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RP: Despite My Telling the Manager of My Branch of Bank of America (controlled by my Kenan relatives and Frank Sinatra's heirs -- I knowing MANY of both parties), that I TANKED the Kenan/Exxon Russian Oil Deal, He Said I AM ALLOWED to Continue BANKING THERE!!!

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Danny Sinatra and his wife Phoebe Dollar with their daughter, when I knew them here in Wilmington, 2011 - 12.

This morning -- and every time I enter that bank -- I remember, fondly, the day I found Danny leaning against his black Chrysler 500 (mafia car), and it turned out that after we joked about meeting at "the Family Bank", he told me that he is BANNED FOR LIFE from entering any Bank of America. Phoebe had gone in to do THEIR banking.

I didn't ask why, but knew he'd been in serious legal trouble from Meth, and must have tried to pull a FAST ONE on the bank owned by his family, but now jointly with my distant Kenan relatives. I actually knew his mother, Patricia, better, and had PROMISED her I would friend Danny and help keep him out of trouble, but I was almost IMMEDIATELY evicted from my apartment (June 2011), primarily due to over TWO MONTHS in jail awaiting trial for a FALSE CHARGE and FALSE CONVICTION of "Cyber-Stalking" David Nash, a DRUG MAFIOSA and TOP lawyer, a REPUBLICAN, and top member of First Presbyterian, in CONCERT with the Drug-Mafia FAKE-Democrat D.A. Benjamin R. David (whose wife, Stephanie, has spent her LIFE raising funds for and strategizing with TOP REPUBLICANS, including Lamar Alexander, but ESPECIALLY Mitt Romney)!!! 

David "The Ghoul" Nash of

The problem was that I had blogged about all the pot-smoking (included mine), in David Nash's Costello's (gay) Piano Bar's back garden:

And I blogged about all the LARGE Narco-Deals, many committed by the then 6' 8" bartender, who even ADMITTED THAT to me, and I later CHASED OUT OF WILMINGTON after his and my altercation in Duck & Dive bar, ALWAYS full of married and female-partnered guys looking for sex with a MAN (but not ALL of them)!!!

Steve Burch, who was one of these, with me in 2011 -- photo made in the bar.

Baby-Face and Mini-Hands Chad Hogston was ONLY elected Judge because he knocked up his CHRISTIAN-WENCH WIFE -- so ALL the God-Hating Christians VOTED FOR HIM!!!

Republican Judge Chad Hogston not only STATED he was IGNORING my Rights of Free Speech and of the Press (blogs are legally Press), and convicted me ANYWAY (again FORCING ME to take Lithium Carbonate, was in the plan with the Probation he outlined), but I APPEALED IT, and then Jennifer Harjo (Chief Public Defender and a Republican), pointed out that what they claimed in the complaint and the evidence they gave had NOTHING TO DO WITH the charge of "Cyber-Stalking", and soon she got Ben David to AGREE to ERASE that conviction, and DROP the other many charges pending -- after all, the Assistant D.A.s were LEAKING LIKE A SIEVE that Mr. David had NOT A SHRED of evidence that I EVER broke any laws!!!

But back to Danny, I was scrambling and felt I could NOT be friends with a middle-class couple in a nice HOUSE of their own, but EVENTUALLY looked up Danny and friended him, his Dollar in-laws, and Phoebe, but I was TOO LATE to be of help, and today, Danny is in California Prison for Meth-related Probation or Parole violation.

Independently, Danny and I had come to both MEDITATE in front of this poster, then hanging in a knock-off celebrity jewelry store, just north of the Murchison Building on Front Street:

Science is how we cure diseases by working with GOD'S LAWS -- not stupid, feeble, Christian-style PRAYERS -- LOL!!!

>>> THE OTHER IMPORTANT THING OF TODAY (followed by other items):

This morning, I let Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in Manhattan know that I will STILL sue him for Palimony -- even if he keeps up our recently-negotiated ending of his financial support -- if he gives me any more HATEFUL ADVICE!!! He CUT ME OFF because of his anger over my kicking the BIG NARCO-CRIMINAL Haston Lavern Caulder II out of my apartment, and NOW, Joseph is finding he does NOT have to economize, and will CONTINUE seeing the doctor who takes NO INSURANCE and his gay clientele enjoys "Dr. FeelGood's" shots combining vitamin B-12 and Testosterone. And he does ALL his doctor visits there -- he PREVIOUSLY claiming that MOST doctoring was with another doc who took his Medicare.

NOW, if he NEEDS the Testosterone, he can get those shots from a Medicare-taking doctor, but Joseph told me NO doctor in Manhattan who takes insurance is COMPETENT -- and their offices all look like TRASH.

>>> ADDED: REMEMBER, READERS: In 1981, I met nearly ALL of Tennessee Williams's doctorsINCLUDING the one who mailed him the snap-top, blown-glass phials of yellow liquid he injected himself with. Then, it was a mix of Vitamin B-12 and Amphetamines.

My story of that -- but NOT including the doctor's REAL name (although I still possess his card, and will publish it eventually!!!) -- is included in this chapter:

OK, if he NEEDED to, he could save THOUSANDS of dollars per year by using a Medicare doctor -- and he's back to smoking over two packs of cigs per day (without inhaling): at $12.00/pack, that is at least $720.00/month. AND he's REFUSING to deal with the fact that it is ILLEGAL for him to rent in a building that has not passed City Inspection since at least 2013!!!

This BOMB now has a VERY short fuse, and will blow up on him FAR FASTER than his need not to have to carry himself up and down five floors -- HA!!! Even WITHOUT my help.

Scott Kenan to Gene Morgan
14 hrs
Gene MorganIn case you haven't seen this yet -- I'm afraid everyone else has:

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in West Hollywood, and OWNS one of Tennessee's works of Art: ...

Gene Morgan How cool, I guess Roy assumed I knew this already because he's never mentioned it. Awesome! 

I wonder if they did anything to Tennessee's place at the Elysee? I haven't stayed there in years.
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Scott Kenan Gene Morgan: I visited the Elysee in 2009, and it's all been seriously renovated, the Monkey Bar is either changed or no longer what it was, and you can see a lot of that plus Tennessee's old suite on their website,

You don't want to THINK about the room rates, today -- LOL!!! 

BTW, I just got back from my local branch of Kenan/Sinatra-controlled Bank of America, told the manager that I'd gotten Trump to TANK the Kenan expectation of getting our Exxon-Mobil to develop Russia's Oil (FINALLY that was announced on MSNBC this morning -- FOUR DAYS AFTER it happened), and the new Chairman of the Dem. Party posted my materials FRONT AND CENTER (and credited to me), on his Official Page, so am I allowed to still BANK there -- and he TOTALLY cracked up!!! 

I know several BoA branch managers in Wilmington and they ALL know the Kenans who own them are died-in-the-wool Christian NAZIS -- and hate them too!!!
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And Kellyanne Conway was just SIGNED to be the keynote speaker at the Republican Party's North Carolina Convention a few blocks from my house, here in Wilmington -- in JUNE

WHAT will remain of her by THEN???

I once liked watching her speak. Not anymore.

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Pamela Richardson I think she needs some fried chicken and a piece of pie
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