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Well, I did NOT go to the beach today -- as I had hoped to -- because my brother Mike called about noon and asked how a person might send me money and wanted an email detailing that, so without Mike making a commitment that he actually WOULD send money, how much, or when -- I got a little EXCITED since Mike has given me no practical help since summer 2010. 

I was LATE getting away, anyway (due to writing/posting this:, and although it is 90 degrees out, I had been comfortable enough at a muggy 84 inside (I'm stretching every dollar I can), but decided to STAY HOME IN AIR CONDITIONING -- since SOMETHING was coming -- and be here when it arrived. It is four hours later, and nothing else has happened.

Of course there could be a LOT of reasons he hasn't sent it yet -- and he would not just be teasing me -- but Mike volunteered no additional info, and I did not want to ask, fearing I'd JINX it -- LOL!!!

And for all I know, Mike may be just a few miles away on Wrightsville Beach -- like the time he called me while I was homeless here in Wilmington in 2012, but almost ready to head back to Mexico after Defender Jennifer Harjo made the deal with D.A. Ben David that if I left North Carolina for a FULL YEAR, he would wipe the CONVICTIONS, etc. from my record, and even though that deal was TOTALLY ILLEGAL. Ben David had NO evidence that I had committed a SINGLE CRIME -- so holding me in jail FIVE TIMES without evidence was TOTALLY ILLEGAL and there is a North Carolina Program that reimburses victims of ROGUE DISTRICT ATTORNEYS by number of days ILLEGALLY INCARCERATED, but Ben David was LAUGHING HIS BUTT OFF at me, knowing I could NOT collect it before the two year time limit ran out -- because I was being forced to remain still out of the country, and had to file it from the States


But that plan WAS practical, and in fact Ben David did clean my record a year later!!!

Here is my report of my ENTIRE FAMILY (except me), vacationing eight miles away, but Mike called and never let me know they were here -- and I had BOUGHT MY CAR, was just waiting for the metal plate to drive to a foreign country. I could EASILY have driven to Wrightsville Beach to visit them for a little while, but they were TOTALLY AGAINST THAT, so I did NOT!!!

The account: My brother Mike is the BEST of understanding me, but when things were wild and woolly in spring of 2012, and I had received my initial lump sum from Disability, bought my car, and was waiting three weeks in Wilmington, NC for the permanent plate before returning to Mexico, my entire family was staying on vacation at Wrightsville Beach -- eight miles away -- and I had spoken to Mike by cell phone, and he never mentioned it once. I then called Jane to catch up with her, and she let it out of the bag, because Jane has ALWAYS been the one not to think before speaking -- LOL!!!


The LAST time my whole family rented a cottage at that beach, probably about 2006. Jane, Mike, Mom, me, Dad, and his dog, Maggie. Julie took the photo.

So, I just need to be patient, and whatever he sends will get here whenever it does. There is NO immediate emergency.

Facebook SUGGESTED I re-post this, this morning -- LOL!!!

And the FIRST THING I saw on my TV this morning was District Attorney BEN DAVID'S FACE filling the entire screen!!!

He had arranged a Consent Agreement with a troublesome hotel on Market Street. What impressed me, is that he looked SO RELAXED, he looked YOUNGER today than I've ever seen him looking (the seven years he and I have been acquainted), so my blogging about him does NOT worry him at ALL (now, only)!!!

Back in 2011, while I lived in Mercy House Shelter, a guy who looked like Dewain Joseph Hall but was NOT (or at least Dewain told me in 2015 that it had not been him):

Dewain Joseph Hall, 2015

That guy came up to eat with us while a church fed us in Mercy House's parking lot on Red Cross Street, and was laughing up a storm, telling the guy next to me that he was Ben David part-time gardener, and that when he had finished up for the day just a short time ago, Ben's wife Stephanie told him how Ben had been unable to sleep well for a couple of weeks -- worrying over someone named SCOTT -- HA!!!

Of course I had known Ben's long-term lover Lee well (long before I knew he was gay), and I had EARLIER posted THIS: (originally in late June, 2011). And later, met Lee as he was leaving town in the nearly new pick-up truck Ben David had paid CASH FOR (drug profits, no doubt), and told him he had to disappear FOREVER!!!

What I like about retelling these stories NOW, is that all blog posts now go DIRECT to the US State Department by request of Puerto Vallarta's US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor:

SADLY unflattering photo of Kelly

And . . . 


First Presbyterian of Wilmington has JUST CHOSEN a new Pastor, Dan Lewis, to replace my OLD FRIEND Ernest Trice Thompson, whom they KICKED OUT two years ago, and then could find no NEW PASTOR, as everyone knows that First Prez with then Elder William Rand Kenan, Sr., CAUSED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- the GREATEST MASSACRE by Christians of blacks in our NATION since then.

William R. Kenan, Sr.

MOST shocking about this is that they were FORCED to go to a KENAN CONGREGATION in Statesboro, Georgia -- the same one that "sponsored" the original 1967 edition of the book The Kenan Family, which has the FAKE Stuart/Charlemagne lineage, the FAKE Coat of Arms that they made up to market the Kenans as ROYALTY -- BUT that edition is online and searchable.

In it, you will find that the index has my middle name as "Daniel" instead of "David", but it is correct in the body and suggests a basketball scholarship to DUKE -- LOL!!!

I found Rev. Dan Lewis's email address, and will copy him on this blog posting so he know WHAT he is stepping INTO -- and that I live right behind his new church, and will be happy to discuss all this in his office, Like I did with Ernie Thompson!!!


RP: Christianity Having Abandoned "Jesus Christ" and LAIN DOWN in Bed with NAZISM -- EVERYTHING in the USA Is Now Improving FAST!!!

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A few key points from this article:

“Christianity stands or falls with its revolutionary protest against violence, arbitrariness, and pride of power, and with its plea for the weak.

Christians are doing too little to make these points clear . . .

Christendom adjusts itself far too easily to the worship of power. Christians should give more offense, shock the world far more, than they are doing now.”

~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

MEANWHILE on Fox News online just now, I discovered they are in NEWS, actually reporting much of the disastrous news for President Trump, but on OPINION, they are promoting/defending Trump HEAVIER THAN EVER, and the list of five trending topics ALL SUPPORT that Trump is THE BEST and the "fake press", and previous Presidents and politicians of BOTH PARTIES are the REAL CRIMINALS.

Witness this top article that I just screen-captured:


Friday, May 26, 2017

RP: When Fox News Gets BEAT UP for Reporting Even Their OWN Polls -- PROVING the SINKING of NAZI/CHRISTIAN Donald Trump -- LOL!!!

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NOTE to non-Catholics: This is called an EXORCISM of the DEVIL!!!:

It is as SERIOUS as THIS:


As the Chilean guy I once dated in Atlanta -- he worked for CNN International -- used to pronounce it: "Too FAU-ny!!!" 

I went to Costco this afternoon, realizing my meds would run out if I waited to get refills after the long weekend, and they were backed up so, I had half an hour to kill and not much else to buy, I spoke with probably two dozen people, nearly EVERYONE in a good mood and making fun of Donald Trump -- but not EVERYONE -- HA!!!

One guy, about my age and 6' 9" tall (and fit and heavier build, so he could easily have taken me out), said that everyone should THANK GOD that my Kenan Family put Trump into power to replace the Constitution with the NAZI/Catholic Swastika -- and MILK Russia's Oil for Kenan Family PROFITS!!!

I called him a "Jesus-Fucker" and a "Monstrous Traitor", and that I hope he enjoyed stewing in his hatreds. He said I could "Kiss (his) ass!!", so I said, "Drop yer drawers, and I WILL -- here and NOW, even!!!" He began to unbuckle, and I was so HAPPY to see he had that much "balls", that I let out an ENORMOUS GUFFAW, as I turned and calmly walked away, laughing.

Next, I met a trim straight couple in their mid-eighties, and we got into RIDICULING (not TO them), all the FAT OLD PEOPLE who must be in HELL lugging all that "RESENTMENT-MADE-FLESH" in twilight years, and how nearly ALL FAT PEOPLE (especially old ones), claim to be devout Christians -- IGNORING that the Bible considers GLUTTONY one of the worst sins -- like Drunkenness/Too-Highness and WHORING (ALL sex outside the bounds of marriage is a HUGE sin in both New and Old Testaments).

Christians are just TURDS IN HELL (the name of the Robert Ludlam play pictured here).

Disclaimer: I not being Christian, that does not apply to me, BUT if you (I), make a commitment (like marriage), you ETHICALLY/MORALLY must restrict sex to the marriage (unless you agree to an open marriage).

And then when I went to pick up my medications, so many were in line that it took 15 minutes, so I was talking with a straight couple (shorties and trim), who, like me, know Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic very well, and the husband claimed that Father Bob is actually still very fit and energetic, despite what I witnessed the other day.

I told him all about Father Bob, my parents, Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, and PPD (founded by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal families), all set up the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA here together, and that Father Bob and my parents were in a group at St. Mark's Catholic that smuggled the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa after Apartheid fell -- because the Pope thought Apartheid was FAR MORE FAIR to WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Well, we went back and forth on a lot of things, agreeing completely on MORAL VALUES, even though they had believed all the LIES of the Catholic Church. They are SUPER GLAD that I am doing everything POLITICAL that I possibly can to bring down the Kenan Family, Trump, Mayor Saffo, D.A. Ben David, the Police Chief, former Sen. Thom Goolsby, and other FAKE CHRISTIANS whom they already KNEW are the biggest threat to civilization in Wilmington -- they running the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA.

But SADLY, I had no time to fill them in on Pope Francis's HISTORY, which few Americans seem to know, but in Mexico they all know and HATE POPE "PONCHO". In Latin America it is well known (and easy to google up even in the CIA-controlled USA), that for much of his career in Argentina, he was considered the MOST "IN BED" of Catholic Clergy with the narco-trafficking CIA and their Death Squads. And then as soon as elevated to Pope, Francis IMMEDIATELY cancelled all the pedophile priest trials about to begin, and said they needed to go back for a few years of STUDY, before taking any priest to trial.

Pope Francis ALSO "fast-tracked to Sainthood" two of the GREATEST DEVILS produced by the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II (the most NAZI of recent Popes), and Father Junipero Serra, who enslaved and KILLED those native Calilfornians that he couldn't CONVERT, and put into Catholic Church Slavery.

And REALLY the only conclusion one can make looking at the drug-and-alcohol-addicted, whoring Christians of Wilmington, is that believing that Jesus is the "Son of God", mostly leads to drug addition and venereal diseases.

Oh, and HATRED of those who worship God, as well as violence toward Loving and Patriotic people.

I THANK GOD that everywhere I go in Wilmington, now, people come up to me to THANK ME for exposing these idiotic criminals-for-Jesus -- ESPECIALLY my Kenan Family!!! 
And the ONLY place I feel "unsafe" at all in Wilmington is in my OWN neighborhood, due to BIG CHRISTIAN WOMEN BULLIES, like the one living downstairs and the one across the street (although the latter one and I usually get along pretty well).

The "Six-Foot Kenan Cock" atop Kenan Steeple of First Presbyterian

The TRASH-HOLE Episcopalian RICHEST Kenans: Betty (Price) Kenan, in center, and her step-son Thomas S. Kenan III, whose former long-term lover Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, I dated in 1985 when he lived in Carolina Apartments while the movie Blue Velvet was being filmed partly there:

And the HORROR of the drug-crazed characters in this movie is the treatment New Hanover County Judges (not all), and D.A. Ben David gave ME -- because I know so much about the narco-trafficking (and sexual adventures),of the Politicians and Christian Churches/Clergy in this town.



RP: Is Mercury in Retrograde -- Whenever OVER-SIZED WOMEN (near obese and up), Communicate with ME???

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Now truth be told, I've only had a FEW one-on-one communications with Able Mable, and I FORGET if she was the high Georgia Democrat who served for years on the Board of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke, but today Alisa Worth, Executive Director of the Nevada Democrats is on the Board. I'm not too sure how many Republicans are there, but it's a VERY IMPRESSIVE BOARD!!!:

To begin with, I got a prompt reply from Pamela Heisser who is handling my claim against Spectrum Cable for hitting me in a crosswalk with a big truck. I'll just paste in her words and my response, then add a couple of comments:

Ms. Heisser,

First, I later realized I had misspelled YOUR name too, yesterday, sorry.

Be careful what you write to me as you might put at least ESIS at risk of prosecution. I explained in my attachment, that I sent to you by email, that all these factors affected my pain and sufferingso if you are saying my pain and suffering is NOT what this claim is aboutcould you please send me a concise explanation of what it IS about?

You didn't mention my mailed materials reaching Scranton, so I assume they have not yet gotten to your company.



-----Original Message-----

From: Heisser, Pamela W <Pamela.Heisser@ESIS.Com>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Fri, May 26, 2017 8:50 am
Subject: RE: 2d34 495 4146461 Charter Communications/Keenan (actually "Kenan")

Mr. Kenan,

It would appreciated if any correspondence that you send is related only to this claim and the information I have requested.  I am not a part of your blog and do not wish to be as it is not related to the claim. Your political views have no bearing on the evaluation or value of the claim.  I am also  not going to respond to correspondence to people that are not involved in this incident.

Thanking you in advance.

Pamela Heisser
Claims Specialist

So, I'd better first say that neither Able Mable Thomas nor Pamela Heisser (to my knowledge), are "overweight".

Gold Walker called me first thing today, and had apparently spoken with the "Bug Guys" (exterminators), and began by telling me they are "NICE GUYS!!!", and that Brad told her that he'd told me that the kitchen cabinets would NOT be opened for the fumigating. I replied that since they told me to either put the open boxes of grits and cereal (kept in the cabinets), into the refrigerator or throw them out if left in the fumes, that didn't make much sense (but I did NOT accuse her or Brad of lying). 

And I said that I don't care about whether anyone is "nice" or not, I care about PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR, and their fogging the house and leaving two windows WIDE OPEN (and first job of the morning when one's MIND should be fresh), was to me UNBELIEVABLE, and it was only that that got me so angry over their joking about killing "Wilmington's Gay Bed Bugs for Jesus." It was an edgy thing for them to do, but NOT in itself inappropriate given how much we had kidded around.

Had they been joking about exterminating "Jewish" or "black" bed bugs -- well they simply would not have SAID THAT!!!

And it was COMPOUNDED by the fact that most bare floors took over 24 hours to dry, and some took FOUR WHOLE DAYS, so it seemed a bit HEAVY in application to me.

"But they are NICE GUYS!!!", Gold again insisted, and I said that I'm NOT upset now and I did NOT get poisoned, so I'll see them if they have to come back if the bugs aren't all dead.

AGAIN!!! "They are NICE GUYS!!!" So I said let's not discuss this further, and I'll call them if I need to. Gold gave me a VERY HUFFY, FAT-GIRL/CHRISTIAN FEMALE, "Well you just have a GREAT MEMORIAL DAY -- GOOD-BYE!!!"

It was a typical Southern SNIDE remark, similar to the above, and this is how Sister Louisa (Grant Henry), has put it:

And then after thinking a minute, I called Brad and we had a GREAT LAUGH over the ENTIRE THING. 

Gold Walker smokes way too much pot to think right -- she STILL is proud that she voted for TRUMP, but since first telling me that keeps asking that I NOT LET ANY OF HER FRIENDS KNOW THAT. Her maintenance man -- who registers his car in Tennessee so he doesn't have to get it inspected and has NEVER IN HIS LIFE paid Social Security or other income taxes because she has paid him cash for years and years, BOTH smoke pot before getting out of bed and continue all day long, as does Casey, the Bug Man's sidekick.

Gold is ASHAMED of her vote, and yet voted that way and is still proud of it -- and she did that because she claimed Barack Obama had raised her New Hanover County PROPERTY TAXES SKY HIGH!!! (a COUNTY action -- maybe with state and likely the city). 

Then I soon saw Gold in the yard and she first replied to me ICILY, but as soon as I said I'd just called Brad and had a GREAT CONVERSATION, she was again happy with me and she was again my friend.

You don't even have to be FAT to be this!!! And here's some others:

This is just like Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management claiming that her staff "didn't mean to lie" to me -- and STILL she has NOT EXPLAINED with fact and logic, nor apologized for her company REFUSING to give me my regular check on May 4.

But I DID confirm with Spectrum Cable (when I called because I lost TV service AGAIN, this morning, but it was another neighborhood outage, now corrected), that they received the payment that brought my account up-to-date.

And I spoke with my mother in Raleigh, who spent her LIFE perfecting the NAZI MIND CONTROL she began working on for our Government (CIA and hiding NAZIS), right after WWII when the Proctor & Gamble Chemistry Lab that Mom headed got TONS OF DR. MENGELE'S DATA -- from his experiments on Jews in Concentration Camps, and the NAZI MIND CONTROL data, too.

So you can SEE WHY my devout Roman Catholic mother has NO REGRETS for trying to have me killed, jailed, or nut-house-committed, Mom working DIRECTLY with Judges and Psychiatrists in Georgia in 1990, and with D.A. Ben David, and Judges Chad Hogston, Sandra Ray, and perhaps others in Wilmington in 2011 - 12.

And my siblings, Jane Ann Kenan, Michael William Kenan, and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy cooperated and ALSO still feel they did the RIGHT THING!!! I HOPE to put all of them in PRISON, except Mom, who is 94, now.

I believe -- but cannot prove -- that it was MOM'S IDEA for Fox News to play tones that cause EUPHORIA in the minds of people on "old age drugs" -- HOW they got such an "OLD FART" audience, but in the early aughts, the other networks caught onto it, and SUED FOX NEWS, and Fox quickly DROPPED THE TONES, and the lawsuits evaporated.

So talking with Mom today about a LOT of things, I told her how both Gold and Teri (only Gold is nearly obese -- rarely combs her hair and shuffles all day like she's on too much of some PSYCH MEDS), were so ILLOGICAL and BULLYING (Teri more civilly), that I've just HAD IT -- and I apologized first if she found the term offensive -- with CHRISTIAN BULLYING BITCHES!!! 

Mom THEN made clear that I had BETTER NOT SOON VISIT HER -- HA!!!

Me and Mom with Dad's flag from his coffin, Memorial Day 2016.


NOT a Christian Bitch!!!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

RP: This Email I JUST SENT to the Insurance Claims Agent for Spectrum Cable, Is the ICING on TODAY'S UBER-PRODUCTIVE CAKE!!!

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“Vulgarity is an old Narcissus who adores himself and applauds the common vulgarity.”

― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Re: 2d34 495 4146461 Charter Communications/
Keenan (actually "Kenan") 

FromScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.comhide details
ToPamela.Heisser Pamela.Heisser@ESIS.Com
Ccbenjamin.r.david, teri,
kenan5, jkenan02,duffyjr3,
connor.kenan, marlowe.schaeffer,
bojones, scott,
matt, chad, tommy

Ms. Heiser (LOL!!! I misspelled HER name too!!!),

Just this minute, I found BOTH copies of your emails to me at my AOL address in AOL's SPAM file, sent there by AOL without my knowledge, and the ONLY REAL emails I could find there. As I haven't told you, but have often blogged, AOL blocks my emails of blog postings if I seriously criticize Christianity, and FACEBOOK threw me off for the third full month within the last half year, and told me it was because I spread FAKE NEWS, listing as my FAKE NEWS the fact that Obama's homosexuality has been WITNESSED in a Gay bath house in Chicago, by Jamie Lee Sutherland, then of Wells Fargo (a main competitor of Kenan-Family-owned Bank of America), Jamie, with Daliah Saper of Saper Law, LLC, a Fox News contributor -- without ever Legally Serving me, and then trying me without allowing me to defend myself. And this is WELL KNOWN outside the USA where the CIA has less control of the Press.

Jamie asked "ONLY" for $50,000.00 for damages to his CAREER, and even though soon after that he was PROMOTED (but now works for Ameriprise Financial in a higher executive position), he was awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, while acknowledging I was barely over homelessness, and copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir, that was being looked at by the producers of all the Harry Potter films and also by Scott Rudin, the biggest Hollywood producer for a couple of decades, now. Of course a conviction -- false or not -- kills any such deals. Jamie was also awarded copyright to every email, letter, and blog-posting I write until I die.

Now, I am happier and happier with Spectrum Cable and the Charter side of it all telling me that they are AGGRESSIVELY cleaning the criminals out of the Time/Warner side. Just two days ago, a man proud to have moved to Wilmington six months ago to be a Youth Christian Minister in Carolina Beach, he was FIRED and now is NOT ABLE to smoke marijuana, which he said he had done and has no problem with, so I SUSPECT he's on Probation and gets drug tested.

His LIES to me were extraordinary, and he did NOT fix my service. But when I talked to Charter people today (well west of the Mississippi), he documented what I told him about this hateful Christian, and was VERY HAPPY I TOLD HIM!!!

THIS is how your company MIGHT be included in Federal RACKETEERING CHARGES. You see our local District Attorney, Ben David, was PART of that abomination in Chicago, has ADMITTED THAT TO MY FACE, and promised to get it VOIDED, which so far, he has NOT been able to do, after trying for a month short of two years. 

The man in New York City who has kept me on "additional allowance" for 5.5 years (about $65,000.00 to date), cut me off COLD when I kicked the narco-trafficking and whores-running Haston Lavern Caulder II, out of my house a couple of months ago. Joseph lives as a "bag-lady" style recluse at 14 W. 75th Street in Manhattan, cell: (212) 866-5453, if others that I'm copying this on care to ask HIM any questions. Joseph Faulk is the MOST GUILTY of trying to get me killed, and has admitted communicating with my sister Jane in Raleigh over all of this, and Jane worked together with Christal Presley of Atlanta, Sean Hannity of Fox New's close friend.

Additionally, although Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management here let my Time Warner bill go unpaid for 2.5 months -- until I got a CUT OFF warning by phone Monday of last week as well as denying me my regular check on May 4 -- then her Christian Office (they even have Christian sayings in their lobby), lied repeatedly about it, and I STILL have no explanation or even apology from Teri, so they will DEFINITELY be part of the RACKETEERING prosecution. I'll LIKELY include my brother and BOTH my sisters -- but not my mother who at 94 needs her funds.

Anyway, the ACCIDENT was NOT planned to "get me", even if the driver had just rear-ended another driver two weeks before. I SURE HOPE TIME WARNER had him drug-tested BOTH TIMES, or they could REALLY BE LIABLE for magnified damages!!! His best friend there was SHOCKED that Rhys kept acting happy-go-lucky and INSISTING I was not really hurt -- despite the SIGNIFICANT damage to the truck.

So I HOPE we can just keep this simple, as an award for PAIN AND SUFFERING (which CANNOT be measured by simply multiplying my OUT OF POCKET costs by eight, like my lawyer, Bruce Mason, had claimed). I no longer think $40,000.00 is nearly enough, but of course YOU should make the first offer.

Here is the documentation of the CHRISTIAN persecution of me by Spectum Tech Nick of two days ago -- he about 6' 3" and obese (Christians TODAY don't care about the Bible's condemnation of GLUTTONY -- or WHORING -- in MY experience): halfway down here:

Also, since last writing you, Kelly Trainor, US Consular Agent in Puerto Vallarta, sent me a nice note, and I NOW am sending all my blog posts to her via State Department servers, so that they get to HER new boss, Rex Tillerson, previously the TOP exec of my Kenan Family, who with the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department put Enrique Pena Nieto into power in Mexico, and Donald Trump in the USA.

That ALL seems to be falling apart, except for the OBNOXIOUS Roman Catholic Republicans, like Newt Gingrich, Paul Ryan, Sean Hannity, etc. STILL supporting Donald Trump's BULLYING ANTI-CHRISTIAN behavior (I LIKE REAL CHRISTIANS!!!). He's now encouraging BEATING UP THE PRESS!!!

You should receive my claim in Scranton by tomorrow at the latest, and trust you will let me know when it arrives. I photo-copied it all in the expectation that it might get lost in the mail.


Scott David KENAN (not "Keenan")

-----Original Message-----

From: Heisser, Pamela W <Pamela.Heisser@ESIS.Com>
To: scott <>; scottdkenan <>
Sent: Mon, May 22, 2017 1:50 pm
Subject: 2d34 495 4146461 Charter Communications/Keenan

Mr. Keenan,

This will acknowledge your phone message.

I do not need the Medicare claim number.

The address that you send correspondence to is the Scranton, PA address.  Please make sure you include the file number above on any correspondence.

I’ve noted the file you were not making a lost wage claim.


Pamela Heisser
Claims Specialist
P.O. Box 5127
Scranton, PA  18505-0559
(o) 800-426-6800 ext. 26588 (d) 302-476-6588 (f) 800-261-4716

Also sent was this attachment: