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RP: Just to Put ONE Thing to Bed:

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“Is evil something you are? Or is it something you do?”

― Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho

Image from someone who messaged me on Facebook after seeing my blog (from two years ago). I KNOW how he feels -- it's late, it was a GREAT DAY at the Wilmington, NC Azalea Festival -- but after walking around in the sun for more than four hours (and I've been inactive due to the Time/Warner Cable Truck knocking me out of a crosswalk and throwing me 12 feet -- and the recent oral surgeries), so had NOT expected to do that so well!!!

Anyway, I napped when I got home and now I just want to get this down and go BACK TO BED!!! 

But the FIRST thing was NOT part of that. A 67-year-old woman in MY neighborhood has DATED Mayor Bill Saffo's TWO brothers (years ago), so knows ALL ABOUT THEIR MAFIA CRIMES!!! 

Saffo's younger brother once SPLIT THE HEADBOARD -- he was "pounding" her so hard (she on bottom) -- in MY (now), EXACT APARTMENT!!!

And "Miss Lucy" downstairs told me she knows for a FACT that Mayor Bill Saffo is BI-sexual, but she knows of NO MAN he has bedded, but has observed him eyeing ONE young man (no, not an adolescent -- he's NOT a Catholic priest), on several occasions.

The last two weeks, after a lull in this, LARGE numbers of people have found my blog by googling "Renee Saffo Restraining Order" 


1. I spoke TONS of Politics to TONS of people -- and ran into NO ONE I knew, and did NOT have a single argument. THE WHOLE TOWN knows that Mayor Saffo, Police Chief Evangelous, and the David brother District Attorneys, Benjamin R. and Jon, run the DRUG MAFIA here -- mostly to profit the Republican Party, MANY of Wilmington's TOP (and "bottom-feeder Evangelical") Christian Churches, and the Kenan Family of Chapel Hill.

2. I spoke with Several TOP Coast Guard Brass -- in town for PR rather than recruiting -- and one -- especially -- deals with top Politicians in Washington all the time and KNEW all about the Kenan/Trump/Bush/Cheney/Clinton/Obama NARCO-TRAFFICKING, so:

Why the HELL don't you know it or the Wilmington Star News and other Press who ALSO know it -- ever REPORT IT???

3. I spoke with the US Army Recruiters and USO booth next to it -- about ALL these things, and we THANKED EACH OTHER for our SERVICE!!!

4. I spoke with the local EMS booth, thanking them -- again -- for handling things so well when the CABLE TV truck KNOCKED me WAAAAY off my feet.

5. I stopped by Betsy's Crepes on Front Street -- PURELY in business as a DRUG FRONT -- and was told that my old criminal narco-trafficking roommate (fall 2015 into Jan. 2016), Philip Rosario -- who BRAGGED to me he narco-trafficked to benefit St. Mary's Catholic Church (working with Father Bob Kus, mostly), as well as running WHORE HOUSES the last THIRTY YEARS in Wilmington, even telling me how he outsmarted FEDS when they've tried to bust him, NO LONGER WORKS THERE (and they have no idea where he is)!!!

Philip Rosario's Altar to ROMAN CATHOLIC DRUG ABUSE that he had set up in my house.

Readers will recall that when I TRIED to give Wilmington Police the EVIDENCE I had collected on Phil -- TWO of his crack pipes that had his prints and DNA, some miscellaneous drugs of unknown nature -- and my witnessing the LARGE quantities of marijuana and CRACK he brought into this house and WITH WHOM, and the ROLLS of hundred dollar bills he carried.


6. And leaving, I got to speak with a most DELIGHTFUL woman, 75 years old and EXTREMELY attractive in her body, dress, and manner-or-bearing, before she got into her luxury land-yacht to drive away. She, a MAJOR member of St. James Episcopal (the one I can PROVE is so big in narco-trafficking), and good friends with LOTS of the wealthiest Kenans -- in fact, she said she'd "just been up to 'the house' in Kenansville, last week!!!"

She said no one HAS to believe that Jesus is the literal "Son of God" to be Episcopalian, anymore (at least here at St. James), and that HALF the men at St. James are GAY, like half her male friends have always been here in Wilmington -- she a life-long resident.

And DESPITE my telling of St. James (and the Mother Episcopal Church), being ONLY for narco-trafficking in Mexico -- and all the rest, she AGAIN invited me to worship there on Sundays, which I said I CAN'T because they have CANNIBAL COMMUNION (Transubstantiation):

And from EVERYTHING I've seen, the churches that believe in THAT: Catholic, Anglican/Episcopal, and the various Orthodox, like Mayor Saffo's GREEK Orthodox Church, are FAR more violent and God-Hating than the other Protestant Churches -- PARTLY because they are RICHEST.

Well, she said she can't WAIT to read this blog -- and get all the DISH on the CRIMINAL KENAN FAMILY -- HA!!!

>>> A SURPRISING NOTE FROM DANIEL REEVES, grandson of my first cousinGail Johnston:

Gail Johnston on left, her younger sisters, Janice Ludwig, Judy Whitney, and the youngest by about four years, Cherrie Pridgeon -- who is the ONLY one of them to have had several "face-lifts" -- here she is about 70 years old.

Daniel Reeves is about 6' 6" tall, and has a DISABILITY due to permanent injuries sustained in CHRISTIAN WARFARE!!! I don't know how much the Government had to help him recover from that, nor do I know if he is ALSO on Disability, Food Stamps, Welfare, etc., like MOST of his close relatives -- ALL Thom Goolsby and Donald Trump RABID FANS!!!

I won't show the other photo of him all but playing with his dog's dork, but no women seem too interested -- or MEN, for that matter. Google for MORE about him in this blog, about nine months ago.


Daniel Reaves
How you been Scott
Daniel Reaves
Why do you write things like this I'm not impressed that you would go so far as to call my great aunt bipolar after she put a roof over your head an tried to help you her grandfather said something to me that you should try. "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything"

You are just a GOD-FUCKIN' CHRISTIAN -- and I HOPE to put the Narco-Trafficking Judy Whitney -- and maybe Wendy Whitney, too -- in PRISON -- LOL!!! I now work with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University to EXPOSE the Kenan Family CRIMES. They knew the Kenans gave them the MONEY to exist, but NOT that the Kenans are in bed with Vladimir Putin - and of course Donald Trump!!! I talked with MANY top Army and Coast Guard Officers today at the Azalea Fest, and THEY knew about the Kenan crimes associated with FAKE Christianity and HATRED, like your family endorses. ENJOY your miserable LIVES. I am still rising, regardless WHAT any of you idiots think about that!!! How many Presidents and Generals of the USA and Mexico have YOU MET??? I've met a BUNCH -- and LOVED Ronald Reagan, personally, but NEVER voted for him because the BUSH and CHENEY families CONTROLLED HIM!!!
For the record, neither Judy nor ANY OTHER Near or distant relative EVER put a roof over my head after early 2010
Daniel Reaves
You are nuts man everyone of us make our own money nobody gives us anything that we haven't worked for an you know as well as I do that the Kenan family gives their money to UNCW sorry that you are so but hurt about that maybe you should get a job like the rest of us!

And then when I went to post THIS REPLY (that I thought to save for blog), Daniel had BLOCKED ME -- LOL!!!

My INTENDED reply:

Your whole FUCKING FAMILY is on Disability, Food Stamps, etc. -- or WAS a few years ago. You are LEACHES on the rest of us HONEST taxpayers. 

The Kenan Family supports UNCW -- also FOUNDED UNC Chapel Hill, and is the BIGGEST private financial support of 68 major Universities in the USA -- the BIGGEST private support of University Education in the WORLD for over 100 years, now!!! 

REAL Kenans might be God-Hating Christians (and some of them are fine -- I LOVE what Jesus taught), and HELL BENT to give the USA away to get to profit with Trump from Russia's Oil, but they DO VALUE education, and I am FRIENDS with Steve Armstrong, Tom Kenan of Chapel Hill's TOP DEPUTY at Kenan Management, where he runs the companies and charities. 

Do YOU know any Presidents, Generals, or OTHER influential people who could TELL YOU -- like they told me -- the TRUTH about the Kenan Family???

At least Lena Ludwig Lapper (and her gay husband in England, Kevin K. Lapper), have NOT Blocked me (but do NOT respond):

"Kay" and Lena (Ludwig) Lapper

MORE on them, here, beginning 1/3 down

OK, here is Daniel's photo he posted on Facebook of getting chummy with his dog -- MOST PROMINENTLY FEATURING the dogs DORK, for Christ's Sake, no???

I wash my hands of the GOD-HATING KENANS in my CLOSE and FARTHER AWAY relations!!!

Mike Pence, the fundamentalist Christian whose views are so extreme that he cannot be alone with a woman other than his wife (which is from SHARIA LAW!!!), and Donald Trump, who brags about sexually assaulting women, seem to hold wildly divergent religious views. Yet both adhere to variations of Christianity inflected with arrogance. 

Together they represent two troubling trends in American Christianity, trends which appear to prove all the complaints secular liberals ever leveled against Christians.

Trump and Pence represent two troubling trends in American Christianity.

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