Monday, May 22, 2017

RP: AFTER Visiting Benefits Management, Inc., and then Calling Spectrum Cable's Insurance Claims Specialist Pamela Heisser (who is handling my claim)!!!

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Here is my email sent to Benefits Management owner Teri Motsinger, whom I did not see when I picked up today's allowance check:

The situation between your company and me, now: 

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Hi Teri,

I hope you are having a great morning. I just returned from picking up my check due today, and was told that the Cable bill has not yet shown paid due to Spectrum's integration problems, and I've been on the phone with them so many times over my continuing and worsening TV and internet service, that I KNOW that must be the case. So no problem.

No one offered any reason whatsoever for why I was told I could NOT have my first check from May money that others got on May 4, and as I told you, if I had NOT gotten a fact and logic based explanation and any "amends" for the lies and delay by today, I will open (or attempt to), an investigation into your company by Social Security Authorities, so THAT is what I will initiate today -- right after contacting Spectrum Cable's insurance company about their truck hitting me. My lawyer and I agreed it best for me to handle it myself.

Also, I just got my car registration bill, and like last year, I will handle that myself and my inspection. My insurance bill will hit soon, and depending on my financial picture when it arrives, it's best that you again pay it, but we might need to do the monthly installments and eat all those service fees.

Thank you for reading this.

Scott Kenan


1. I was up at 5:00 AM, and my TV picture and sound were all pixilating, but it was still watchable until about 8:00 AM, when it became impossible to watch. This was true MOSTLY of news stations including both MSNBC and CNN, but NOT many others that continue to come in perfectly clear. So I called Spectrum Cable, explained that I LOVE how helpful they have been trying to be, but things keep getting WORSE, also true of my internet service, but I know a TON of computer work-arounds that keep me able to access internet despite all the interruptions and HACKER-caused problems.

She scheduled for a tech to come BACK TO MY APARTMENT tomorrow.

2. I called Joseph Faulk in New York, who sounds completely clear of his previous congestion. I asked if he's had any "suicidal thoughts", and Joseph said no, so I told him I'll continue checking in with him to see if he's feeling suicidal every few days -- since he has NO OTHER FRIEND IN THE WORLD, and he lives ILLEGALLY in a building where he must walk up five floors to his place, and he is almost 84 years of age (and showing HIGH SIGNS of either some form of DEMENTIA -- or of CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR).

I again made clear that if I cannot reach him reasonably quickly, I'll call NYC authorities to see if he's had a heart attack or similar. And then I said goodbye and hung up. 

3. Last night I was unable to post my list of just over 200 Political Contacts that get each blog posting by email. NONE of these BLOCK ME, but that does not mean they bother READING my materials. This morning the HACKERS had relented, and allowed me to post them all here:

4. And then I called Claims Specialist Pamela Heisser at, who handles the Claims against Time Warner/Spectrum Cable's truck drivers' accidents for their actual insurance company.

Things are so COMPLICATED, as she doesn't even work for their Insurance Company!!!

NOW, it is Monday morning, and everyone knows that usually means things have piled up over the weekend, and most people get a bit stressed sorting that out, so I do NOT hold any of this against Ms. Heisser. She said she's now sending me an email with the form she had sent my attorney (while he was still handling this), asking for the final medical bills. That makes sense to me.

I DID tell her that with my PERSONAL SITUATION -- as blogged about too many times already -- of Jean Babette Stein, owner of Comcast Cable, NBC Networks, etc., (Spectrum's BIGGEST COMPETITION), who introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, being forced to jump to her death three weeks ago -- and the FACT that I'd let Mayor Bill Saffo know I was walking to his office to again DEMAND he release the full Police Report on my friend Evan Fish's death from jumping from a downtown parking garage on about 9/3/2011 -- and that Sheriff's Deputies had VERIFIED that the Police were responsible for Evan's jumping.

Now, Ms. Heisser said that none of that matters, and I said it DID matter because of the PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS on me after being poisoned by the top Political Operative of Walmart Corporation and held hostage in Mexico by DRUG MAFIA (who said they work with the CIA, Clinton State Department, and the Episcopal Church USA -- the link to my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, and many others, and I won't detail all of that again here).

Ms. Heisser said she did NOT want to hear about any of that, and I told her I will be BLOGGING ABOUT ALL OF IT, and my blog has gotten WELL OVER 1,000,000 hits so far. and she then said, "That sounds like a THREAT to me!!!" I replied that I know the Law and a Threat is about physical threats -- NOT accurately reporting the news.

I asked for her Supervisor's name in case I need it, and she said she will include it in the email she will soon send. I have not yet received her email, but I'm certain she is very busy, so it should come soon enough. I am going to INCLUDE HER in the mass-mailing of this blog post, so she sees how I do that, but NONE OTHERS except any I report on my dealings with her company.

And NOW to track down my exterminator, who was maybe coming by late Friday or on Saturday, but did NOT call or show. I should have heard from him by now.

>>> AND JUST NOW I GOT A CLEARLY WRITTEN EMAIL FROM MS. HEISSER, that appears to have all the info and forms I need now!!!


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