012 or 13.

So while I can somehow DEAL with Joseph cutting me OFF the income he committed to and continued -- just to CUT OFF without warning several days ago -- I am afraid he is GRIPPED by some Mental Illness -- or Senility -- and while he is NOT in immediate threat of danger to himself or others, he IS DELUSIONAL -- and could be harmed by others.

Like Haston Caulder has harmed him in all Haston's DECEITS (and harmed Wilmington as well).

But that SAID, Joseph has been HOARSE (and CONGESTED), AS HELL for a couple of months now -- he back to smoking two to three packs of cigarettes per day -- WITHOUT inhaling, so he could quit again -- he only recently went back to smoking again after a stop of 1.5 years. He said he pays $13.00/pack, and at TWO per day, that is $780.00 per MONTH, but he was smoking THREE packs per day MOST of the time he has been so generous to me, so NO PROBLEM, financially!!!

And Joseph DID JOKE with me that he's trying to commit suicide by "smoking his way to death", now, but that is a LONG and PAINFUL way to go -- and NUTS to do deliberately!!!

>>> ADDED: And he's -- in the past year -- or year and a half -- had SEVERAL long bouts of drinking four or more drinks per day -- even though he's taking oral Diabetes medications!!!

* * *

As I have EXPLAINED to Joseph, while I MIGHT not get him committed, I can pretty EASILY get Mental Health Services to check him out -- which would INCLUDE his having a LEGAL RESIDENCE. IF he is not LEGALLY residing there, they will FORCE HIM OUT!!!

Remember: He HAS the money not only to live somewhere else comfortably -- but money to pay for his being in a home to CARE for disabled, mentally not-focused, etc., so NOT A PROBLEM for Joseph -- he just HATES to DEAL WITH ANYTHING.

And since his refrigerator has been BROKEN for over five years, and Joseph hauls a bag of ice up five flights of stairs, daily, THAT would disqualify his apartment as "rentable" -- as well as its major MOUSE infestation, holes in walls and floors, and many OTHER unsanitary conditions like his piled up TRASH, and inability to get from his bed to his table to his door -- without having to CLIMB OVER junk on the floor!!!

THEN, after that is settled, I'll SUE HIM FOR PALIMONY in a slam-dunk case -- but ALSO go for PUNITIVE DAMAGES (unless he IS committed to something, proving he didn't MEAN to be such a JERK to me).

“We’ve got 150 people here who’ve entered the show and nobody else felt the need to put in full frontal nudity.”

One of two pieces artist Loraine Scalamoni submitted to the Wilmington Arts Association Juried Spring Art Show was deemed "inappropriate" and

Scott Kenan NOTHING like the PRUDISH CHRISTIANS -- especially here in the LARGEST HEROIN and OPIOID Trafficking City in the USA!!! 

Kellyanne Conway was just announced to be keynote speaker at the NC Republican Party Convention, here, in June. 

Now, if we could just get her HEAD BACK ON!!!


LOL -- NO, not HERS -- HA!!!


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