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RP: The BEGINNINGS of Today -- and We Are Off to a DOOZY, by GOD!!!

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Facebook (which still blocks me into early June), suggested I re-post this from two years ago -- despite their KNOWING they don't allow me to post ANYTHING for now -- LOL!!!

I emailed this and copied a couple of dozen Political Contacts, including D.A. Ben David, Wilmington City Council, and the US State Department so that Kenan Exec Rex Tillerson is certain to become aware of it -- HA!!! NONE came back BLOCKED:

I knew most of JFK's sisters, their husbands, but Jackie Kennedy Onassis perhaps best. I met her at Jean Babette Stein's party given with George Plimpton on Jan. 11, 1982 while I worked for Tennessee Williams. 

FromScott Kenan scott@scottdavidkenan.comhide details

As I'm sure all Kennedys know, Tennessee was especially close to Jack and Jackie (and all Kennedys), because Rosemary Kennedy and Rose Williams had BOTH been given lobotomies when their devout Christian mothers couldn't handle their young daughters.

I am also an accomplished artist (BFA Denison University 1973), businessman (, which I co-founded but sold my share years ago, a published writer and recognized by John Lahr and others as the top authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life -- and my Kenan Family that co-founded UNC Chapel Hill and now controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America (I know Patricia Sinatra who sold Kenan-owned NationsBank control of their Bank of America, and she also told me all about how Joe Kennedy got the Sinatras to get the Gambinos to help JFK in Chicago, but George W. Bush stole it from Gore, so Karma is served), put Donald Trump into power so that Kenans/Exxon-Mobil can profit from developing Russia's oil. As all know, Rex Tillerson, who's received kudos from Vladimir Putin was the Kenan Family's TOP EXEC, until recently.

I was raised devout Catholic with Swastikas on the dinner plates and my parents set up much Drug Mafia not only here in Wilmington, NC but also in Stone Mountain/Atlanta, GA with help of Nixon Aide John Ehlichman, whose apartment I was invited to TWICE in Atlanta in the early 1990s. My parents' other best friends include Coach Lou Holtz (John Boehner's top co-strategist), Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich (GREAT Catholic, no? GOD HELP US -- Callista Gingrich was suggested as our new Ambassador to the HOLY SEE!!!!!!), and in 2010, Sect. of State Colin Powell's retired Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, got me to Mexico for Political Exile most of 2010 - 2015. Gen. Russel Honore' met with me twice in 2015, and he knows ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family's narco-trafficking in the Atlanta area.

I LOVE all the great things the Kennedy Family did and DOES, and my Kenan Family that also supports the Ku Klux Klan has done much good too (biggest private support of University Education for over 100 years now, and I currently am associated with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University).

I've got a truly "wild and woolly" story of the last seven years of my life, and only RECENTLY stopped the tons of false Legal Cases and mental hospital commitments brought by Wilmington's District Attorney (I know all about Benjamin R. David's narco-trafficking with my former employer, as well as his boyfriends while he is an ELDER at First Presbyterian -- across the street from my apartment), that is totally endowed by the wealthy Kenans, and is where William Rand Kenan, Sr. was Elder when he led the white Christian churches in killing blacks, etc., to flip the town from majority black to majority white -- in the name of Jesus, of course.

I have all the DIRT on my traitorous family, but I would like to send the Kennedy Family some of my fondest memories of crossing their paths over the years, and I'm hoping to get a physical address to mail a letter to, the Post Office is more reliable than my hacked email accounts. You can read my account of meeting Jackie Onassis toward the bottom of this chapter:

Kennedys are mentioned elsewhere in my book, I having even been to Pat Lawford's Sutton Place East apartment a couple of times.

I will send cell numbers of Patricia Sinatra and Russel Honore' so you can check my references.

Carry on!!!

Scott David Kenan
Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


Haston Lavern Caulder II was in Judge Faisson's Courtroom #317 yesterday, and the Court Records online have NOT been updated to show dispositions of cases, yesterday, but he is NOT IN JAIL!!!

2. After Spectum Cable replaced the main physical cable running through this building (without charging the $150.00 to the landlady that their rules call for), I still have the same pixilation problems with TV service (and sometimes completely out like this moment, sometimes PERFECT picture and sound).

Denise Wood, downstairs is having the same or similar problems, and had a tech out yesterday for that. I don't know if her cable is fixed or not, but she and I have had THREE brief and very cordial meetings in the last 24 hours, although after ONE of those she SLAMMED her door shut so I'd know what she REALLY thought.

3. The "Bug Guys" were out first thing yesterday to FOG my entire apartment, and LOVED showing me how they had used magic marker to mark all their chemical concentrates, "To kill the GAY BED BUGS of Wilmington for Jesus."

I laughed and played along as if it were a joke, but then after saying they had to open all the kitchen cabinets and drawers, they opened NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM, and IN FACT left the Windows in the kitchen and my front bedroom open a FULL FOOT -- which NEVER helps when FOGGING!!!

It MIGHT still have worked, but I tried googling "Advance Pest Control", and nothing like that comes up anywhere near Wilmington (that is them), and when I searched using the owner Brad's name and his cell phone number that he answers with the business name, I got NO RESULTS!!! Brad's cell: (910) 231-0577.

They both live in or near Wallace, NC, RIGHT CLOSE to Kenansville and Liberty Hall!!! Is it POSSIBLE that Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan sent them to EXTERMINATE ME???

Brad DID tell me he has heard all about the landlady's son, David Walker, and his mysterious port on the N.E. Cape Fear River, Walker World, billed as an organic artist retreat (it is EDIBLE???):

Anyway, for whatever unexpressed reasons, Brad said he HOPES he never has to meet David Walker!!!

That's it for NOW!!!


John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame
The John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame is a presidential memorial at the gravesite of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, in Arlington National Cemetery. Wikipedia
Area3 acres
LocationArlington, Virginia
Governing bodyU.S. Department of the Army
EstablishedNovember 25, 1963 (temporary); March 15, 1967 (permanent)


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