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RP: New Hanover County (NC) Sheriff Ed McMahon Finally RE-EMERGES as a JUDGE to RAISE FUNDS for St. Mary's Catholic School (TWO doors from my house) -- an Activity I FULLY SUPPORT!!!

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Democrat Sheriff Ed "Pull My Finger" McMahon

Ever wonder where New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon has been LATELY??? 

He's been studying up on his DANCE MOVES so he can JUDGE this competition, FAIRLY!!!

And perhaps WORSE, Ed McMahon seems to be TOTALLY STRAIGHT!!!
How do you know when a goat is in the closet?

...He has a beard!

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Ellen Hopkins Jack, are you okay? Seriously.....
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Ron Miller STOP!
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Ron Miller Where do beavers eat lunch?
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Scott Kenan And of course Lady Gaga's DESIGNER tricked Michelle Obama out in a CLASSIC "American Toilet Bowl Dress" at Barack Obama's LAST major State Department dinner -- poking FUN at how a "Faggot" treats his Beard: 

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FUNNY, that just two days ago, I had a "SCENE" in the SAME Wilmington Walmart whose management in 2011 TOLD ME how Walmart planned to use "Obamacare" to save money to invest in FARM REAL ESTATE to eventually be able to control FOOD PRICES. It hasn't worked out that way -- but THAT was their HELL-BENT plan -- concocted YEARS ago with their BIGGEST SPONSORED POLITICIANS, Bill and Hillary Clinton!!!
HA!!! That damn Amy Fortenberry of 538 N Malton Ct. Stone Mountain, GA 30083 who claimed she ran a secret attack-dog group of TWENTY LAWYERS to DESTROY anyone who was effective at criticizing Wal-Mart, poisoned me when I lived in Stone Mountain and had discovered how the Colombian Drug Cartel there had THOROUGHLY corrupted the Stone Mountain City Government in conjunction with the Republican PartyPOISONED ME with a tamale from a Mexican restaurant in Tucker, GA!!!

Later, the assistant manager in the Wal-Mart in Wilmington, NC (near Market St.) told me how Wal-Mart Corporation supported "Obamacare" so they could drop the insurance for their employees and use the money to continue secretly buying up US farmland (as they have already been doing for years), to eventually be able to ABSOLUTELY control food prices in the US and jack them sky high.
In Mexico, one result of these bribes the NYTimes reports on is that Costcos (during 2010 when I lived in Mexico), were NOT ALLOWED by law in Jalisco State to accept cash for merchandise totaling more that a certain low amount I forget now, but in an economy that uses cash FAR more than we do, requiring Costco's customers to use credit cards for sales of almost anything HURT Costco, and this law did NOT apply to Sam's Club (probably because of these bribes)!!!
See more on ALL of this in my blog by googling my name followed by the subject or name you want info on: .

Confronted with evidence of widespread corruption in Mexico, top Wal-Mart executives focused more on damage control than on rooting out wrongdoing, an examination by The New York Times found.


1. I had eight years of Catholic grade school education, and while St. Barnabas and St. Martha Catholic parishes of Louisville, Kentucky were what I call "Science-Minded/Loving" and QUITE Progressive (in all ways, really) -- and at St. Martha's I had Rosemary Clooney's sister and the sister-in-law of Eva Maria Saint as SUBSTITUTE teachers, and when Miss Petway (real name), my 5th grade teacher taught that anemics have orange blood and you can FREEZE YOUR LUNGS if you take a deep breath in below freezing weather -- she was PROMPTLY FIRED!!!

>>> ADDED: DISCLOSURE: Miss Petway was the FIRST EVER to ENCOURAGE my writing abilities. She assigned us to take an editorial from the Louisville Courier-Journal and PICK IT APART, logically

I don't remember the nature of the one I chose, but she gave me an A MINUS (only two other A's), and I SUPPOSE because of both my unexpected manner of using logic -- and my writing humorously as well -- she wrote only the word "UNIQUE!!!" on my piece.

I had to LOOK THAT UP, and then decided it was a COMPLIMENT.

So at least Miss Petway (and we TRASHED her name , behind her back), taught me ONE vocabulary word -- YAY!!!

* * *

Interestingly, my sister Jane had Sister Mary Vitalis, an ANCIENT nun for 5th grade -- LOL!!!

St. Vitalis is the Patron Saint of HEALTHY HAIRno???

This a photo of Mother Mary Austin, my 7th grade teacher at Saints Philip & James, Exton, Pennsylvania, who was a TRULY lovely person -- and is still much admired by ME!!!

We moved there from Louisville just a short time before President Kennedy's assassination, and Mother gently guided us through having to BREAK THE NEWS to us on the school's intercom -- followed by her leading us in praying a rosary (Catholic Comfort Praying).

But the Catholic Church in S.E. Pennsylvania was ENTIRELY seized up in the SUPERSTITIONS of the PATHETIC un-educated Irish and Italian immigrants who were happy to STAY PUT on the east coast, rather than ADVENTURE inland. 

To BRING IT IN in Church collections, they DENIED the reforms of Pope John XXIII -- REFUSING to leave the old, hateful "Baltimore Catechism" -- and instead of TEXT BOOKS for class, like we had in Louisville, we had NOTEBOOKS (the size of Cliff's Notes), more like OUTLINES of History, Geography, etc., and WORKBOOKS that were only the Notebooks with BLANKS to fill in for key nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

It was ROTE MEMORY TRAINING, and I did NOT do as well as Jane, who is GREAT at memorizing and spitting back, but I have always thrived on CONCEPTS -- which this form of Catholicism HATES!!!

Anyway, I KNOW that St. Mary's has a GREAT SCHOOL, so while I "CONDEMN" Pastor Robert J. Kus for his help of my mother smuggling WHITE PEOPLE'S money out of South Africa because the Pope thought the end of Apartheid so UNFAIR to WHITE PEOPLE:

Father Bob Kus

LOVED Sister Mary Isaac Koenig, now retired and living in New York state:

Readers will recall that the WHOLE TIME I WAS HOMELESS in Wilmington, North Carolina, I was TITHING actually MORE than 10% of my royalties from Walking on Glass: a Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams to Tileson Charities.

HOW did I DO THAT??? EASY!!! I knew I could panhandle (without a sign), enough money to support my then lifestyle adequately, so I HONORED MY COMMITMENT, that I had made BEFORE I became homeless -- HA!!!

Perhaps that impressed "GOD" -- MAYBE???

And to be COMPLETELY clear about WHY my parents transferred me to Public Schools after 8th grade, it was NOT ONLY because the West Chester School System had been the FIRST to desegregate in the NORTH ("Yankeeland"), and was the FIFTH-BEST high school then in PA -- including the many GREAT Private Schools, but Bishop Shanahan High (then still in West Chester City), was NOTORIOUS for GANG VIOLENCE -- including smearing MENSTRUAL BLOOD on walls -- something Joanne "Missy" McCann, who lived down Dunsinane Drive from us -- BRAGGED ABOUT (and then SHE got pregnant from her black MAFIA boyfriend -- LOL)!!!

But my good friend Bob Jones sent his daughter to Bishop Shanahan -- NOW relocated to Downingtown, PA -- and it is CLEANED-UPtoday!!!

And, before I move on, here is a piece on our "THEN-SHAKESPEAREAN ADDRESS":


Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock walk into the White House ...


I've CAUGHT Jesse Watters's show SEVERAL times the last month -- and he is LESS than a "Christian Dingleberry on the Arse of Jesus Christ, their Lord."

Jesse Watters will now regularly be in primetime.


>>> ADDED: And PLEASE PARDON ME, but isn't that MARK CUBAN supporting "The Diggleberry-on-the-Lord", Jesse Watters???

Either MSNBC or CNN -- this morning -- or BOTH was/were BELIEVING all of Mark Cuban's BLOVIATION, and CIA BLATHER!!!

Sadly, unlike of SO MANY OTHER CONSERVATIVES, I could NOT find a photo of Jesse Watters NAKED -- or even SHIRTLESS -- but only THIS, instead:


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Sandra Beckham
“He looked home-made, as though his wife had self-consciously knitted or somehow contrived a husband when she sat alone at night.”

― Eudora Welty, The Collected Stories


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Randy Jones
Impossible to resist.

Scott Kenan It's ALREADY over -- and they are TOO STUPID to know it!!!: 

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We are investing the least in the most critical period of human development.



READ: Colin Powell, Alma Powell pen letter to nation on the value of America's youth

PLEASE PARDON my mis-numbering in THIS posting -- Scott.


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