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RP: THANK GOD!!! Just Discovered: My NAZI Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, Was UNABLE to Murder My Former Roommate of the mid-1980s -- Like She Likely Tried To (he's hiding in Brazil). YAY!!! !!! !!!

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Gerry Lowrey, 2016

When I first moved to Atlanta, February 1983 -- just WEEKS before Tennessee Williams was murdered -- I had a one-bedroom apartment in a typical big complex, but soon met John Mark Lee (actually six to eight years younger than me), by cracking him up and being POWERFULLY deep-tongued by him in the Pharr Library gay disco in Atlanta -- but we NEVER dated or had sex -- because of his STRICT RULE that he never sleeps with roommates, which we soon became for over four years in the Sandy Springs area.

>>> ADDED LATER: The apartment John and I had at The Sands on Carpenter Drive, has gone all FANCY-SCHMANCY!!!:

They are TOTALLY updated and rehabbed, and now are Condos -- John and I had one almost identical to the one seen above, first renting at $420.00 per month (and yes, we sometimes did that, too), and TODAY, last sold for $181,000.00.

Funny, that it was not much later that I met -- ALSO in the Pharr Library gay disco -- the then young CONSUL of Mexico to AtlantaDr. José Octavio Tripp Villanuevaand we had a TORRID weekend affair in a luxury high-rise -- despite his being married with children (which I only learned later).

Dr. Tripp-Villanueva was last posted to the Consulate in Dallas, Texas, but was recalled in 2016, and at that time he was Mexico's TOP DECORATED DIPLOMAT to the USA!!!

Here is my recent letter to him, which I got PROOF he receivedhttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2016/04/letter-to-dr-jose-octavio-tripp.html

In those days, Gerry Lowrey (who was then Head of Athletics -- or similar -- at Emory University), was at the CENTER of the social group that I was largely part of -- very close to John Mark Lee, as well as to artist Don Cooper, who ALSO became an important friend of mine. And every March, up to two dozen of that group traveled to near Georgetown, South Carolina, and stayed at a HUGE beach house owned by the father of one of Gerry's friends (whom I got to know well as well), and Dad owned a HUGE hardware store (I believe it was Tractor Supply Co.), and was a Republican CORPORATE RAIDER, buying distressed companies to cannibalize for their UN-APPRECIATED parts, making a HUGE FORTUNE!!!

The house -- accommodating up to 24 of us, easily -- was on the beach in DeBordieu Colony, then only a FEW houses built there, and it is pronounced "DEH-bih-doo", so we called ourselves the "Debidoo Ducks" and had pins made up for us all to wear. I don't know what happened to THAT "connected guy", but when Gerry Lowrey popped up in my Facebook feed with his Easter message this morning, I picked up my phone and CALLED HIM!!! 

Gerry and I talked for a long while this morning -- much of it catch-up -- and I learned these important things:

1. John Lee -- as recently as "six-to-nine months ago", was living (as he has for a long while), in BRAZIL!!! Gerry didn't know if he was in business, or as I guessed, "living off the TON of money he has made". My mother, whom I never told anything about this, but John had been hit on I-285 (The Perimeter), in Atlanta by a drunk driver, and NURSED his lawsuit, getting enough money to first get into a box, storage, and moving company -- as well as founding Pronto Courier (local to Atlanta, only), and began and developed the LARGEST gay phone-meeting/dating company in the world, renting use of what then were called SUPER COMPUTERS to run it -- and I actually know two gay couples who stayed together for YEARS, having met on John's service.

Basically, what John was FIRST to develop was the PREDECESSOR to Match.com, eHarmony, SilverDaddies, etc.

But in 1987, my mother -- when I mentioned John, no longer then my roommate -- said, "oh he's just a PORNOGRAPHER!!!" 

I had NEVER discussed John's business with Mom AT ALL (NOR was it PORNOGRAPHY!!!) -- not after telling her he was an accountant with Ernst & Young, when we first moved in together. And Mom had ALWAYS hated him, and I assume she's caused him MUCH TROUBLE, as she mistakenly assumed John and I were, or had once been, LOVERS!!!

Please recall that my mother ALSO went after James Culver Anderson (also falsely believing James had been my lover), my one-time roommate at Denison University, and I THOUGHT she had KILLED HIM. James DID take a bullet in Manhattan, but survived, married Victoria Gilmore -- Denison 1974 -- moved into hiding in Florida, divorced Vicki -- who is NOW long married to someone else and a SUCCESSFUL business consultant -- and a year ago, I found him in a West Coast city, not wanting to talk to anyone from the past.

Me with Mom nearly a year ago, and Mom in her NAZI HEYDAY!!!:

Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan in 2008.

And it SEEMS that Brazil is the PLACE TO GO!!! I went there for a week to work with Sean Blackwell (legally Sean McAllister of Canada), and his wife Ligia Splendora -- you can see their work, here:

Ligia Splendora with her brother at his house we stayed a few days in -- closer to Paraty than Sao Paolo -- and ALL THESE MORE THAN TEN YEARS, this brother has financially PAID THE BILLS, because Sean Blackwell CAN'T, and Ligia told me her brother is a BIG REPUBLICAN CORPORATE RAIDER on Wall Street, USA!!!

Just like the FATHER of Gerry Lowrey's friend -- HA!!!

And in 1978, when I BLASTED out of www.WhalesTaleCapeMay.com, which I had founded with Hilary Russell and Chuck Pritchard, I TRIED to use my money from that to CO-FOUND a restaurant with Bob Jones, my best friend from high school whose successful campaign for 1969 Class President, I HAD RUN!!!

Bob had gotten into some trouble that "flower-children" were prone to, and our business would have gotten Bob out of his past. HOWEVER, my mother made CERTAIN I was promptly and FALSELY (no doctor or judge spoke with me first -- HOW, then, to LEGALLY commit someone), committed to Anchora Hospital, and then I was transferred to The Institute, a mental hospital that was part of University of Pennsylvania, founded by Benjamin Franklin, and the BEST in the USA, then -- for a MONTH, and then I lost track of Bob Jones until three years ago.

THEN, I learned that Bob's father had been sent to Brazil to run a Burroughs plant -- and Bob moved there and taught ENGLISH for a couple of years, re-setting his life. 

Anyway, Gerry isn't directly connected to John Lee, now, but has HEARD about his fate, so I didn't ask Gerry how to contact John, and I've found that his name is TOO GENERIC to find him even in Portuguese-speaking/naming Brazil!!! 

2. Gerry told me that Don Cooper is still making Art -- and I DID contact Don about five years ago, and will likely do so again, soon.

Don Cooper: "Adoration of Natural Wonders", about 1986 -- with Stone Mountain, GA in background.

Don Cooper was one of TWO featured artists in the OPENING SHOW of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta!!! Here is the kind of thing he is doing, today:

Don Cooper: "Beginning/Ending" -- for MORE, see: http://www.sandlerhudson.com/don-cooper/

3. And I learned that GERRY LOWREY, too -- like SO MANY OTHERS on my email list (including Bob Jones for a LONG STRETCH of time), do NOT get my emails AT ALL -- thanks to the CIA!!!

>>> ADDEDI had either emailed or Facebook messaged Gerry what I recall to be a somewhat confused missive when I found him (I ALWAYS had trouble with the spelling of BOTH his names), about nine months ago -- and put his email address from real estate on my list.

He seemed completely unaware of that -- including having NO IDEA where I live, something ALL OVER this blog -- HA!!!


1. I sent a text message to my brother, Michael William Kenan, whose 61st birthday is today -- to call me when he has time, but no call, yet.

2. I had a GOOD LAUGH with Joseph in New York (whom I MIGHT re-brand "DE-Testosteroni" -- because he's decided to DROP his years-long habit of Testosterone injections which NO DOCTOR ever said he needed), over the BIZARRE communication I got from Alex Guevara of 611 Red Cross Street here in Wilmington, North Carolina -- at 2:23 AM, today!!! 

The only photo I have of Alex Guevara, 26 years old, and a student for his BS from a local college.

Alex Guevara is a TOP-RANKED CHEMIST, and has BRAGGED TO ME that he can make the PUREST Methamphetamine. Here is ONE reference to his skills, which NAZI -- "Christian Drug Mafia" controlled WWAY TV-3 has now ERASED (but their headline remains -- HA!!!):
Extraordinary Person of the Week? Alex Guevara....representing the CHEM TECH Program!!! 

NASAstudents.jpg videoA CFCC Student is one of 40…

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"LIFTOFF" from the "Best in the USA" Methamphetamine made by our brilliant CHEMIST -- or do you think I am "paranoid"???:

Anyway, the GIST of the three-minute message that Alex left me was that we need to get the KU KLUX KLAN and the ARYAN NATION in to TAKE OUT THE "NIGGERS" OF WILMINGTON!!!

I called back this morning and had to leave message that while I find him INTERESTING to talk and email with, NOT to call me again in the middle of the night -- UNLESS he wants SEX!!!

And DE-Testosteroni and I AGREED -- and laughed -- that Alex Guevara is PURE POISON!!!

As BAD as Standard Oil -- controlled by my wealthy Kenan relatives since 1913 . . . 

And Donald Trump  -- controlled by my Kenan Family at least since he announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, MY 64th BIRTHDAY!!!

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