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RP: A Quick Monday Morning Missive:

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Or "Massive" -- my NAZI, Swastika-loving mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (before shrinking, she's 94 now), was built like this -- just not as WIDE -- but just as determined to work for the "Devil" through the Roman Catholic Church.

Mom was Steve Bannon (a devout Catholic), on STEROIDS!!! And if you've followed the news, Steve Bannon has had EXTENSIVE behind-the-scenes communications with the Roman Curia.

Re: Regulate on The Local Government 

Thanks for the suggestion, Alex, but the US Attorney ONLY accepts input from OTHER Law Enforcement agencies -- and when I first got back from Mexico nearly two years ago, I drove to Raleigh and spoke with the then Asst. US Attorney, Rudy Renfer, who told me that -- but LISTENED to much of my story. HE put me in touch with the TOP DEA guy in Raleigh, who told me to go to the top DEA guy in Wilmington, Mike Franklin:

Notice how big Mormon narco-trafficker, Jennifer McCracken of Carolina Apartments, used her "Hitchenteimpo" alias in some notes I pasted in -- and SHE later claimed that SHE had worked with Google and got ALL my G-Mail email accounts CLOSED!!!

CHRISTIANS!!! -- and ACTUALLY Mormons aren't really Christians, they believing the Garden of Eden was LITERALLY in Missouri, USA, and that Jesus actually ministered in body in Mesoamerica!!!

And then, speaking with the Wilmington DEA office, I think I ACTUALLY spoke with Mike once, but later, someone there CLAIMED to be Mike Franklin, but was NOT, and they told me many lies.

Also, I have MUCH REASON to think Gov. Cooper is DEFINITELY involved in the narco-trafficking -- he was NC's Attorney General for many YEARS before running for Governor, and NEVER made a big deal of Wilmington being THE LARGEST HEROIN AND OPIOID TRAFFICKING city in all of the USA!!!

Democrats and Republicans TOTALLY COOPERATE when it comes to making money from DRUGS!!! That's why the Bush and Clinton Families are now SO TIGHT.


March 2016 -- halfway through the Primary Season (although JEB Bush had dropped out by then)

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From: Alex
To: Scott Kenan
Sent: Sun, Apr 9, 2017 3:21 pm
Subject: Regulate on The Local Government

The local government is in need of regulation.

What you truly need to do is call the U.S. attorney's office.

They are located in the federal building downtown. I highly urge you to do this as soon as possible. The Trump regime is giving us a great advantage right now. 

If you would like to, simply speak with governor Roy Cooper and the U.S. attorney's office.

His name is: John Stuart Bruce

If he wants to, he will have everyone removed from office, if you truly wish.

Ben David, Bill Saffo, Ralph Evangelous, everyone you want to have removedIt truly is not so hard to do this.

Wilmington, NC

Heroin is one of the most commonly used drugs on the illegal market. The substance flows through the Wilmington community daily. (Photo by Christina Haley.)

RIGHT ONRandy Jones (who sent this)!!! 

And think of the messes MY Kenan family caused by controlling Standard Oil, now Exxon-Mobil, since 1913!!!

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Randy Jones
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Protection of the air we ALL breathe and the water we ALL drink should be two of the highest priorities for our National Safety and Security. Without clean air...
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He also called Fox News a “cesspool of sexual harassment and abuse of women.”

And REMEMBER: Jamie Lee Sutherland, in 2010 a Wells Fargo Advisors Exec in Chicago, told me how he narco-trafficked for his bank in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, and that he'd seen Barack Obama in Man's Country Gay Bathhouse several times. 

I blogged both those things, and then DID remove the narco-trafficking part when he threatened me with a law suit, and he SAID he didn't care if I kept up the part about Obama and Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse. LATER THAT YEAR the Chicago office of Wells Fargo was fined the then LARGEST fine in US Banking history for laundering drug money -- about $200,000,000.00, but then Daliah Saper a Talking Head on Fox News and lawyer, CONTINUED by NEVER legally serving me, then trying and CONVICTING me In Absentia in Chicago -- both illegal and unconstitutional!!!

Wells Fargo clawed back $75 million from the former CEO and another top executive, blaming for playing central roles in the bank's fake account fiasco.


And THIS with help of D.A. Ben David of Wilmington, and his INTERN while he FALSELY prosecuted me in Wilmington, Jeff Duncan, later became the attorney who ORGANIZED all of this in Daliah Saper's Saper Law!!!

Then, when I ran into Ben David (and we JOKED about the past), in Cousin's Deli summer 2015, he PROMISED he would get that CHICAGO False Conviction THROWN OUT -- but he STILL has not done it. I even joked at the end that he would NOT have to have sex with me -- and he CRACKED UP about that. 


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