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RP: It Is NOW Time to get REAL!!!

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To begin with, I woke up this morning with no great oral pain due to my surgery this past Thursday, but again am on a single ibuprofen, which is FINE -- if I don't chew a STEAK, or similar, yet.

And THEN, I discovered that the bumper dimple on my car -- due to my very minor accident yesterday (see:, has ALREADY popped halfway back out on its own, overnight!!! And there is NO DAMAGE to my vehicle in any REAL WAY (requiring repair for the car to work, pass vehicle inspection, be safe, etc.).

And then I next read (and added to), this:

I studied Science of Mind (Religious Science), from then-President Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz in the 1980s and 90s in Atlanta, and MANY THERE have CASTIGATED ME for REVEALING the NAZI plot of my parents and distant Kenan relatives who PUT Donald Trump into Power -- for we Kenans to get Russia's Oil.

What I was doing was sort of "diving into the negative", when this and similar Teachings emphasize staying as much as possible in the "positive".

And while I went through HELL AND BACK many times the last seven years, and now it is settling down and I'm being proven CORRECT -- that I was CORRECT to get the GIST of the Teaching -- rather than HOW it worked for others, and simply mimicking it!!!

“The only Zen you find at the top of the mountain is the Zen you bring with you.” ~ Zen Proverb We speak and write a lot about “being authentic” in New Thought.…

Scott Kenan Details of my story are in my blog:

Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!
Scott Kenan “Do not adopt the letter of my teaching, but the spirit, and you will find, as I did, that you will begin to formulate a system that is true for you. I learned for me, and you must learn for yourself that you must develop your own faith and confidence in your own interpretation of God, humanity, and the universe.”

Ernest Holmes
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Last Night -- as I watched the Tar Heels WIN -- I considered that I -- the last seven years -- have used EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK to keep from being killed, jailed, or nut-house-committed -- or controlled by IDIOTS like my family HAD been behaving, and Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. CONTINUES to behave -- and is getting worse. 

In, I acknowledge the discrepancy regarding HOW LONG my parents were best friends with Coach Lou Holtz, and I need to CLARIFY/CORRECT a few more important things, as well: 

1. I cannot prove that my mother ACTUALLY relayed Pope Francis's OK to Coach Holtz and his closest friend John Boehner, to make the deal to RE-OPEN US Government about three years ago -- it is ALL circumstantial evidence, and not ENOUGH to make this claim in books.

2. When I met Jackie Kennedy Onassis at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party, January 11, 1982, Jackie warned ONLY Tennessee Williams that the Episcopal Church with Republican Party, CIA, and FBI planned to murder him -- to STEAL his estate from Harvard. 

My own experience with Jackie was really not much more than what I report in my memoir, including how I felt the SHOCK go up the small of Jackie's back when Truman Capote HUGELY insulted her:

HOWEVER, at the Memorial for Tom -- about a month after his death -- at dinner in Vassilis Voglis's apartment -- Vassilis, Jane Smith, and several others (including a husband and wife theater-producing team from the "Old Days"), told me that Tennessee had claimed all of that to them. ONE THING they said Tom claimed -- that Schuyler "Skye" Wyatt and Gary Tucker had been mixing ground glass into his food -- seemed highly unlikely to me, but who knows???

Tennessee was VERY vigorous (if paranoid, etc., as well), when I left his employ at the end of April 1982 -- and a few months later, he seemed LOST, PHYSICALLY DETERIORATED, and MENTALLY/SPIRITUALLY BEATEN -- and to have GIVEN UP, when I came across him, Skye, Gary, and a few others at the Monster gay disco that summer.

More on that in my memoir:

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Allan Gurganus is my 4th Kenan cousin, and his OLDEST LIVING CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL is VERY loosely based on my great-grandmother, Julianna Moore, the Oldest Living Confederate Widow in North Carolina -- back then!!!

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Mylène Dressler with Allan Gurganus.
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GOOD GOD!!! This includes Esther WilliamsShelley Fabares, and Phylicia Rashad, the first BLACK Azalea Queen -- HA!!!

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Scott Kenan shared a memory.
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My big error a year ago was to call the NUT who achieved MUCH -- only to SELL OUT to traitorous TIME/WarnerTed Turner, my "Co-Cincinnatus"

If ANYONE is, it is Mex-Prez Vicente Fox, whose gringo grandfather was born in Cincinnati -- HA!!!



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