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RP: Stealing the LEAD from the Senate, I CALLED NYC This Morning, and after INITIATING My OWN "Nuclear Solution", Called Joseph Faulk to Let Him Know They Will PROBABLY NOT Psychologically Evaluate Him, until AFTER the Weekend!!!

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Averyl "Ace" McDaniels and I met in the Puerto Vallarta Costco, and he came to my apartment THREE TIMES trying to get the computer that Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. had CUSTOM BUILT by NAZI Carly Fiorina while she still HEADED Hewlett-Packard (HP) -- and it was a DISASTROUS, SPYWARE-LOADED, PHYSICALLY BROKEN computer (that I could NOT send back to the factory) -- LOL!!!

For a DEFINITION of "my OWN Nuclear Solution", please see this and the posting before it

As Readers will recall, in my FIRST use of the computer, the "E" key (most used in the English language -- of COURSE-- LOL!!!), popped up and OUT, and I could NOT reattach it to the keyboard, and after my FIRST attempts -- which had Joseph Faulk ordering and sending me SEVERAL possible new keys he ordered from HP that might fit but didn't -- and ALSO several pair of tweezers, EYE GOGGLES (to protect my eyes from any EXPLOSIONS), THREE magnifying glasses of varying sizes and some with "headlights" on them, like the goggles ALSO had, and a RIGHT FETCHING craftsman's apron, so I REALLY LOOKED the part as I worked to replace the key.

Very much like this!!!

Then, FIVE Puerto Vallarta computer doctors who were competent in English tried to repair it, unsuccessfully. I bought a REMOTE Spanish keyboard so I could still use it -- more like a desktop computer, and then Averyl stepped in, loading and reloading several versions of Microsoft's operating systems, and at that TIME, I believe it was Windows 8.1 we ended up installing on it -- the computer had come with disks with FULL Windows Seven and 8.0 to CHOOSE from , so should EASILY have run on 8.1 (or 10, today).

And as ALL my long-time Readers know, Joseph Faulk CLAIMED then that Windows 8.0 and 8.1 were written ONLY for smart phones and tablets, and were NOT MEANT to be used on Microsoft computers -- and he claimed ALL his buddies that posted COMMENTS on AGREED WITH HIM on this. 

Joseph used to post Amazon comments day and night, but since has STOPPED and in FACT wrote one of the earlier RAVE reviews of my memoir, that he soon ERASED (and he has ERASED almost ALL his past Amazon comments, as well, now). Other Customer Reviews can be seen here:

RETAIN possession of that computer in case we need it for EVIDENCE against Joseph Faulk in Court (or his little buddies he "FRONTS" for -- Russians, RepublicansChristians, or whatever).

REMEMBER, When Joseph Faulk FIRST contacted me in fall of 2012, he wrote in IDENTICAL "free verse" with no caps (upper case)EXACTLY in the voice of John Uecker (and similar to ee cummings), Uecker MURDERED Tennessee Williams by smothering him with a pillow -- and TOLD ME more than once, that Sewanee/Episcopal Church would use Thomas Elliot Keith to BLACKMAIL John Lahr (over a long-ago personal matter that makes no difference now), to NOT write the FULL TRUTH in his book on Tennessee Williams.

So -- getting back -- I BELIEVE that between that (which lasted only a while -- until he got ANNOYED with my claiming he MUST be Uecker), he CORRECTED his grammar, punctuation, etc. -- or the job was sent to Joseph -- a few months later -- then FULLY in the role he must have planned for (or perhaps it is ALL COINCIDENCE), he soon agreed to TALK to me on the phone, which previously he had claimed he would NOT EVER BE ABLE to do -- EVER!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: And Joseph was the same way about my visiting him. I was in New York in 2012 for artist Mark Beard's Christmas Party, but did NOT even walk by Joseph's "house". He FORBADE ME -- and I obeyed. It was on the SECOND visit -- when he flew me up First Class and put me in a good hotel as well for a week, that he let me into his apartment.

>>> My correspondence with Ace McDaniels over the last 25 hours -- the FIRST in YEARS:

  • Ace McD sent the following message at 1:18 PM
    • Ace McD
      Hey Scott where are you hiding? How this message reaches you
    Scott Kenan sent the following message at 6:08 PM
    • Hi Ace, if you actually CARED, you would have checked my blog or googled for info on me -- LOL!!! Check my blog and then if you have a more SPECIFIC question(s), ask that/them!!! Thanks, Scott

    Ace McD sent the following message at 6:19 PM
    • Ace McD
      Your blog in my email was shut down. Entry by your house on the hill and you were gone. Where are you now
    Scott Kenan sent the following message at 8:20 PM
    • On the Internet -- like my BLOG and like YOU to be messaging via LINKED-IN, silly!!! Can't you GOOGLE my name to find ANY blog IMMEDIATELY??? After Drug Mafia trying to kill me TWICE in a week -- and a FAKE BOMB was placed in my car they broke into, I FLED back and am in Wilmington, NC living next to the Kenan Cathedral to White Supremacy and Narco-Trafficking (First Presbyterian), and fighting THEM, too -- HA!!! -- since June 2015 -- and am SAFE, now, preparing to sue SEVERAL Drug Mafia Democrats AND Republicans -- and have gotten snail-mail into Trump's tiny HANDS -- really!!! See this letter for a "nutshell" of recent activity:
    Ace McD sent the following message at 8:50 PM
    • Ace McD
    Scott Kenan sent the following message at 9:14 PM
    • :)
  • Scott Kenan sent the following message at 2:26 PM

    So for NOW, we can all RELAX and wait to see how Mental Health Professionals deal with Mr. Faulk!!! And after learning THAT, I will INITIATE my PALIMONY CLAIM with MAXIMUM COMPENSATION for "Psychological WARFARE" by Mr. Faulk.

    Joseph will just HAVE to get the money from SOMEWHERE, no??? AND he will HAVE TO MOVE to a LEGAL APARTMENT -- HA!!!



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