Sunday, April 23, 2017

RP: Sharing My VICTORIES with My Best TENNESSEE WILLIAMS Ally, Roy Rogers Oldenkamp!!!

RE-PRINTED from here

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp (seen here with Leo Tolstoy's Lamp), lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in West Hollywood, and OWNS one of Tennessee's works of Art:

This collage by Mr. Williams was given to Roy by our mutual friend, writer Gavin Lambert, who had ALSO lived in Roy's building when Tennessee Williams did -- but continuing. Tennessee and Paul Bowles, whom Tennessee was always CLAIMING we were about to visit in Tangiers, but never did, had presented it to Gavin.


The last thing the left needs is the third iteration of a failed political dynasty.

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Christopher C Nc Royal political dynasties are the precise path to cementing the corruption of power permanently in place. That never has and never will work out well for the peasants.
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Scott Kenan Roy Rogers Oldenkamp: Sorry to see you and your sisters in disagreement (in the MANY comments that are not seen here). I have argued with one of them twice before, but at least we didn't end up blocking each other. 

But YOU are correct on this -- as you know, my Kenan Family has not just narco-trafficked with the Bush and Cheney Families, but the Clintons and Obama as well -- all of which I can now prove in Court. 

My LAST all-night date was with George Bush's EIGHTH cousin (also descended from the brother of Jefferson Davis and General Toups who defended Wilmington and Fort Fisher when Wilmington FELL as the last open port of the Confederacy)

Randy Jones of the Village People with his husband, Will Grega, and his North Carolina mother, Elaine Jones.

Bill Toups and I stayed in Randy Jones's FAVE PLACE on Carolina Beach, the 

Like meBill Toups had his wealth STOLEN and he too was forced into homelessness like I was for 1.5 years. We LAUGHED ALL NIGHT about the crimes the Kenans and Bushes have committed together -- and that so many don't know that the Clintons WORK for the Bushes

Bill Toups, photographed when we had our date -- but he since grew a beard and moved to another state, as the Bushes are STILL after him -- HA!!! 

I will post my IMPORTANT news to your Timeline, and if you feel it will annoy your audience too much, go ahead and remove it -- I take NOTHING personally, anymore!!!

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Scott Kenan

Barbara Bush loves Bill Clinton. Really. The former first lady was glowing like a proud mother about Clinton, the man…
Scott Kenan From March 2016halfway through the Presidential Primaries!!!

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Hi Roy Rogers Oldenkamp: As earlier mentioned on another thread, here is my brief report on TWO VICTORIES (read the most previous posting too, to get the BIGGEST one)

Yesterday, the Chairman of the Democratic Party in North Carolina PROMINENTLY posted some of my material -- CREDITED -- on his Official Party Chair FB page!!! 

As I've told many, I have THREE contacts at the top of Security at Mar-a-Lago, and all my blog posting for MONTHS have gotten to the top Trump people. Two days ago, Donald Trump DENIED Kenan-controlled Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson's request for a WAIVER to get around Obama's Russian sanctionsSCREWING the Kenanswho'd been Donald Trump's greatest financial and political support!!! 

This is HUGE, but under-reported in the Press -- for NOW!!!

I've had NO IDEA what I've been doing, but felt compelled to continue -- DESPITE much criticism from nearly every camp:

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