Sunday, April 2, 2017

RP: I Think This Makes for a SOFT LANDING -- for EVERYONE Involved -- Any Questions???

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Just TRY it!!!

>>> EMAIL JUST SENT TO "TESTOSTERONI" (as I used to call him):

Testo: I have a proposal: 

I don't understand your sudden difficulty with money, which you've always been fairly nonchalant about, so I fear you are in some sort of panic and in need of help because you are in too much of a muddle and have no one, really, to turn to -- in major, pressing things in your life. But I could be mistaken.

What if you continued sending me -- at the $700.00/month level -- through the summer, last "sending" being late August. And if I get a settlement or work out another income sooner, I will quit you sooner. I have ALWAYS told you the truth about what I do with money and how much I have, etc., so you SHOULD be able to trust me on that -- and in any case there is a very reasonable time limit.

"Miss Lucy", downstairs, insists I should get EVERY PENNY I possibly can -- even TRICK it out of you -- because you SCREWED ME by pressuring me to keep Haston Caulder as a roommate for so long, but I don't think you even understood how that affected me, so I bear no ill will over it.

And of course, this could keep lawyers, your landlord, and such out of it -- and leave any "supervision" of things to the native New Yorkers who live all around you -- the shopkeepers and homeless you have helped -- know you some. I discussed all of this, also, with Psychologist Ben, who lives behind me, and he told me whom to call in NYC to get them to check to see if you need observation-commitment, if THIS doesn't work.

But he, too, hopes that it does.

You know I care and appreciate your really saving my life over these now many years.



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