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RP: So Tuesday Is Mostly for HUMOR??? What a SURPRISE!!!

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REMEMBER: My Kenan blood is an ACCIDENT OF MY BIRTH. I'm just trying to make THE BEST OF IT!!!

This was a NEW sweatshirt offering on my Facebook thread, this morning.

And while it is TRUE that being a Kenan is in many ways a "cross to bear", while I LOVE what Jesus taught, I would NEVER worship him and break the FIRST COMMANDMENT, there being only ONE GOD, and I would NEVER use the CROSS as a symbol for him -- it is the symbol of THOSE WHO KILLED JESUS (the Romans)!!!

>>> OK, ALL THE HUMOR OF THE DAY -- although the SUBJECTS are "deadly serious":

1. To begin with, I left a message for Joseph Faulk in NYC that IN FACT I never contacted New York City Mental Health Authorities to EVALUATE his mental condition -- and kick him out of his residence, which it is NOT LEGAL for him to live in. I didn't want him to worry about it anymore, and I DOUBT I could get him immediately committed -- AND if he and his illegal landlord are OK with it, WHY should I destroy his living in a building paying $750.00/month for an apartment when the others in the building rent from $4,500.00/month - $6,500.00/month -- although the WHOLE BUILDING except landlord Bruce A. Kapner and Joseph is VACANT because it is ILLEGAL to rent any space there until it AGAIN passes Inspection.

2. I paid Gold Walker, MY landlord, the cash portion of the May rent (so I don't need to worry about it if things get even TIGHTER than it appears they will), and she told me how she had seen Haston Lavern Caulder panhandling, again, and he looked "like he'd been on a LONG BENDER", a physical WRECK and a FILTHY SLOB -- holding his sign HIGH over his head, which is NEVER done because if a cop is approaching and you don't yet see him, THE SIGN proves you are illegally panhandling. Otherwise, you can fold it and stick it under your SHIRT, and hope they don't see it.

Gold ALSO -- after I told her my novel way of soliciting a roommate (which I will shortly report) -- told me how to find the GOOD LAWYER to sue Joseph Faulk for Palimony and Damages (and ON CONTINGENCY, of course -- this is a "SLAM-DUNK CASE").

2. An article in this morning's paper, to which I posted COMMENT, which is here preserved in the top:

First of all, this was held in KENAN Auditorium, my Kenan Family TOTALLY into narco-trafficking -- and so is Mayor Bill Saffo!!! 

Notice that NEITHER the Police Chief nor the Sheriff, himself, showed up for this. But BEST is that the large auditorium was PACKED!!! 

And Saffo talks about it being an effort that TRANSCENDS politics (Party affiliation), but it is the NARCO-TRAFFICKING ITSELF that is so PROFITABLY shared by both Democratic and Republican Parties -- AND the BIGGEST (and smaller) CHRISTIAN CHURCHES 

-- What a HYPOCRITE!!!

Epidemic requires a community solution, opioid panel at UNCW said.


3. I got into an email back-and-forth with Alex, who lives on Red Cross Street, a few blocks east of Third Street (a main thoroughfare):

Re: Regulate on The Local Government 

Alex: Well PLEASE: DON'T BOMB YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD!!! You are enough of a chemist to be able to do it!!! I KNOW about your skills in making PURE DRUGS -- you have a reputation that precedes you -- HA!!!

Anyway, to get your mind off all of this, why not come over for a nice blow job to release tension??? It is always more fun to have someone else do you -- and I NOW can remove both top and bottom teeth to gum you most pleasurably. The actually straight guys I've done either just close their eyes and imagine I'm a chic, or watch straight porno, which I have. 

They ALL say guys are better at giving pleasure since WE TOO have dicks!!!

If you don't like it, we could have a GOOD LAUGH.

-----Original Message-----

From: Alex
To: Scott Kenan
Sent: Tue, Apr 11, 2017 12:03 pm
Subject: Re: Regulate on The Local Government

Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately (sic) I do not pay rent here. My mother owns the property. I have no job. I am a full time student working on a B.S.

I feel very upset in this area... My oldest brother moved from the area. But, it is his influence which caused my mother to purchase the home. I saw the home while she was searching, and I highly advised her against the area.

My brother is such a sick, sad person. I am the only person who did not tour the house when they purchased it. After the purchase he, sickeningly sadly enough, began renovations. He later blamed me for being a full time student and not having time for renovating a house.

He has a typical case of sibling rivalry issues. I absolutely hate this self-destructive behavior of his. Around the time when the house was purchased I was dating a cute blonde girl. Again with the sad rivalry issues, he only perceived my relationship as me "showing off" by them knowing about her. He has always been extremely secretive about his relationships. I have never seen him in a relationship; it really is kind of gay-ish behavior. The one woman I have seen him with he basically objectified her like hell. He has some sick, sad alpha male issues.

I know from his behavior as a youth he is always involved in stupid mischief. I suspected for some time he starting stalking my then-girlfriend and befriending her. It really was pathetic how I have known of him to be extremely socially active but claims no connection to my ex.

I dumped her because I sensed the secret friendships around me. I sense this now with the shitty neighborhood around here and the way no one does shit about problems. It is SO MOTHER FUCKING PATHETIC. This area needs to be BOMBED.

On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 11:37 AM, Scott Kenan wrote:

Well, Alex, I don't understand why you are hanging out with a "cokehead kid" (and ASSUME he is old enough to be a legal adult), but you LIVE in one of the most DRUG SATURATED areas of Wilmington. Maybe you should move into my extra bedroomAt about $500.00/month, you might save money, and I have lived with both straight and gay roommates, and NEVER had sex with any of them unless THEY asked for it -- about half of them did, including the ones claiming to be straightACTUALLYNONE of them claimed to be gay -- LOL!!!

We could talk about that and meet to see if we are at all compatible, if you like. I live right between First Presbyterian and St. Mary's Catholic.

-----Original Message-----

From: Alex
To: Scott Kenan
Sent: Mon, Apr 10, 2017 10:30 pm
Subject: Re: Regulate on The Local Government

You know, I totally sympathize with all you are saying. 

I am sick of how drug business works around here.

Let me tell you a quick story: I was walking in downtown Wilmington many times. I was approached multiple times by this cokehead kid. What later happened was I bought some beer for him and myself. His behavior is that he later approached me with some base/coke. He later had me walk with him to a house after he offered me a deal. This is so upsetting that he would later question me about being a cop. It goes to show how people are around here. They are so twisted with drugs.

4. An email exchange with Joseph Faulk:

Re: Listened to your voicemail  


If Haston is just "exhausted", WHY doesn't he take a BREAK from panhandling??? Most jobs he has done -- and he CAN do them well, he's highly skilled -- take LESS ENERGY than panhandling with a sign -- in the sun, trying to avoid cops, etc. Also, he'd likely make MORE money per hour.

WHO is paying for his staying at this facility -- YOU??? Or was he "committed" by Law Enforcement???

Of course I've known that the relationship between you and your bank (Chase), is a MESS right now. Whatever happened, has ALREADY HAPPENED, so either they KNOW what shape you are in, or are having auditors figure out what happened if you were DEFRAUDED of money. Your continuing to visit your bank for help, suggests they are questioning you IN PERSON (rather than by phone -- the normal way), about what you have done.

Your bank is NOT who can help with your "being on edge" -- you need a PSYCHIATRIST to help with that.

As we discussed on phone a few minutes ago, I will soon initiate a Palimony suit against you asking also for PUNITIVE DAMAGES for all your Psychological Warfare against me, as Wilmington Police described what you have been doing to me.

I will continue to call you every day or two, to be certain you are OK -- and have them come check on you if I can't get through for more than a few hours.

Please notice to whom I've copied this.


-----Original Message-----

From: Joseph Faulk
To: scottdkenan
Sent: Tue, Apr 11, 2017 1:06 pm
Subject: Listened to your voicemail

Please, just email, no voicemail. My finances are, as I've said, fouled up to the point that I'm on edge, and continue to visit my bank for help.

Haston is exhausted and has been taken into a facility for a couple of weeks.


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Luxury Transportation to Boundary County (Idaho) Community Restorium, can be ARRANGED!!!

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And it is CERTIFIED "Deficiency FREE"!!!

"It's TIME to see the LAWYERSno???"


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