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RP: My LAST Blog Posting Had ONE of Its DESIRED EFFECTS!!!

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04/02/2017 12:36 pm ET

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>>> Re: Dear Scott, I am sorry I cannot help:

Hi Joseph,

I'm sorry, but I MUST have this in a snail-mailed letter from your lawyer on his letterhead. I no longer believe a thing you say or type.

If I do NOT hear from you that I will RECEIVE it from him within ten days by Certified Mail (or similar), I will initiate Legal Action against you (and WILL do so if I don't also receive your accountant's proof of your Sudden Destitution -- has Haston Lavern Caulder done this to you??? -- OR I work with your landlord Bruce Kapner, NYC Mental Health Services, or whatever approach I deem most helpful to you, to Commit you for Observation.

And at the LEAST I (my lawyer, actually), will need to see all your financial records going back to right BEFORE you contacted me and soon enough made your commitment of support of me.

I have never HEARD of anyone asking his doctor to take his computer home and then have a "computer doctor" come to THAT doctor's home (many doctors work a LOT of overtime and are too busy for their OWN lives -- let alone a patient's computer difficulties) -- ESPECIALLY NUTS since the only thing that anyone needs to get online with that computer is things you have IN YOUR HEAD (or DID have), and had you written them down where you knew to FIND them, you would NOT have this problem which is STILL easy to correct if YOU call and talk with Time/Warner (now Spectrum), Customer Service.

It is NOT "abuse" to report the truth in a blog -- except that to a FAILED LIAR, it must feel like it.

I hope -- more than anything else -- that you quickly sign in for a FULL Psychiatric Evaluation -- and ask them to send me a copy of their report on that.

I am taking you OFF my emailing list for now -- as you don't seem to get pleasure from reading it.

Let me know what you decide.

Thanks and Best of Luck,


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From: Joseph Faulk
To: scottdkenan
Sent: Sun, Apr 2, 2017 2:54 pm

Subject: Dear Scott, I am sorry I cannot help

I will not be able to send money in late April or late May. My finances are problematical, and my Windows 10 computer two days ago was incapable of getting online.

I will try to get my doctor to take the computer to his apartment and have a professional handle the problem. I cannot have a "laptop doctor" work in my apartment.

Since you expect a settlement in midyear, perhaps you can
make an arrangement with Gold or your brother can make you a loan.

In 5 1/2 years of helping you very generously, this is my only failure. Please understand and do not further abuse me in your blog.

Your longtime friend, 


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