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RP: James Bow, a Chevron "Jr. Exec" from Houston -- Who Goes a-PARTYIN' in Puerto Vallarta (seemingly MONTHLY) -- Is ONLY Responsible for the TOP IMAGE in This Blog Posting!!!

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Happy Easter!

And to let you in on a little secret, James Bow went to a Christian Academy and Bob Jones University -- before Ohio State Business School for his Masters -- right down the road from Denison University where I got my BFA/BA in 1973.

Of course Chevron (formerly Standard Oil of California), was part of Henry Flagler's S.O., but the Kenans consolidated their control in Exxon-Mobil and Kenan Advantage Group,, is the LARGEST trucking company in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, now -- due to Kenan Lobbyists WRITING NAFTA!!! And Costco signed KAG on about 15 years ago, and Kenan has supplied EVERY US Costco with gasoline since then (but MANY Kenan trucks run under differently-named operating groups with different names and logos).

KAG "gas-tankers" like this practically CLOG the roads in Alberta, Canada!!!

And James, who not only is smart, plays piano, and is a GORGEOUS-BODIED RED-HEAD with chest hairs (un-waxed), and leg-hairs most glorious, doesn't seem to date back home in HOUSTON, but likely gets a little "tipsy-n'-laid" in warm, warm Puerto Vallarta!!!

God knows I did!!!


TONS of things happened today, including:

1. I spoke with Joseph Faulk in NYC, and he's clearly NOT commit-able -- although the BASIS of his "logic" is provably delusional in most things. He STILL won't tell me what happened that freaked him out about his finances (and he hinted at many OTHER problems right now, too).

I assumed that Haston Lavern Caulder II -- my former roommate to whom for the Month of March 2017, Joseph sent $6,200.00 cash (including paying me his $500/month rent), PLUS over another $2,000.00 in furniture and high-fashion clothing, but I REFUSED to give Haston $1,200.00 of that and returned it to Joseph) -- I assumed he had committed himself for two weeks of Drug Detox/Rehabilitation, rather than Law Enforcement forcing him to it. 

Haston comatose from drugs on my porch last fall. Next he is shown in ONE of his six or seven recent mug shots that I've found, is his TYPICAL look:

And when I asked, Joseph said that Haston is a TOTALLY ethical and honest person, who -- living on the street -- is FORCED to have to live with STREET TRASH, who keep STEALING all his STUFF!!! "He told me in a phone call that he got completely EXHAUSTED from all of that, and was checking in somewhere to take a rest -- I'm surprised he hasn't called me since."

EVERYONE KNOWS that detox and rehab centers do NOT allow any phone calls whatsoever while one is there -- but Joseph CLINGS to the delusion that Haston is a POOR INNOCENT.

I explained that since he CANNOT articulate ANY of what happened that caused him to cut me off with no warning -- after only a couple of weeks ago, not only AGREEING that his allowance to me would go back from $700.00 (this year only -- to help defray the LARGE sum Joseph put out for my dental work), to the $1,000.00/month it has been since summer 2015 when I moved back to the States (far more expensive than Mexico).

And NOW is when I'm hit with several once-per-year expenses -- and I've had doctors' bills as well. Still, he's cut me off and WON'T explain, so I'm suing him. I TRIED again to let ANY claim of mine go if he just sent me two months at our reduced rate for a total of $1,400.00, but NOand he'll pay a lawyer more than THAT to defend against my Palimony Suit -- which he has NO CHANCE of winning. 

2. I then spoke with my mother (and she thinks my strategy is SMART -- since Joseph Faulk CLEARLY wants to force me to force him to deal with his NO LONGER being able to live in an illegal apartment and carry a bag of ice up five floors daily -- because he's AFRAID to get his landlord to fix or replace his refrigerator -- now broken longer than SIX YEARS!!!

I also told Mom that SHE has been the GREATEST and MOST IMPORTANT person in my life -- she gave me a FIERCE intellect (more than even my Kenan father), PASSION about the things you believe in (Mom and I often on OPPOSITE sides in Politics, and different levels of Spiritual Understanding), RESPECT for the Scientific Method and Logic (and reading and EDUCATION), and she taught me how to PINCH EVERY PENNY (whether you need to or not).

We reminisced about my father, William Scott Kenan, who died early Easter Sunday, 2014.

Me and Dad, 1952, and below, a few years before Dad's death, three days short of his 96th birthday:

3. I had a STRANGE episode of "PTSD" with a health-care worker come to Sam Celia's (below me), and I thought she was just another, impressively HIGH END (how Sam could AFFORD her is ANOTHER STORY -- see just below for a PREVIEW!!!), CRACK WHORE -- LOL!!! She ended up SCREAMING at me that I'm just a "Kenan Family PSYCHO!!!" -- which I LOVED -- HA!!!

My landlady and the WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD is getting a KICK out of that story!!!

And the PREVIEW can be seen 1/3 the way down, HERE!!!: 

4. I ran into a realtor (white guy, about 42 - 48, FIT, hairy-chested -- PRAISE JESUS!!!), who was HIGHLY intelligent to speak with -- and I SWEAR I was getting hypnotized by his clear and intense eyes. When I told him my name, it turned out he is on this blog's EMAIL LIST, and cracked up and said, "I finally get to put a FACE to those postings, HA!!!"

But he made NO MENTION of needing any "personal attention" before he took his leave. Now, if I could find a SINGLE, GAY GUY (or at least "gay enough")like HIM, I'd be a LOT nicer in this blog -- wanna BET??? 

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp updated his cover photo.
15 hrs

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Blythe Winslow Savage You two!! Xoxo
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Scott Kenan Hey Roy Rogers Oldenkamp: Didn't you tell me you have at least one of Tennessee Williams's paintings???

If so, can ya show a photo of you and IT??? THANKS!!!
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Roy Rogers Oldenkamp Sureit's a gift from Tennessee and I believe Paul Bowles to Gavin Lambert from one of the Tangiers adventuresI was given it when Gav died.
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Scott Kenan Gavin was who gave me the info that after speaking with Natalie Wood's family's attorney and the L.A. County Detectives, I got the Death case re-opened as a Murder investigation, but ACTUALLY, I think the yacht's captain changing his story was the biggest help

The story is in my memoir:

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Anibal Rivero feeling blessed at San Miguel, Mexico.

Esta obra me fascina desde pequeño. La expiración de Cristo, por José de Ribera (El españoleto) 😍. Está en Osuna, entre Sevilla y Puente Genil, por ese rumbo, en la capilla de un convento. No pude regresar a verlo la última vez que viajamos por allá y me pesa que no se lo presumi a mi papá ☹️...

El primer plano es literalmente de María Magdalena, rubia, a punto de besar los pies de Jesùs, luego sigue el, volteando hacia la izquierda, con esa curvatura sensual de los bocetos de Miguel Ángel que influyeron al autor, María, Maria Salomé, Maria de Cleofas y San Juan Evangelista (santo de mis abuelos paternos). Abajo, una calavera que representa el sitio...

El claroscuro, el protagónico rojo en todo el vestuario, la piedad, el drama y el erotismo, la cantidad perfecta de sangre en las heridas y esa mirada de Cristo, de dolor, reclamo y resignación, crean un conjunto magistral, realizado en Nápoles en 1620.

Pinté uno pequeñito para regalarle a Anibalito Gallegos, un gran amigo, cuando se graduó de ingeniero...pensé que combinaría bien en su recámara tapizada en scheker.

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Scott Kenan Anibal RiveroYou were raised JewishI was raised DEVOUT Catholic and REJECTED all that by the time I turned 20, but after being made an "Honorary Jew" by the Reiner Family of Hollywood in 2010 because I blogged that my parents are the TOP NAZIS in the USA -- 

. . . which had first been confirmed to me in 1990 by top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta, I have come to APPRECIATE much about the story of the Jew, Yeshua-bar-Yosef, called Jesus Christ by Christians and "Isa ibn Maryam" by Muslims

But today, on Good Fridaylet's lighten up a littleOK??? 

I believe you know that I've known all the Village People since meeting them in Key West in 1981 -- before I worked for Tennessee Williams -- and REMAIN good friends with Randy Jones, today. 

HE is from this area of North Carolina where I now live, Wilmington!!!

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Anibal Rivero That's a great picture! 

Tomorrow is ART DAY! I thought today was a perfect day to share an incredible art piece...

Regards! 😊
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Scott Kenan Keep the FAITH, my little Mexican Buddy!!!
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