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RP: You Don't HAVE to Be Tall to Be A FOOL on April 1 -- But It HELPS!!!

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The day BEGAN perfectly well, as I awoke in little pain from my oral surgery on Thursday -- and TODAY should have been the worst. It seems fair to say that the implanted socket was successfully moved off the AGGRAVATED nerve. Feeling more a dull ache than any sharp pain (and I've kept the dentures in -- even while sleeping to protect the dissolving sutures). I had not had a Hydrocodone since 8:00 last night, and am only on a single Advil today -- which continues to work fine.

And I've been feeling better and better on how things are going in my life, and with PEACE finally with my mother -- and she no longer trying to harm me -- I'm relaxing and realizing that now that the seven years of difficulties due to what I know about corruption, that there is work to do in sorting out some things I've claimed that do NOT fully make sense -- for instance, I've learned that Coach Lou Holtz and his wife Beth -- then my parents' best friends -- lived across Larwell Drive from us in Columbus, Ohio only for a year (basically the 1968-69 school year, since Lou coached William & Mary beginning fall 1969). I was living on campus at Denison University beginning that year, and the following summer, my parents moved to Elnora, NY, anyway.

Beth and Lou Holtz -- SURPRISING that Lou didn't marry a "Looker", no???

I also found that Lou later was a close friend of the Senator my father, William Scott KenanCLAIMED he was most instrumental in putting into power -- Jesse Helms, and ODDLYBill Clintonas a lawyerhad Lou's back in a disciplinary dispute with three football players while he coached at Arkansas in 1977.

Anyway, there are a lot of details of connections I'll need to look over -- now that I'm far more relaxed -- to be certain I have them CORRECT in my books.

And then I decided I could "chew" a Wendy's baked potato and some chili for lunch -- and then after that, in leaving the parking lot, I had a small fender-bender with an SUV, my foot catching the brake and accelerator simultaneously, and kissing my front right to her rear left -- it was entirely my fault.

Now in my FORMER LIFE (before 2010), this would be stupid and embarrassing, but not much of a deal. In fact, both bumpers look like a deflated, indented ball on the corners, and since both were already scratched and less than pristine, most people might say, "Let's just push our plastic bumpers out and forget it," -- no fasteners seemed to have broken -- but as nice as this woman seems to be, she wants to get her estimates, etc., but as the cop told us, he DID produce a report (but will NOT report it for records), since NO ONE was cited for breaking any law and the damage together was under a grand, we could handle it privately, but she didn't want to, so I guess she'll be in touch with my insurance company -- but said she might call me to see if I just want to pay for it.

Yes, my SAME CAR -- named for "Francine Faulk" -- North Carolina actress (and HELL-CAT!!!), Ava Gardner in The Night of the Iguana -- here seen at the entrance to the movie's filming site in Mismaloya, Mexico.

At least it was no REAL damage -- that car and I have been through a LOT. She was GREAT at outrunning Mexican Drug Mafia more times than I care to remember!!!

But previously, to pay a couple of hundred for something like this would be no BIG deal, but NOW I've got an UNNECESSARY expense -- right as Joseph Faulk is caught in sorting out HIS difficulties as well -- and it will be a good chunk of what little money I have.

THANK GOD: 1. I was NOT driving on Hydrocodone. 2. The car is still basically FINE -- as are both of us humans.

And when I called Mom to let her know how the surgery had gone and that I'd had the accident, she confessed that SHE had, a month or so ago, backed out of her drive into a delivery truck parked across the street -- breaking her taillight, costing her $600.00 all together, and THAT was why she told me she decided ONLY to drive when really necessary (which she had failed to ADMIT, before -- LOL!!!).

Since this happened, I am feeling so OLD!!!

And just so SOMETHING in this posting is interesting to others (I promise not to have an old, boring voice except now), I'll add in some other news:

There are three words guaranteed to strike fear in the hearts of most Conservative Christians—especially the men: Sex, Sexuality, Gender. Any one of these subjects, whether spoken of explicitly or …

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Progressives see North Carolina as a breeding ground of possibility, as recent liberal activism has begun to show what’s possible when organizers take aim at a common threat. 

This is especially true in the Triangle area of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, where more than 20 colleges and universities house plenty of aggravated liberals. 

Liberal Tar Heels want to use their energy to turn the state solidly blue by 2020, when a number of key political offices will be up for grabs.

Activists say the state's long history of protesting has prepared it for this political climate.

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