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RP: Can YOU Tell the Difference between a Vagina and an Oyster -- Between a NAZI Kennedy and a Patriotic One???

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Don't you HATE when this happens!!!

A 28-year old Pasir Ris woman who decided to sunbathe nude at Changi Beach has received a laceration to her vagina after she was bitten by a crab. A marine biologist…
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To begin with, at 1:00 PM, I turned on my TV and and had PERFECT Spectrum Cable TV Service (internet remains constantly in and out), and the REASON they might get to me before THURSDAY, was that I had no service at all. I SUSPECT they know they got me working, so cancelled the emergency service, but did not bother to let me know -- they already knowing I am SMART ENOUGH to figure it out!!!

And before I detail parts of my connections to various members of the Kennedy family, I'm noting a few things that had to wait until more pressing things were first blogged:

1. I DID go back to the Dollar Store where a bunch of Christians had thrown cheese grits all over my car before I entered the store (it then baked to concrete, and three days later was washed away in a hard rain), and the manager greeted me LAUGHING, asking if I was still covered with barbecue sauce. I told her NO, but that two bottles had broken when the Christians hurled them at me inside the store -- IN THE NAME OF JESUS -- but I wasn't even splattered, and she corrected me, that THREE had broken.

I offered to pay for them, and again laughing, she said she had written them off to "Store Loss".

2. Yesterday afternoon, I ran into Lawyer Oliver Carter of Carter & Carter:

Oliver Carter III, my next-door neighbor and Gold Walker's attorney in many things real estate.

Oliver was on his way indoors with his infant child, but I explained how I'm NOW sending all my info and evidence about Mayor Saffo's, D.A. Ben David's, and others' NARCO-TRAFFICKING/WHITE SUPREMACYNAZI/CHRISTIAN CRIMES-- local as well as national, and also those in Mexico -- DIRECTLY to the US State Department, by INVITATION, and after the weekend, I intend to contact the local FBI Agents to give THEM info directly and IN PERSON!!! 

I told him I NOW seem more protected by my Government, than HUNTED by my Government, and he said, "WOW!!! That is IMPRESSIVE PROGRESS for you!!!" 

Oliver and his Grandfather, the two lawyers of that firm, sponsored a table at the Democratic Party Unity Dinner, fall 2015, where Mayor Saffo was a NO SHOW (without reason -- likely afraid of my confronting him), and I ran into Sheriff Ed McMahon, hobnobbing with one the the MOST NARCO-TRAFFICKING of the BLACK Christian Ministers, but the reverend entering a private room by back door, Ed and I continued around the whole building, kidding around and I explained to Ed how I am NOT into punishments so much as HEALINGS (with some exceptions).

3. SEVERAL TIMES very recently, I have run into prominent members of First Presbyterian across the street. They STILL DON'T KNOW that D.A. Ben David is AS GOOD AS IN PRISON -- nor that he has been having SEX WITH MEN while still married to HYPER-REPUBLICAN Stephanie David -- HA!!!

BUT, they DO discuss me, they all knowing who I am, and they THINK First Presbyterian has a RESTRAINING ORDER against me -- something First Prez NEVER even attempted. So WHO is lying to them???

Well, I'm going to skip past ALL THE DETAILS to tell you WHY I owe former Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson (now Pastor here: in Greensboro, NC), and I just saw HOW to send this to Ernie -- only -- by secured server and will do so, this posting having to serve as my THANKS!!!

Rev. Ernie Thompson

You see, ONLY Joseph Faulk in NYC has given me more money than Ernie (from a special "Pastor's Fund" that he controlled) -- WAY MORE than my parents and siblings COMBINED -- including the $1,000.00 that Mom sent me to drive back from Puerto Vallarta, late 2010.

I would also like to now honor First Prez congregants, then, Lou Orlando and his wife, who gave me $40.00 once when I ran into them downtown -- the MOST from anyone outside my family except Mr. Faulk!!!


It is NO SECRET AT ALL that Joe and Rose Kennedy (with Henry Ford), were the most influential people trying AS HARD AS POSSIBLE to get FDR to side with Hitler and CATHOLIC NAZISM

In FACT, Rose Kennedy was awarded the title Countess of the Catholic Church (a title not bestowed for a few hundred years), for her NAZI efforts.

Rose Kennedy, perhaps the BIGGEST NAZI CUNT in US history!!!

Countess Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy (July 22, 1890 – January 22, 1995): 

Although JFK's generation REMAINED devout Catholics, they REJECTED the NAZISM of their parents, but today, those +/- of my generation, in EMPHASIZING the importance of their Catholic Faith -- now that the Catholic Church has recently gone TOTAL NAZI -- so has gone this SHIT-HOLE generation that followed (with likely exception of only Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who unfortunately suffers a disability making speech very difficult).

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

You see, my mother took over as America's TOP NAZI when the JFK generation turned to support GOD AND LIBERTY, and I have risked my life time and time again -- and LOST my accumulated wealth through the HATRED of my parents and siblings

I've lived homeless, captured by Drug Mafia in Mexico five times, and jailed and nut-house committed REPEATEDLY -- MOSTLY by DEMOCRATS in service to JESUS and the SWASTIKA -- like the Mayor, D.A., and Police Chief.

JFK was HEROIC in fighting with our Armed Forces, suffered for it, and wrote the book Profiles in Courage -- but these spoiled MONEY WORSHIPERS of today's Kennedys are WORSE THAN THE BUSHES!!!

"I think we GOT THEMJack and Jackie -- just like Scott PROMISED HE'D DO!!!"

THIS BLOG IS LOADED WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE ALL CLAIMS, but if you DIDN'T believe me when I first posted all that, then YOU find it, you FUCKERS!!!



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