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RP: Celebrating the HILARIOUS FOOLS in My Life!!!

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All my longtime Readers know that not only was CIA Agent Anderson Cooper TRAINED by the CIA ( -- from which NO ONE leaves alive -- although they become less active. Anderson NEVER had a single course in Journalism. And in 2012, his Vanderbilt Family that owns Grand Central Station kicked me out of it FOR LIFE -- because I made a mild joke about Republicans in the seasonal "Christmas Market" there.

And then Jamie Lee Sutherland in trying to sell me his home in Mismaloya, Mexico, told me of ALL the celebrities who ALSO had homes on Avenida Ava Gardner (a North Carolina actress), but since Kathy Griffin had a place NEXT DOOR (from when she was married to Steve Wozniak, an original partner in Apple Computer and they gave TONS of computers to local Mexican schools), I was ESPECIALLY thrilled by THAT!!!

And just researching, Woz was NEVER married to Ms. Griffin -- just ANOTHER lie Jamie told me before SUING me for LIBEL, and getting conviction in Chicago Courts with Wilmington D.A. Ben David's help -- HA!!! 

But the BIGGEST FOOL in MY life is Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr., who UNLIKE every other fool in my life -- from my immediate family members to Politicians and Ministers in Wilmington -- Joseph has NO IDEA how much FELONY TROUBLE he is in -- and that makes him even MORE amusing.

This morning, he had gone out to smoke five cigarettes in a row on a bench on Columbus Avenue, and as ALWAYS when he leaves his apartment for ALL this nearly six years we have known each other, he NEVER takes his cell phone, but leaves it in his apartment -- as if it were a LAND LINE.

He had, but does not have, a landline, which would be FAR LESS EXPENSIVE than his cell, which is a flip phone like mine, but I pay $30.00/month for unlimited in the USA, while he pays three times that and the SAME DEAL is available to him there from at least AT&T and Verizon. A landline would cost him LESS, as would a Spectrum Cable phone, that he could add for cheap since he has their TV Cable and Internet, already (and THAT phone would have been FREE to call me in Mexico all those years he called me there)!!! 

Well, some other HIGH POINTS of Joseph Faulk's foolishness include his near TERMINAL FEAR of landlord Bruce A. Kapner, which caused Joseph to DELAY calling him for FIVE YEARS because his toilet flushing mechanism was broken, and he was flushing with buckets of water (something any high school child could fix). He FINALLY got up the nerve to have that quickly repaired about a year ago.

And CONTINUING is his broken refrigerator for over SIX years, now, and the landlord who supplied it HAS TO repair or replace it.

There was the kit to make a hardwood end table that cost -- with AIR SHIPMENT TO MEXICO -- over $600.00 to send, and he sent it DESPITE having the list of banned items by Mex Customs that INCLUDES anything wooden. It was DESTROYED by Customs, but they did NOT destroy the "medical device" Joseph sent me, they returned it:

And Joseph sent this to me to pull on my balls whilest stroking with my right hand, after I returned to Wilmington. He even included a big handful of heavy rubber bands to use as cock rings. But I didn't use any of that, and gave the vibrator to Denise Wood, downstairs, knowing if she didn't use it for her then achy muscles, she would "go groinal" with it, as many ladies do.

And speaking of "Miss Lucy" downstairs, I had a nice conversation with her this morning, telling her she seems more CALM the last several days (TRUE!!!), and that while we have been civil but totally reserved for about the last week, I DID run out of the pot she's been selling me five days ago, but I'm doing fine.

I forgot to mention that my pipe was so clogged with resins, only last night did I finally run out of smoking THEM. 

And of course back this March, Joseph sent Haston Lavern Caulder II, a TOTAL Narco-Trafficker and Whores-Runner for Jesus, over $6,200.00 for the MONTH (Haston having no obligations except $500.00 to me for rent, and his food and cigs), BUT I REFUSED to give Haston the check Joseph mailed to MY attention, while Haston was getting mail at this address ALSO (so why didn't he mail it to Haston???)

OK, all that money was sent in February, but Joseph always talks about most money as being for the NEXT month.

And of course Joseph said he had read ALL my recent blog posts, carefully, and AGAIN had no complaint about my posting his actual cell number, but ONLY wanted to talk about my LEGAL JEOPARDY in posting what I did yesterday about lawyer Bruce Mason. 

PREVIOUSLY, Joseph had gone into near APOPLEXY after I first blogged this image:

Melania was then SUING someone for posting some untruth about her, and Joseph was CERTAIN Melania Trump was going to SUE ME TOO!!! (It hasn't happened, and I've used this image nearly a dozen times now.)

Besides, Bruce Mason KNOWS I consider him a "mixed bag", and also that as a LAWYER, he can take care of himself VERY WELL -- and I once discussed with Bruce what my old friend Andy Warhol is so famous for saying: "All publicity is GOOD publicity."

AND the only OTHER thing now worth mentioning is that I have NOT heard back from Pamela Heisser's supervisor, Linda Hall, at ESIS, who is handling my claim against the Time Warner Cable truck that hit me in a crosswalk -- but maybe I WILL hear from her (soon ENOUGH, anyway)!!!

And FRANKLY, I feel like I've ALSO been hit by one of THESE TRUCKS -- HA!!!:


"Kenansville -- were drivin' for Kenansville!!!"

Kenansville, USA.

May 31, 2017Volume 5, Issue 15

New Kenan research: honesty, respect top list of values important to students

Research which suggests that many students have a fairly well-developed sense of moral identity was recently presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting in San Antonio by Amber Díaz Pearson, research scholar at the Kenan Institute for Ethics, together with Tara Hudson, a post doctoral scholar and collaborator at the University of Notre Dame. The authors found that college students think about the meaning of a moral and ethical life in complex ways, and that understanding these ideas can shed light on students' future participation as citizens of a democratic and pluralistic society.

The paper, "Developing the Moral Self: College Students' Understandings of Living a Moral or Ethical Life," presented findings from surveys of undergraduates at two private U.S. universities: one faith-based and one independent. "Honesty" and "respect" were the most frequently cited principles and values identified as important by students

Responses specifically referenced interest in promoting the wellbeing of others, avoiding acts of harm, and doing what is morally or ethically right even when it may not be the easiest choice. One respondent noted it was important to "use your light to bring out the light in others."

Learn more about the research in this story.


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